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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #489
  Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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Each success story will have a portion of the Digest dedicated to it and a link to the archived story will be available on each issue of the digest for 1 year. 

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Look For The Angel

I came across a rather interesting article today and I thought I'd share it with you.  It makes reference to Michelangelo and how he sculpted such beautiful angels from hard stone.  The author relates this to writing quality web copy so if you're in the process of writing for your website or a website you should definitely check this out.   

Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

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Linda Caroll
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The 6 Priorities

Ivy Ledbetter Lee (1877 - 1934) was a consultant in New York city. His clients included Rockefeller, Carnegie, The Du Ponts and many other high profile clients.

One day, Charles Schwab of the Bethlehem Steel Company called Lee to ask about his services. Lee explained that, with his help, Schwab would know how to manage his company better.

"H*LL" shouted Schwab. "What we need around here is not more KNOWING, but more DOING!"

Rising to the challenge, Lee told Schwab that in 20 minutes or less, he could show him how to get more "doing" done. The men agreed to meet.

When they met, Lee handed Schwab a stack of cards (like index cards). He told Schwab to make a list of the 6 most important things that had to be done the next day.

Schwab did so.

Then, Lee told him to rewrite the list in order of priority, with the most important listed first.

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Again, Schwab did so.

Lee told him that the next morning, he should look at #1 and start working on it. He should look at #1 every hour on the hour until it's done. Then tackle #2 the same way. Then #3. Cross off each task when it is completed. Work on that list until quitting time.

"Don't be concerned if you don't finish all six" Lee warned. "You are working on what is most important. The rest can wait."

Lee told him to make a new list, for the next day, at the end of each day. "When you make up the next list, transfer your unfinished items to it. Again, put them in order of priority."

Lee told Schwab that after he had tried this method, that he should have key employees do the same.

Less than 20 minutes later, as he walked away, Lee said "Test it for as long as you like. Then send me a check for what you think my advice is worth."

Later, Charles Schwab sent Ivy Ledbetter Lee a letter. In part, it said this;

"This innocent little lesson is the most practical lesson I have ever learned in all my life. ...(snipped)... That did more to make Bethlehem Steel Co. the world's largest independent steel producer than all the meetings I have held with high paid executives."

He enclosed a check for $25,000.00.

This lesson is so simple and so plain that most people won't even bother to try it. Yet, this little technique has played a part in more success stories than you would believe.

Walter Chrysler, Henry Ford, Thomas Watson, Dr Willaim Mayo (Mayo Clinic) and many, many more great achievers place this method of task prioritization at the top of their list of "habits for success."

As for me, I swear by it.
How about you?
Or is your way getting better results?


Come see what I do;


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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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What can a Blog be used for ?

Blogs are more and more growing in popularity and you'd be surprised at all of what they are being used for.

I went to check the 'competition' to my company to see what's "GOING ON". Some of it will SHOCK YOU!!!

One place I checked has many members from many places and they are in a younger age bracket than myself in general but the stuff they talked about and the language they used ... all I can say is they are lucky I am not their dad.

The site has some cool features and would be great if used for something better than to talk smack and place provocative pics.

Bye-Bye to that site for me.

Well, I'm gonna' give some thoughts on the use of blogs.

Let's say you wish for your messages to get to people that are tired of emails being blocked. They can add your RSS link to their "My Page" of their ISP or place the link in their RSS reader and when you write they get updated of your post in 'real-time' so they can read it now or later.

So a mail correspondence is one function of a blog. Instead of multiple emails all can read the same post like an email and your are not exposing email addresses to the other readers.

You also don't have to worry about someone telling you to remove them from your mailing list. They just delete the blog address. NO SPAM problems.

Newsletters are another use as some businesses have started doing. Delivery to the readers happens smoothly and can be deleted if the reader wishes to stop receiving.

Some blogs 'categorize' your entries. You can have multiple topics without having to create a new account. One location, many subjects, category titles help with search engines placing you in proper listings.

Niche marketing. This is my favorite. Write an article on an item of your 'many' items and you have exposed it to the world when it would be normally buried in your many offers on your one site.

It's like creating a mini site for each product you promote. And the best part ... articles are better selling tools than ads because people that search for it are already looking to buy and they want facts before they do.

An article does just that. Gives facts and you look like an expert in their eyes so they trust you. You have conquered the biggest drawbacks of online selling; credibility and trust.

For some, a blog can be private and shared by few or can be shared by all. Your choice.

Use it as a diary, a memoir, create a family history and have all of your relatives contribute to keep accurate records of the family.

Use it to write a novel. Use it to share homework assignments. Write a thesis.

Start a penpal club. Write reviews of movies or artists or music.

Create a fan club. Post a band's schedule and use to coordinate rendezvous place times for people.

Create lessons for students and allow them to post Q&A to those lessons.

Talk about pet care. Health care. Social Security. Social Reform. Politics. Religions.

Make a grocery list for the family and use it as a check off list when shopped. The entry is dated when what was bought.

Home improvement records. Project planning. A phone list for family members and emergency numbers.

Or just write your thoughts for therapeutic reasons. Blogs are limitless to their uses.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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Look For The Angel

Copyright 2006 by Helen Wilkie

Too many business letters, e-mails, reports and other written messages are ineffective because they are buried in fluff and redundancy.

Many a two-page letter or memo could be reduced to less than a page if we would just stop saying things like "in the majority of instances" when we mean "usually". Why do we say "as you may or may not know"? If you may know, then obviously you may not know. That's what "may" means! Why do we use wordy phrases like "of a confidential nature" instead of a perfectly good, serviceable adjective like "confidential"?

That's what I call fluff -- simply too many words.

A related problem is redundancy, which occurs when we unwittingly say the same thing twice. I read in a business letter, "We are trying to attempt a solution." Does that mean they tried twice as hard? What about "unexpected emergency"? Surely if we knew it was coming it wouldn't be an emergency. There are many examples of excellent words we have stolen from other languages -- and then ruined them by watering them down. For example, the French word "unique" doesn't mean "unusual" -- it means "one of a kind". A thing is not very unique, somewhat unique or rather unique. It's either unique or it's very unusual.

The problem with this piling on of unnecessary words is that it buries the message, leaving the reader either scrambling around looking for it -- or simply scanning the words and completely missing the point.

Dealing with this in a recently workshop, I was reminded of an old story about Michelangelo. Apparently someone asked the great artist how he managed to sculpt such beautiful angels from cold, hard marble. Michelangelo replied "I simply chip away at everything that's not angel, and eventually the angel emerges from the marble."

Take a close look at your business writing and look for everything that doesn't contribute to your message -- and then chip away at it until the message emerges.

About the Author

Helen Wilkie is a professional keynote speaker, workshop leader and author specializing in applied communication in the workplace. Visit her website at http://www.mhwcom.com Subscribe to Helen's free monthly e-zine, "Communi-keys", and get your free 40-page e-book, 23 ideas you can use RIGHT NOW to communicate and succeed in your business career!

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