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 Adland Digest Edition #482
  Thursday, November 03, 2005

Advice, Information, and Useful Tips on Sales, Marketing, and Internet Business

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Let the Holiday Season Games Begin

With the passing of Halloween, businesses everywhere instantly switch modes from Ghouls and Ghosts to Trees and Holly.  Where just last week you saw Frankenstein you now see Santa Claus.  'Tis also the season that business owners spend countless dollars in Christmas Promotion, Marketing, and Advertising.  Maybe you can't compete with the big folks like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, or McDonald's in terms of advertising dollars but is your own advertising and web site up to par for the season?  Consider a Holiday Greeting or a photo of you with your family by the tree wishing your customers a Happy Holiday Season with a personalized message from you.  Sometimes bigger isn't always better.  It's the little things that count. 

Digest Editor,

Michael Dela Cruz

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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

[Linda Caroll's photo]
Linda Caroll
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Man, You Can Knock 10 Years Off the Learning Curve!

20 years ago, if you weren't born rich the best way to get rich was to become (or marry) a doctor or lawyer. That's where the money was.

Fast forward to 2005. In the last 20 years, there has been a 75% turnover rate on the Forbes list. Internet millionaires like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jerry Yang, David Filo, Pierre Omidyar, and more, are knocking the traditionally wealthy off the charts.

The Internet has created more millionaires, and more wealth, than any other technological change in history.

So Why Are So Many Failing?

Despite the vast global opportunity the Internet offers, most people are still failing at their online efforts. Why?

Because here's a mindset, online, that you can shortcut your way to success. You don't need to know how to build a website. Or write copy. Or find traffic. That you don't need to pay someone to do those things for you, either. Just buy a push button solution or the secrets to success or a drag and drop website builder, or promote an affiliate code and it's a no brainer.

Why does that mindset exist? Because of the vast number of profiteers promoting the notion that they can show you how to leapfrog the learning curve.

Could you imagine a doctor having that mindset? Why spend 11 years becoming a doctor? Why not just get that push button surgery guide for $197 USD? It's delivered by FedEx and comes with a full unconditional 90 day money back guarantee! And what about that handy prescription suggestion tool? Is that cool, or what? Man, you can knock 10 years off the learning curve.

Bizarre? Indeed.

It doesn't work that way offline, and it doesn't work that way online, either, no matter what the profiteers tell you.

There are five things you need to know if you want to succeed online.

--> 1) Who is your target market?

If you think your target market is, "Well golly gee, pretty much everyone," then you don't know your own target market.

--> 2) What is your industry advantage?

Sometimed dubbed USP, your industry advantage is the reason people would buy from you instead of from someone else selling the same thing you sell. If you don't know why people should buy from you, how on earth is anyone else supposed to?

--> 3) How will you promote?

If you don't know exactly how and where to reach your target market... you probably aren't, and you probably won't.

--> 4) When will they buy?

Statistically, less than one in a thousand people will buy on their very first visit. If you don't know what conversion rate is, or how to measure it, or how to improve it, you need to learn - if you're ever going to earn.

--> 5) Where will you present what you offer?

Whether it's a blog or a website, you need a web presence that says you are serious and you are not a rank amateur. According to a Consumer Web Watch survery, the #1 criteria that consumers use to judge credibility is website design. On the Internet, you seldom get a second chance to make a good first impression.

One of the strange ironies of the Internet is that most of the profiteers promoting push button solutions have, themselves, followed the five steps above.

Maybe it's time you did, too?

Come see what I do;
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Site Design and Search Engine Optimization

Get nuts and bolts tips on how to plan, build, and optimize your web site for maximum online impact.

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Peter Browne

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Web Site Stats (Part 2)

I hope that some of the terms as found in part 1 were of some use in helping to understand the terms used in stats for web sites.

Today I can going to host a field trip to some live stats. Once you view these, if you have any questions please feel free to post them and I will try to answer you as best as possible.

Before I send you off to see some actual stats I want to briefly discuss what you will see.

You are going to see terms like, Number of visits, Pages, Hits, and Bandwidth. Each of these titles will be color coded and if you place your mouse over these you will see a brief explanation of the term and what it means.

There is a Monthly History, Daily Activity for the Month, Daily activity for the week, Hours of the day, The Top 10 Countries that visited in this time period, The Top 10 hosts, Robots and Spiders, Visit Durations, The types of files that were most requested or most loaded, The Top 10 pages, The Top Operating Systems, The Top 10 Browsers, Where Visitors connected to the site from or the links that sent traffic, Key word searches as used in the search engines, along with a few other items.

These stats allow you to go back in time to review previous months, in the sample you will see, the site has been active from April of 2005 so all of the stats from April to today are there.

