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AdlandPro Community & Member News

by Marilyn Ali

First let me announce the WINNER of the last Treasure Hunt game!


Theresa was the 1st person to send in ALL the correct answers!

Theresa won some FREE advertising credits donated by our CEO Bogdan Fiedur!

Here are the correct answers:

1. Lisa Westberry

2. Adebola Oni

3. Mr. & Mrs. Genola

4. Cheri Merz

5. The Mysteries of Unknown Truths

6. Almunecar, Granada, Spain

7. Members Poetry Forum

8. Georgios

9. Nan Herring

10.Napa Baloji

11.Tanya Vargas


Thank you to all the members of the community who participated in the game. Everyone still has a chance of winning some FREE advertising credits by sending in the correct answers to this month's Treasure Hunt game.
Good Luck To All!



by Marilyn Ali

DONNA S. - Donna is taking on the new position of Proofer with the Team! She is a wonderful person, hard worker, positive, and a much needed, and welcomed addition to the team!

JUDY WOODSON - Judy is taking the position of Lead Writer with the Team! Judy is friendly, professional, positive, and a wonderful lady and friend to many. We are proud to have her on the Team!

Please take the time to give the editor and all the team mates your congratulations and show your appreciation. They all deserve that and more!

******************** NEW FEATURE ********************


Hello everyone! This is the Editor of the Newsletter here, Marilyn L. Ali! I am very happy to be adding this section to the Newsletter so that those of you that wish to get in touch with me may do so! If anyone has any questions, comments, feedback about the Newsletter, or suggestions about anything, please contact me anytime through here! Just click on the above link! Thank you very much, and I am looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Marily L. Ali


To All Of Our Members Who Will Be Celebrating A Birthday In August!

The Adland Community would like to wish all of our August babies a very "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"! All of us pray that your special day is wonderful and one that will be filled with peace, love and joy. May you have all of your friends and family around you, and may all your wishes come true! Here is a list of just a few of our August Babies:

August 1

Margaret Hollingsworth

Enrique Senmarti

Bo Tipton

Christopher Phillips

August 2

Rick Brumfield

August 3

Mike Ward

Timothy Sullivan

Charles Fortney

Maja Meier

Florence Baribeau

David Ellison

August 4

Barb Doyle

Martin Lalick

Roy Alveyra

Nan Kietzke

Helen Smith

August 5

Nan Herring

David Cunningham

James Baird

Rodney Ewalt

Dr. Michael U Dolgoruky

August 6

Lola Vanslette

Susan Cadlo

Lola A Vanslette

Sharon Willard

August 7

Tahir AbuBakar

Holly Goodyer

Lillian Ferguson

August 8

Marcel Lajoie

Sue Rosendall

August 9

Chris Wiseman

Victor Cretu

Eileen Harvey

Eva Marie Farrell

Paula Hutsell

Ally Brenneman

August 10

Jean Leonard

Thalia Miller

Dusan Bancic

August 11

Eva Geist

Clarence Eugene

Stevelyn Barnes

August 12

Mel Mahlon Grube

August 13

John Hannah

Vanessa Marcell

Roberta Riddle

August 14

Christian Glineur

Rana Eyvazova

Sandy Hall

August 15

Kalenga Mpoyo

Donna Zuehl



Do you know of any community happenings or events that are going on? Do you know of an interesting member in the community that you would like to write about, and have your article in the next issue of the Newsletter? How about a New Member in the community that you would like to Introduce to the rest of the Community? Or, how about a great forum going on that you would like others to know about? If anyone has something that they would like to share with the rest of the Community, write an article and send it to us! If we like what you have written, it will be published in the very next Newsletter!! Wouldn't it be fun and exciting to contribute to our Community Newsletter that goes out to over 30,000 members? I think so!!! Just remember, it can be about anything as long as it is related to the AdlandPro Community. When you finish writing your articles please submit them to one of the following emails:

Venerina Conti

Marilyn Ali

Or, you may use our personal message box here at Adland:

Venerina Conti

Marilyn Ali

The team is looking forward to hear what you have to write about...so start writing!!





The Treasure Hunt, for those who have not seen it yet, it's just like a scavenger hunt!

You will have to find between 10 -12 items, all of which you can find somewhere throughout the Newsletter, or you may have to go to one of the many links included within.

