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81 days ago

Work as a virtual assistant.(Earn Rs. 500.00 per day)Step by step live trainingWorks like :Data entry, form submission jobs, comment and review writing, sending emails, uploading article andvideos on different sites and many promises to all it’s users have a wish to make a career online and work as a virtual, canearn at least $7 - $10 a day.They need one by one training via live chat. And guide you to learn the works properly. And drivesclients for you.• Except that it has some other features to earn money also. Like :• Earn money for creating beautiful posts• Earn money to share your liked posts with your dear ones• Complete different jobs like downloading apps, posting comments, visiting websites and manymore…. You can earn a lot by doing these jobs.• Join our live training program and earn with us live. One of our customer relation officer willguide you step by step to earn at least Rs. 300 to 500 per• Sell your recorded videos and audios for a great price. You can earn up to Rs- 10,000.00 for onevideoThe minimum Withdraw amount is less then $15. You can withdraw bank transfer in India or you canwithdraw your earnings as Bit coins for any other countries.Pros : They have a live chat system, where they guide their users one by one to teach the propermethods and to help you earn as much as you can.Cons: This is looking like a new start up website.