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How to Succeed with Adlandpro on the Traffic Exchanges

A lot of people think traffic exchanges don't work anymore, yet some of the most successful people on the internet still use them. The difference is that those who use them successfully have a system. This system will work for you, too, if you follow the instructions and put in consistent effort.

The key to successfully using the traffic exchanges or TEs, is in using the right tools. These are:

  1. Downline Builders
  2. Rotators
  3. Co-ops
  4. Bookmark Folders
  5. Specialty Tools

Downline Builders

Downline builders for traffic exchanges are specialty websites that allow you to track and advertise multiple traffic exchanges that you belong to all at once with one URL, instead of trying to advertise every traffic exchange you belong to individually. When you join a downline builder, you will find simple instructions on the site telling you how to add your referral links to the system. It is a simple matter of filling in the blanks with your affilate id. Whenever you come to a site you do not belong to, you simply join that site first, then put your new id into the space provided. Then, rather than advertising all your traffic exchange referral links, you advertise your special link from the downline builder, which saves you a ton of time, and will build your downlines in all the traffic exchanges must faster.

We will get to how you promote your links on all these traffic exchanges a little later. For now, here are the downline builders you should be using. These are the best ones out there, and they work very well. If you want to try others later, that's great, but remember, you need to have a plan and you need to stick to it. This is a plan that works. Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Once you have this plan working successfully, if you want to try tweaking it, that's fine. For now, let's follow the steps and get you going!

Click to Join:

  1. TE Commandpost
  2. TrafficHoopla
  3. TEHoopla

These three sites have both free and paid services. It is well worth the small monthly fee to get the paid membership for the huge amount extra you get. You can earn some nice commissions with these sites, too, which will easily cover your fees. Whether you have a paid or free membership, these three are indispensable for your success.

Many of the traffic exchanges also have downline builders built in to them. These can be useful, but don't spend any time on them until you get this system set up. You can easily overload yourself if you try to do too much at once. Stick to the plan and plan to succeed!


Rotators are tools that let you advertise more than one website or webpage using only one URL. They also make it possible for you to change your websites on ALL your traffic exchanges at once, rather than having to sign into every one and change them manually. These are an indispensable tool for traffic exchanges.

What you are going to do once you join the rotator is put the referral URLs for your downline builders from TE Commandpost, TrafficHoopla and TEHoopla into your new rotator. Then you will put your VitaViralPro (below) URL into all of your traffic exchanges.

Click to Join:

  1. PageSwirl
  2. VitaViralPro

PageSwirl has been around for a very long time in Internet years, and has a great and proven track record. Many traffic exchanges now also offer some kind of rotator, but nowhere else will you get the kind of heavy lifting you get with PageSwirl. The free version will rotate up to five URLs, while the paid version will rotate unlimited URLs. They offer a huge amount of tools that you can gradually add to your arsenal over time, and a very good affiliate compensation program, as well. PageSwirl also has a very good downline builder, which we do recommend you use, as soon as you have everything else set up.

VitalViralPro is not actually a rotator, but it is another toolbox that can really help increase your time efficiency in building your downlines and credits in the traffic exchanges. Follow the instructions to create a special link with your PageSwirl rotator link inside VitaViralPro. This special link is the one you will promote on all the traffic exchanges. Any time you want to promote another site or take out a site, you simply take it out of your rotator on PageSwirl. It will automatically change everywhere (just like magic!)

Co-ops (Optional)

It's not critical to this plan to take part in traffic co-ops, but it is a good idea if you have a small advertising budget. Co-ops pool the buying power of a large group of people, so that your advertising dollars will go a lot further than if you simply went it alone. By participating in a good co-op, you can speed up this plan a lot!

Our affiliate manager has been using the PageSwirl co-op and recommends it.

Click to Join:

  1. Advertising Co-op

It doesn't take long for a good advertising co-op to pay for itself.

Success Tips

Take Notes

How many times have you had an idea either through a dream, while doing the dishes, or sitting at your desk, and have thought that as soon as you have time, you will make a note of it. When that free time rolls around, you have forgotten some or all of that great idea. Keep a journal or notepad handy at all times. When you have an idea, write it down immediately.
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Bookmark Folders

There are many different browsers available, today. Internet Explorer still comes as the standard with Windows, but for light weight, speed and almost unlimited available free applications, Google Chrome is pretty hard to beat. For a comparison of the top ten browsers, visit this link.

We will only recommend Google Chrome at this time, and for the adventurous, will point you to a free new browser specifically built for traffic exchange surfing that offers the rather unique feature of switching to a new tab, every time you click. This is a very cool feature! It also offers another downline builder.


  1. Google Chrome
  2. Traffic Browser

We will only be working with Google Chrome for this system, but you can set up other browser in a similar manner to what we will be doing with Chrome.


  1. Follow the steps outlined above
  2. If you are not already using Google Chrome, open it, now.
  3. What you are going to do now is create a folder in your bookmark toolbar called, Surf.
  4. Create indiividual folders in your Surf folder called, Surf1, Surf2, Surf3, etc. You will keep adding new ones as needed.
  5. Put the links from the various traffic exchanges you use into the files you just created. Many traffic exchanges use a surf link that does not require you to log in to surf. That is the link to use if it is available. Otherwise, use the login page. Put at least seven and no more than eleven links in each folder. If you use too many, you risk stalling your browser when you surf.
  6. Right click on Surf1 and click on Open all Bookmarks. This will open all the links from that folder in tabs.
  7. Surf these sites for 30 minutes, then close these sites and do the same for Surf2. Repeat this every day, and when you have surfed all your folders, start again at the beginning. Depending on your schedule, you might opt to surf more or less per day. Just do it consistently. This is a long term strategy that works.

Specialty Tools:

There are a number of specialty tools available for traffic generation with the exchanges that can enhance your system and make you more efficient. Please note that these are listed last, because you should set up your system first. These can be added at any time in the future. In business, the K.I.S.S. or Keep It Stunningly Simple approach is best. Get it built, then tweak it.

In keeping with that, I am not going to go into explaining the tools listed here; they are well explained with great instructions inside. Some are really simple. Some are more complicated. HINT!! Never take on more than you can handle at one time.

  1. Affiliate Toolbox
  2. Wom Vegas
  3. Tracker

It is essential to track your advertising, no matter whether it is via classified ads, email, signature file or traffic exchange. The tracker available in the affiliate tool area of Adlandpro is the best bargain on the Internet. Check it out.

Make use of the Adlandpro Traffic Exchange. Advertise it in your rotator on the traffic exchanges, and use it to advertise your affiliate programs. Unlike most Traffic Exchanges, the Adlandpro Traffic Exchange requires people to actually choose to visit your site, and they have to stay on your site for a full thirty seconds. Your credits are only used when somebody actually does this. Nowhere else will you get this kind of value.

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