The answers are not hard to find, but it will take some reading and searching for them, but they are not that hard to find if you look and read!!

The winner of the Treasure Hunt will win advertising credits donated by our own generous CEO, Mr Bogdan Fiedur.

Good Luck To All!

Here are this issue's Treasure Hunt items to find;

1) Who just joined the Newsletter Team to take the position of Proofer?

2) Who is in the Mystery Links # 7 spot?

3) What Power Member was featured in this Newsletter?

4) Who was the 25th person honored in the *Parade of Stars* forum?

5) Who was featured as "The Most Interesting Person" in this Newsletter?

6) Name one new feature added in this issue of the Newsletter.

7) What forum can you go to and read about the new Forum Formatting?

8) Who is the 1st person listed that sent in a comment in the Feedback article?

9) Where is Craftie Linda from?

10) Who is the Newsletter's new Lead Writer?

11) Who won the last Treasure Hunt game?

12) Who is the person that can help people with using the new editor (New Formatting)?

Send your answers to

Marilyn Ali


Tiny Tidbits


Crossword Puzzle

Mystery Profile 1

Mystery Profile 2

Mystery Profile 3

Mystery Profile 4

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Mystery Profile 6

Mystery Profile 7

Mystery Profile 8

Mystery Profile 9

Mystery Profile 10


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Famous Quotes

(Venerina Conti)

"Be the living expression of God's kindness

Kindness in your face,

Kindness in your eyes,

Kindness in your smile,

Kindness in your warm touch,

Let know one ever come to you without leaving better and happier"

Mother Theresa


Knowledge is food for the soul


Adland's Intellectual Forum
by Georgios Paraskevopoulos


"Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.”

John Adams, 2nd US president

Visit Bogdan Fiedur's:
"Quote of the day" Forum


Trials keep You Strong,

Sorrows keep You Human,

Failures keeps You Humble,

Success keeps You Glowing,

But Only God keeps You Going!

You are so special!

Submitted by: Christine Gleeson




Featured Forums


In each issue of Adland's Community Bulletin Newsletter we will be picking one forum that we find to be interesting, and one of the better forums in the community. The Newsletter Team decided to do this feature to help bring more exposure to the forum and it's owner, as well as to show our readers forums that they may not even know existed.

The forum picked to be features in this issue of our Newsletter is:

" In one word, Awesome! Her Team – Deborah Skovron, Donna S, Adebola Oni, Mohamed Gani, Georgios Paraskevopoulos and Dr. Venerina Conti are all wonderful caring people that work hard together to feature 2 members of the AdlandPro community each week who are truly bright and *SHINING STARS*.

Marilyn is the sweetest, most caring person, she is always working very hard in this Community and always has time for anyone. She has many forums, and is very active in forums offering help, support and advice. I am so honored to be her Team mate and have such a sweet, special, caring friend.

The Parade of Stars forum is wonderful, fun, exciting, and is a much needed addition of the AdlandPro community. It honors members that are not always "high profile", but are great and caring, good-hearted, kind, positive people that may otherwise go unnoticed. That is why this forum is a little different than other ones here that honor members of our community. We do our best to help people get recognized that should be *A SHINING STAR*

Some words from Marilyn herself:

Thank you Donna for writing up this article about our forum, "THE PARADE OF STARS"! I would just like to add that I am very proud of my Team Mates and this forum! I originally started this forum because I was asked by John Sanchez if I would do so after Beverly Armstrong became too ill to carry on with the her Showcase forum. To be perfectly honest, I was almost not going to do this forum, but I am so very glad that I decided to go ahead and start it! The Team has been able to honor so many sweet and wonderful people in our community, and give them the exposure that they definitely deserve.

All of the other forums like ours, that honors members of the community, usually have the more "high-profile" people in them. So, when I created this forum I thought about that, and that is when I decided to do something a little different...have a forum for all the other members that may otherwise go unnoticed. And the greatest thing about it is, that after we have featured people in our forum many go on to become POTW!!, which I am so proud of!

1 last thing and then I will end! Many people have asked me why I have not been featured (honored) in any of the forums...well I would like to give an answer to that question. I have not been in the POTW, or any other forum, because I choose not to be! I do not like to be in the limelight for one thing, but my main reason is because of GOD! I get my rewards and blessings all the time from Him, and that is the most important thing to me. Also, I feel very honored all the time by just doing what I do for everyone here...this truly gives me great joy and satisfaction when I am doing for all of you!! Thank You and God Bless!