It is through reviewing these types of stats that you can learn what is working and what isn't working on a website.

This is the same stats program I use to analyze my own and my clients website traffic patterns. Once you spend some time reviewing these I think you will be able to see how powerful this knowledge can be.

Learning to read and use the information is not always easy, but once you start to master it, you can learn to better optimize a website and see what marketing plans might be working or failing and make adjustments.

Now have a look at the stats and remember, these are live stats updated every hour or so.
Live Stats

Don't forget to come back and post your questions or comments. I really think that there is a lot to learn here and I hope you feel the same way.

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Network Marketing Publications & Tutorials

Network Marketing Electronic Publication and Distribution

[Beverly Armstrong's photo]
Beverly Armstrong

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More About Communications That Get Results

Don’t we ALL wish that we had great writing skills?

Well, there is a lot of advice out there on how to write great script, and all of it has value.

We are advised to use Magic Words, there are 17 in all that are said to have the power to change your life if you use them correctly.
But here is where the ‘rub’ comes in, EVERYONE is using them.

Abracadabra, and suddenly the ‘magic’ has disappeared!

Please don’t get me wrong I believe in the ‘magic’ of words, however I also believe that these same magic words can be over done! In fact they ARE being overdone! Charcoaled even! Competition is fierce, and it is a jungle out there!

Following that line of reasoning, your best bet is to be VERY knowledgeable about what you are offering, about what your prospect is looking for, and include some original thinking. Honesty for instance, now THAT is very original, as well as being VERY refreshing!

To that end, let’s consider what two different types of prospects want to hear.
The Prospective Business Associate, and The Prospective Customer.

Prospective Business Associates & Customers:

·First & Foremost, They want to know what’s in it for them. This means that YOU must know what’s in it for them! What is the cost, what, is the potential return, and what do YOU have in place as a system that will facilitate them receiving it. Benefits: focus on the benefits. Outline the benefits, honestly, and accurately with NO hype. Hype will come back to haunt you, and steal your downline away from you in 90 days or less!

Just ask the Famous Tim Sales who lost over THOUSANDS of dollars a month because of the indiscretion of an associate who hyped the program outrageously!

·Secondly, take as much time, or in the case of emailing as much space as needed to get these points across. Your readers will stay with you as long as it is interesting and informative. By informative we mean information that will help them see what’s in it for them.

·Make an outline, and put your important 'what’s in it for them' as a beginning for every paragraph. That’s right, point them to death with the goodies! Bold, Italicize, Parenthesize in order to Glamorize This Literary Work Of Art! ALL of the aforementioned literary tactics get attention, and attention is what you want!

·Make certain however to request something, a call, an email, an order, some form of recognition that your time too is valuable, and therefore a response is required. You are after all not writing for your health, but for your wealth!

·In the case of products, outline what these products may provide, I say MAY provide since only those of us who are Health Professionals may discuss anything beyond possible health benefits in the case of nutritional products.

Point to authorities that everyone recognizes. In the case of communication services, or communication devices, hone in on convenience, cost, faster, more efficient etc. Enlarge upon the benefits of purchasing, owning, and using, these particular product or products.

·Corner an associate and read your letter to them, and ask for an honest appraisal. Be brave! An honest critique can save hours, & dollars of wasted efforts!

·PS, & PPS your letter. Studies show that curiosity will drive your reader to the bottom of your letter every time to see what’s there! So, reinforce your important points as a PS, or PPS!

·Make sure your presentation is attractive! Look it over carefully, proof read it, and if sending by 'snail mail', use an attractive cream or light blue paper, and matching envelope. (Preferred colors)

·Include a photo, if you have a good one that can be printed clearly. People want to SEE with whom they are communicating. USING Email? Send an Audio Email, People like to HEAR with whom they are communicating.

Include a picture brochure in pdf format if possible when offering products by email.

If sending by 'snail mail', please do not try to put 10lbs in a 5lb sack! Choose an appropriate size envelope. Poorly written, poorly packaged does NOT cut it here. This informational offering represents YOU, and YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Look at it with a critical eye.

Take it out of the envelope, and read it again. Would YOU want to join YOU with this offering? Remember, the same rules apply when speaking directly or on the phone. Content, appearance etc., are important!

*The above article was written by me and published in Cutting Edge Magazine years ago. Nothing has changed since then except for the newer methodologies with which this information is being delivered.

