Lingoverse is looking for language teachers

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56 days ago


Hello!Lingoverse is a new Udemy-like language learning platform aimed at teaching students new languages at their own pace and preparing them for travel, working abroad, and speaking with locals in a different country.We are looking for instructors who would like to create and sell their video courses. We are looking for instructors who teach any language.**Keep in mind that we are only looking for teachers at this time. We have not released the platform for student use yet, but will do so as soon as we get some educators on board!You will start earning as soon as we launch the site for our students!** Please visit our site to sign up as an instructor today! You will receive an email within 24 hours approving your sign up with attached instructor guidelines to help you get started with making your course.We hope to see you teach with us!**Keep in mind this is not a formal hiring process. Any instructor may sign up and get approved with our site. No need for an interv