To visit *Adland's Weekly Parade Of Stars* forum please click on the following link, and see all the wonderful things that this Team is doing for members of our Community!!

Written By: Donna S.

Links to Team Mates profiles.

Donna S, Deborah Skovron, Adebola Oni, Mohamed Gani,
Georgios Paraskevopoulos, Venerina Conti, Marilyn L. Ali,


Getting To Know Our Power Members

You may have seen those red letters "Power Member" beneath their pictures in a forum , but just who are these people? To answer that question, we are going to feature one such member each issue, and we are going to start with none other than UK's own Craftie Linda.

Q. What first brought you to Adland, Linda?

A. I was looking on the Internet for somewhere to sell my cards as I could not sell them locally and I accidentally came across Adland and joined and I am still here.

Q. Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

A. My name is Linda. Whilst I was still working I raised 1,000 for C.F local branch selling their products and holding jumble sales. I did this in a year. Early in 1998 I had to leave work through illness. I got the chance to go to College courses as a mature student doing computer software. I did not know how to switch a computer on and finding my way around a keyboard was head banging stuff. I had to learn how to study again. I overcame these hurdles and during the next 4 years I got an Intermediate Diploma and then went on and got letters after my name. I was very pleased with myself. I compiled a cookbook on recipes around the world and raised funds for Children in Need and raised over 90. My Father died May 2002 and My Mother January 2003.Whilst they were ill I started taking an interest in crafts and now on my recovery journey after falling ill myself I am trying to stand on my own two feet again. In 2004 I joined a local charity and went on their helpers training - Police checks and everything. I am now starting on learning Bookkeeping and learning Networking. Other interests include Music Encouragement, Mental Health in the UK, Needy Children, Charity Work, Comedy and Health and Wellness.

Q. Could you share some thoughts about adland and the community we have here?

A. Over all Adland Pro is a good friendly community. I think it has become better now. We have some colour in the forums, as well as the colourful characters here at Adland Pro.

Q. What do you feel you add to the community with your presence here?

A. I help my friends get information about other friends and occasionally it has been known for me to be a referee when friends have been having fights. I also have a naturally naughty sense of humour so I like too find jokes and funny stories to share with my friends.

A man walked into a cafe, went to the bar and ordered a beer.
"Certainly, Sir, that'll be one cent."
"One Cent?" the man thought.
He glanced at the menu and asked, "How much for a nice juicy steak and a bottle of wine?"
"A nickel," the barman replied.
"A nickel?" exclaimed the man. "Where's the guy who owns this place?"
The bartender replied, "Upstairs, with my wife."
The man asked, "What's he doing upstairs with your wife?"
The bartender replied,
"The same thing I'm doing to his business down here."

Here's the link to Linda's most popular fun forum

Q. Is there anything else you would like to add?

A. All my decorated cards are decorated by myself, and all computer cards are designed by myself. I have also made the 3D embellishments.

If you want to see other Power Members and their most popular forums, click here.

Written By: Judy Woodson


Road Warrior

I've sure gotten old

I've had two bypass surgeries

Also a hip replacement
later new knees.

I've fought prostate cancer
and diabetes

I'm half blind
can't hear anything
quieter than a jet engine

I take 40 dozens of medications that make me dizzy, winded, and subject to blackouts.

I have bouts with dementia. I have poor circulation and barely feel my hands and feet anymore.

I can't remember if I'm 85 or 92. I have lost all my friends.

But Thank God, I still have my driver's license!


Glass Half-Empty

Two friends met in the street. One looked sad and almost on the verge of tears. The other man said, "Hey my friend, how come you look like the whole world has caved in?"

The sad fellow said, "Let me tell you. Three weeks ago, an uncle died and left me 50-thousand dollars."

"That's not bad at all...!"

"Hold on, I'm just getting started. Two weeks ago, a cousin I never knew kicked-the-bucket and left me 95-thousand, tax-free to boot."

For more jokes visit:
Anamaria's Forum

Be Inspired

(by Venerina Conti)

Don't say you can't...

... You won't

Think you can ...

... And you will

The only person stopping you ...
...is you ...

You are not the shell within which you are contained

Live every day as if it were your last...

There's no time like the present...