We’ve covered two possible form letters for Prospective Business Associates, & Prospective Customers. There are however at least five or six form letters to be used for email, & snail mail delivery that every networker should have in his personal letter files. What are they?**

This is the list most commonly referred to:

·A Cover Letter, this is about YOU, and WHY they should join YOU. THIS information should be about YOU. Who you are. How YOU became involved in MLM.
·A Prospecting For Associates Letter (Health Professionals, Business Professionals)
·A Prospecting For Customers Letter
·A Prospecting Follow-up Letter For ALL Categories
·A Thank You Customer Letter
·A Welcome To The Group Orientation Letter
Can all this be part of an email relevant system? YES, absolutely! Does this all sound like work? You are right it is. That is what being in business for yourself, is all about, it is about working for yourself.

However the innovations of the past decade have provided a solution for those of you who are lucky enough to be working your business electronically.

Electronic Systems can provide much if not all of the above for you automatically. However, what it CANNOT provide is the personal touch, which means YOU! Your personal touch, your follow-up phone calls, support etc.

However a well-presented system will allow you to leverage your efforts to the maximum.

*** More on Electronic Systems Later!

Synergism CEO, Beverly Armstrong NC, Certified Mycrous Therapist, (Homeopathies) Certified Reiki Master, Certified Magnetic Therapist & Networking Business Consultant, & Writer

http://networkingblogs.blogspot.com (Now with sound)



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Sales and Sales Strategy

Get some ideas on how to generate new and improve existing sales in your business.

[Jim Martin's photo]
Jim Martin

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7 Common Problems That Salespeople Encounter

Following is a summary of the seven most prevalent problems encountered by salespeople as reported by sales managers and salespeople:

1) Our sales cycle is too long.

2) Our closing ratio of proposals to actual sales is too low.

3) Too often we are dealing with prospects that don't have decision-making power.

4) Our prospects use our quotes to get better prices from our competition.

5) We constantly must compete on price and so we must discount to win business.

6) We can't get enough qualified leads.

7) The prospects we do get into the pipeline never seem to develop into actual sales.

These are all very common problems that salespeople encounter, and we will address each of these issues and many more as we delve into the FEAR Selling System. But we can only begin to understand how to solve these problems by studying buyer attitudes and behavior.

5 Reasons Prospects Don't Buy:

Following is a summary of the five most prevalent reasons for not buying as reported by prospective buyers:

1) I get worried when salespeople don't take the time to get to know my specific problem.

2) I don't feel that salespeople have my best interests in mind.

3) I'm afraid that they won't be able to deliver what they say they can deliver.

4) My job is on the line, so I can't trust new vendors.

5) I don't trust salespeople that talk at me instead of with me. As you can see, the majority of the answers to this survey revolve around fear and mistrust.

Our research on buyer behavior and attitudes – as well as many other studies that we will reference throughout FEAR Selling – reveals that people buy emotionally rather than intellectually.

The decision to buy or not to buy is more subjective than you might think. We have found that despite bidding processes and return-on-investment analyses that your prospects might demand, they typically buy based on emotions.

Paul Borgese

I don't completely agree with Paul but

that is another whole subject on it's own

and we need to keep focused on the intent

of the Forum: Sales and Sales Strategies!


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The Science of Advertising

It's all about getting visitors to your site, customers through your door, and everyone remembering who you and your business are.  Class is in.  I'm your teacher Mr. Page. 

Clay Page

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Do You Really Need An Advertising Plan?
The answer is a resounding yes, even more so if you are going to use free advertising or you're starting on a shoe-string ad budget. If you do not have a clear and concise advertising plan, you have little hope of realizing any degree of success or a return on your investment into advertising.
Creating an advertising plan is not that hard to do and is what any sized business uses to steer a course for operation.
Over the next four weeks we will take you step-by-step in developing an advertising plan that will start you on a positive path of achieving greater success from your advertising efforts. In this course we will show you how to build a steady stream of 5,000 to 20,000 highly targeted prospects to review your product or service. These highly targeted prospects will come from PPC (pay-per-click) search engines and we'll show you how to get these valued prospects for FREE!
There are four parts to creating your advertising plan for success and we'll cover each one in detail and featured on our Science of Advertising forum. We'll even host a conference call for each part where you can ask questions and receive one-on-one assistance in a group setting.
Here is what you can expect to learn from this course:
 November 7 - 13
 Part 1 - How to promote the selling process.
 Focus: Creating the magic selling idea.
 November 14 - 20
 Part 2 - How to share an inspiring story.
 Focus: How to write an inspiring ad.
 November 21 - 26
 Part 3 - How to ask for the business*
 Focus: Knowing when to ask for the business
 November 27 - 30
 Part 4 - How to place the right ads.**
 Focus: Shopping for the best ad deals.
*   The greatest key to increased sales!
** Receive up to $200 in free PPC-SE advertising.
What you'll learn from this course will forever change the way you advertise your business. I have used this strategy for the past six years to build my business and anyone can duplicate the same process for greater success.
Here is our invitation. Invite your friends or downline to join you in this special event and learn together how to increase your success as a group and then invest the time to participate in the discussions and/or conference calls. I can guarantee that it will be exciting, entertaining and will change the way you advertise in the future while enjoying greater success for less.
What is required from you?
An open mind to new ideas, proven tactics and a willingness to duplicate what is share to see for yourself that when you "plan" for success, you have the "key" to greater success.
If you would like to join us for this month's activity for free, just make a post below and let me know that you will be participating in the discussion hosted here and if you may attend any of the conference calls.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to join us and I look forward to an exciting month of discoveries.
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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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What can a Blog be used for ?