Remember to say
"I love you"...today
You may not get another chance

Remember that a hug is worth more than a million words

A smile is contagious and travels a long way

You never fail...
...You just learn

Before you despair, have faith
and ask yourself ...
"What's the worst that could happen?"

Community Interest


In each issue of the Newsletter we will be picking someone from the community that we find to be a very interesting person and Interview them. We thought that the community would like to know better some of our more Interesting members, so that is why we started this feature!

In this issue of The Community Bulletin we have decided to Interview our very own Support Team member, MR MICHAEL DELA CRUZ.

So, Michael, how did you come about your job here at AdlandPro?

Funny story here. Actually, I wasn't originally applying for the position here at AdlandPro. I was working full time at a well-known Video Game chain in line for an assistant manager position. At the time there was no real sense of urgency to change my occupation and I was quite happy with my position at the store. I got a phone call from a friend which wasn't out of the ordinary, but she asked me if I would be interested in a position that she was currently being considered for. Of course, not one to completely write off an opportunity before I learn more about it I agreed to have her forward me the material. As it turns out, although she was being considered, her experience was not a great match for the position however she believed that my skill set more closely matched what Bogdan was looking for and so it began. She passed along my resume and the rest is history.

Michael what is it like working with our CEO Mr. Bogdan Fiedur, and being his right hand man?

I've worked as an executive assistant to a few very successful individuals but I can honestly say that working for Bogdan has been one of my more unique experiences. The story of how he became successful is nothing short of inspiring and the work environment here is nothing like you'd expect from a traditional office environment. I'm treated with respect, my opinions are valued and I sincerely believe that I am contributing in large part to the success and direction of the company that employs me. In this day and age, this level of responsibility is very rare and I value the trust Bogdan has been kind enough to give me in my position. Having the opportunity to influence in some way the direction of an entire company is an exciting thing indeed.

Can you tell our readers what your daily day is like, and what your job entails?

Being the only support representative for the company a majority of my day is spent dealing with the emails that come in from our customers. Questions range anywhere from "How do I find my login information?" to "How do I set up my autoresponder?" Once emails are done, I have to do some administrative work which involves invoicing and other mundane office tasks. Boring but necessary. Finally, I have weekly Adland Digest, Business Building and Internet Marketing newsletters to create and set up for distribution.

Somewhere in there I sometimes find the time for lunch although I usually eat at my desk and reserve the lunch for a quick catnap in a nearby park. Finally, I am usually involved in special projects which as you all know Bogdan is great fan of. He likes to try new things and offer new products. Some, like the Person of the Week and the E-business Success Blueprint are very successful. Others not as successful but are learning experiences nonetheless and help shape future projects. Either way, I'm usually involved in one or more parts of the undertakings.

So, Michael, we know more about you at work now. Would you like to share with us a little about yourself outside of work? What interests you have etc.?

I live by the motto "Work hard, play hard". I go to the gym regularly (about 2 to 3 times per week) and on the weekends I can usually be found at a Karaoke bar with some good friends strapping on a few cold ones to celebrate the end of the week. During the day on weekends you can sometimes find me working on my car stereo. (Yes, it's loud and I like it that way) or sitting in a friend's backyard engaged in conversation.

I enjoy the summer and loathe the winter. You would think that after 31 years of living in it I'd be used to it by now but that's the same as saying "After 31 years of someone hitting your fingers with a mallet each day for 6 months out of the year, I would think you'd be used to the pain." As a Winnipegger (For our friends down in the U.S.A. that's 3 hours due North of North Dakota) I believe we appreciate summer more than anyone because we have only 3 months of true summer weather.

When I can, I like to hit the campgrounds, summer festivals, summer events in the city, and fireworks. Basically, if it's outdoors and I'm not working, you'll find me there. I love coffee *twitch* and I can never get enough. I'm a non-smoker of 5 months now and damned proud of it. I play a little guitar, sing, play video games, play on the computer (never on Friday Nights), and love trying different restaurants. Of course, there's more but a magician can't give away *all* of his secrets now can he?

One last question Michael. What do you think about the Adland community...the people and the site itself? What are your visions about AdlandPro and where it is going?

Working as the sole support rep for a major website in itself is a pretty cool job already. The addition of a 32,000+ member online community with members from all walks of life, all age groups, nationalities, personalities, and more just makes my position here at AdlandPro all the more exciting. I like getting to know many of you on the community and participating in a discussion or two whenever I can. It's my opinion that while you will find other business networking sites on the internet, you won't find a bunch of people more active and caring than you will here in the AdlandPro Community. Period.

Of course, I can't speak for Bogdan as far as where AdlandPro is going, but from what I have seen, since I've been here, it's going to go in whichever direction it must go. Naturally Bogdan tries to strike a balance between what members want/need and what will keep this company and its community alive for years to come because we're grown-ups and we know we can't please everyone. Some features and additions will sit well with some members, others not so well. As always, Bogdan pays close attention to your views and opinions and tries his best to make sure that the majority of the people are happy with any changes that are made.

Marilyn, thanks for featuring me in this issue of the member newsletter. It's been both an honor and a pleasure sharing this information about me with you and our community. I'd like to say, you and your team are doing a terrific job on the community newsletter and I look forward to many more issues to come. Bravo!

So you can see why we chose Michael to be our Interesting Person to interview and feature in this issue! Michael truly is an amazing man, and does so much for Adland and the community! Now whenever you contact Adland about anything you know more about the person that handles everything from complaints to questions and more. We appreciate Michael for agreeing to let us Interview him and feature him in this issue of the Newsletter!

Thank you Michael, we know you are a very busy man and it was great of you to take time out of your busy life to do this for the Newsletter!

Written By: Marilyn L. Ali


Noticed the New Look in Forums?

Written By: Judy Woodson

Now you can post in whatever color you fancy, you can highlight different 
parts of text,
change the font size, and even add pictures! What do you think about these features?

If you have a question, an opinion you'd like to share, or just want to have a look at what others think, here are a couple of forums started to discuss this.
Marilyn Ali has one called "The New Formatting For The Forums...Good or Bad?". Check out what people are saying!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the posts:

As you can see, I love all the changes. I have used this editor before, and if anyone needs help I would love to help you.

Nan (if you are someone who could use a bit of help, here's Nan's profile link) Nan Herring

Having a problem with adding pictures? The place to go for this is AnaMaria Padurean's forum "Pics in the posts! How do you do that?" There's way too much fun happening in this forum, so go and join in.

By the way, if you are a person who likes plain text without all the bells and whistles, you can click on the "Switch to Simple Editing Mode" link near the top of your screen. Just one more feature to let you be as creative or straight-to-the-point as you want to be here at Adland


(Marilyn L. Ali & Lisa Westberry)

The Newsletter Team would like to share with all of you, our readers, some of the wonderful feedback that we have received about the last couple issues of the Newsletter. Adland's Community Bulletin has just started out, and already we are a big HIT thanks to all of you!

Hello TEAM!
I very much loved reading the Newsletter. It has a very good content and very well written; Congrats and thank you all for your hard work put into this for our benefit.
With friendship,

I saw the new newsletter and it is very nice.
Good job!!
Luann Irwin

Hi Marilyn,
First, I'd like to say thanks for the contest! I LOVE winning things, and it doesn't happen often, but this was really special. I'll make good use of those advertising credits. Anyway, just wanted to say, I'm enjoying the Bulletin very much.

Hey Guys & Dolls,
Just Want To Say CONGRATULATIONS to A Winner. I Even read The Entire Bulletin!! Maybe A First! Thanks Marylin, John, Venerina, Lisa, Blog-Guy and Nan For A Job Well Done.
With Love From Vegas,

I just want to congratulate you for this bulletin I like it very much, you meet great people, like Venerina's story. It takes courage and endurance to break with our traditions and explore new thoughts and teachings in order to get well. I have a chance to say what you think. Keep the good work!

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading the first Volume of the Community Bulletin, (for you by you); and Congratulations, to all involved, for a Job Well Done!
I also wish every Adlandpro Member born in July a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
GOD Bless,

Thanks for the great newsletter. I enjoyed reading it :-)
David aka DrDA,
America's Health Detoxor
and Dr of Detoxology

Hi, This is a good community blog. Rajesh Sharma

As you can see, the readers have been very encouraging and positive. We would like to hear more.

Please come and submit your comments, suggestions, ideas, or complaints. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. We have two areas where you can post, The Blog or our Letters To The Editor section.

The Newsletter Team wants to thank all of you for reading and enjoying Adland's Bulletin.