Blogs are more and more growing in popularity and you'd be surprised at all of what they are being used for.

I went to check the 'competition' to my company to see what's "GOING ON". Some of it will SHOCK YOU!!!

One place I checked has many members from many places and they are in a younger age bracket than myself in general but the stuff they talked about and the language they used ... all I can say is they are lucky I am not their dad.

The site has some cool features and would be great if used for something better than to talk smack and place provocative pics.

Bye-Bye to that site for me.

Well, I'm gonna give some thoughts on the use of blogs.

Let's say you wish for your messeges to get to people that are tired of emails being blocked. They can add your RSS link to their "My Page" of their ISP or place the link in their RSS reader and when you write they get updated of your post in 'realtime' so they can read it now or later.

So a mail correspondence is one function of a blog. Instead of multple emails all can read the same post like an email and your are not exposing email addresses to the other readers.

You also don't have to worry about someone telling you to remove them from your mailing list. They just delete the blog address. NO SPAM problems.

Newsletters are another use as some businesses have started doing. Delivery to the readers happens smoothly and can be deleted if the reader wishes to stop receiving.

Some blogs 'categorize' your entries. You can have multiple topics without having to create a new account. One location, many subjects, catagory titles help with search engines placing you in proper listings.

Niche marketing. This is my favourite. Write an article on an item of your 'many' items and you have exposed it to the world when it would be normally buried in your many offers on your one site.

It's like creating a mini site for each product you promote. And the best part ... articles are better selling tools than ads because people that search for it are already looking to buy and they want facts before they do.

An article does just that. Gives facts and you look like an expert in their eyes so they trust you. You have conquered the biggest drawbacks of online selling; credibility and trust.

For some, a blog can be private and shared by few or can be shared by all. Your choice.

Use it as a diary, a memoir, create a family history and have all of your relatives contribute to keep accurate records of the family.

Use it to write a novel. Use it to share homework assignments. Write a thesis.

Start a penpal club. Write reviews of movies or artists or music.

Create a fan club. Post a band's schedule and use to coordinate rendevous place times for people.

Create lessons for students and allow them to post Q&A to those lessons.

Talk about pet care. Health care. Social Security. Social Reform. Politics. Religions.

Make a grocery list for the family and use it as a check off list when shopped. The entry is dated when what was bought.

Home improvement records. Project planning. A phone list for family members and emergency numbers.

Or just write your thoughts for therapeutic reasons. Blogs are limitless to their uses.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

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Traffic sites reviews

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Edward Pizzo

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The Sandbox Theory

From what I know about the so called theory of the Google Sandbox is there response to the listing brokers that suddenly popped up about the early to mid 2004. The secret broke that reciprocal linking is the key to high ranking top spot search pages. So we had a new era of listing brokers that have been coming on the seen ever since this news broke.

So Google went on the defensive and decided to counter the high volume linking sites that were getting top spot rankings with all the links that were being generated by traffic brokers by delaying the new website index listings by 6 months to a year. So the so called sandbox was created to keep all the new websites that were popping up from gaining a first page ranking due to high reciprocal linking that listing brokers were creating.

Does reciprocal linking work? Absolutely it is the best way to gaining a high search engine index and when you finally get out of the sandbox you will see your pages slowly emerge to the top of the Google search engines.

Relative linking that has a higher page rank then you do does help drag you up the PR scale. Only because these companies will be sending you visitors that will be looking for your products as well and may do business with you to.

If you are linking to Sneaker Company and you sell chocolates I don’t think the people going to your website will be staying very long and these people will be hitting the back button pretty quickly, so your less likely to make a sale any way by linking to these kinds of irrelevant links.

But now if you look at it from this side of the fence any and all traffic is currently helping your Alexa rating by sending you traffic. So looking at it this way it’s a good thing to link to everyone.

So what do you do? You link to everyone no matter where the link comes from, in the long run it will help you over time by keeping traffic coming to your site and your advertising and target marketing campaigns can be used to generate your sales.

Edward Pizzo
702-837-0570 http://www.yourquestreviews.com 


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