Introducing one of our new members to Adlandpro

In each Newsletter we will be picking one of our New Members and introducing them to you, our community, so that they can get more familiar with other members of the community, and vice versa. This person will be someone that has already started to be quite active in the community by posting in forums, and making new friends.

This month's New Member chosen is Roger MacDivitt

Hello Everyone at AdlandPro!

My name is John Sanchez and I want to introduce you to an interesting gentleman by the name of Roger MacDivitt. Roger is one of our new members from the UK. He is quickly becoming one of Adland's favorite posters. Roger has an interesting background and will definitely be an asset to our community, so please make him feel at home. I asked Roger for some information on himself and he provided me with this interesting Bio:

I first got involved with AdlandPro in October 2005. At that time I was busy trying to establish a PERSONAL presence on the web rather than rely upon the generic websites of MLM companies. I saw an advert that I was impressed by. It was an ad by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing and I was persuaded by logic to enroll on a course in online marketing. Jim is probably the most supportive and generous person I know on the web. He told me about a successful online Classified site, run by a friend of his, Bogdan Fiedur, which was spreading its wings. I checked it out and found Adland. I was intrigued by the site and explored, I was hooked.

I was born in Guildford, Surrey, England and despite a few moves over the years I remain within 20 miles of that place. I have been happily married to my teenage sweetheart for 38 years, have two lovely daughters, Kirstin and Jo-Ann, and by the eldest, Kirstin, two wonderful grand daughters. My wife Angela and I live about 5 miles away. My youngest daughter Jo-Ann gets married on August 2nd this year in Haslemere although she now lives in Southampton on the South Coast where she is a nurse. I am currently a semi-retired Landscape gardener and designer, I have a Hypnotherapy and NLP practice and am also with two MLM companies in video email/conferencing and act also as an online Travel Agent. I love to help people to communicate and improve their lives.

I love AdlandPro because of its huge range of communication. Resources such as the Classified Ad section and also, affiliation schemes making Adland a powerful tool, and, coupled with the community aspect, it is enormous. I realised immediately that here was a vibrant community with diverse people from diverse backgrounds all striving for something.

There are full-time online business/community posters who offer a strong and permanent base to a community which, is also populated by people like myself, people who want to talk, support and help each other in business, friendship and all combinations of these things but around their day jobs. I love to help, it helps me.

I love to share the things that I believe are important, my skills, my experience and my knowledge of many things. I am a gardener, Hypnotherapist, a Video-email and teleconferencing consultant with other online opportunities as well.

My challenge in the last few years has been a deteriorating short-term memory which means that I constantly have to repeat tasks that I have already done. The folks at Adland have been fantastic supporters and friends and many have taken/given good advice with increasing numbers becoming on-line friends. I have been able to give help to families with vulnerable children, children who may have a problem and who can be helped by using my stories or my hypnotherapy.

I enjoy Adland a great deal as the balance between business and friendship is a supportive one. There is good in all of us and I like to bring that out through communication.

My Forums:

Well folks, I hope you enjoyed reading about Roger's experiences and history. If he's not on your friends list please invite him to be your friend with a warm welcome. I hope to bring you another interesting member in our next issue of the Community Bulletin.

Take care my friends!

Love and Blessings to all of you!
John Sanchez



Special Message


Hello Community Members,

This edition we have two announcements for you.

The first is that over the last two editions we reported that our dear friends: Roz, (aka sweetgrame) and Beverley Armstrong have had to leave us for a little while to tend to their own health and their struggle against cancer.

One of our community members and a dear friend of mine, Raymond Feller, has created a new forum where we can all express our thoughts and prayers for these dear friends and anyone else who is in need of our support.

Please take a moment to visit the forum and show your love for our dear friends.

While you're there, Raymond is such a wonderful person, if he's not your friend already please take the time to invite him to be, you won't be sorry you did.

Here’s the link to Raymond's forum "For those who need our prayers"

Secondly, I would like to offer the whole team's sincerest apologies for publishing our dear, departed, friend, Robbie Elliot's birthday, in the last edition.

Our dear friend Robbie, albeit so young, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last month.

Please, friends, delete Robbie Elliot's profile and contact from your network of and commemorate his life and friendship in Raymond's forum.

"For those who need our prayers"


Our sincerest apologies and condolences to Robbie's family.


Form Venerina and the rest of the Newsletter Team


Adland - More than just a "Business Advertising Machine"