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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #508
  Wednesday August 16, 2006

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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Your Home Business.  Will It Sink or Swim?

Michele Miller's article above presents some very realistic challenges you'll face and solutions for them.  If you're a home business owner, this article will give you a shake. 

Linda Caroll, the Internet Newbies and Profit Advisor for Adlandpro brings us a terrific article on how the basics of making a visitor feel comfortable with you, your business, and your product can sometimes out perform even the most marketing-savvy websites. 

Finally, our very own Blog Expert Kenneth Sword is back with a vengeance.  He's got a crackerjack article about what a blog blaster is and why you should never ever use one to promote a product. 

Check it out.


Michael - Adland Digest Editor


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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

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Linda Caroll
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"I Know You. You're the Lion Man!"

Copyright 2006 By Linda Caroll

To look at Glen's website, you'd think he didn't know a darn thing about the Internet. Nothing. Nada. Zero. This guy's not just bending "the rules," he's breaking, twisting and mutilating them. It's obvious that he doesn't know what makes a website sell.

There are no "add to cart" buttons and no "checkout." No Visa symbols. No secure order page. There's absolutely no ecommerce to be seen anywhere.

What's worse, can you believe the entire website is devoid of a sales letter? There's no "call to action," no list of benefits or features. No apparent reason to buy. None. The results - are astounding - and very profitable.

Within one year of launching his website, Glen was walking down the street and a man pointed at him from across the street and called out; "Hey, I know you. You're the Lion Man!"

For someone who doesn't "seem" to know much about the Internet, at least according to the gospel of the gurus, Glen's website is doing absolute wonders for his business. He's been interviewed by The New York Times and featured on Home and Garden Television.

You see, Glen Odiaga owns a "brick and mortar" business. A remodeling firm. His business is service oriented, and he's not going to be constructing a fantastic two level deck for a client in Australia anytime soon.

Like most brick and mortar merchants, Glen knows he's not competing in the global marketplace, so he's not wasting his time or money trying. He's looking to create a comfort zone with local customers, and his website does that very nicely. Very nicely indeed.

Glen knows that the more comfortable his potential clients with his work, the more likely they are to call him for that next remodeling job, or when they want a deck or siding.

He also knows that the harder the sales pitch, the higher the level of customer resistance. After all, people love to buy and hate to be sold.

Glen's before and after gallery shows his clients exactly what he can do for them - without a sales pitch. The letters from happy clients - complete with scanned signatures of real names - leaves no room for doubt as to the validity of the reference.

The letter from the happy mother, thanking Glen's staff for letting her children help with the remodeling is the icing on the cake. The cherry on the sundae. And best of all - it's not hype. It's not a sales pitch. It's genuine communication liberally sprinkled with the human touch.

If that's not enough, Glen offers free consultation on every page of his site. He offers his phone number just as generously. He offers to meet with potential clients to go look through the showrooms together. Service. Service. Service.

So... why do they call him the Lion Man? Glen's logo - is a pair of stately lions. The kind that might be found guarding the most precious castle. And we all know that your home is your castle, right? The fact that people remember his logo - and have dubbed him accordingly - now that's branding.

In these days of ever increasing competition, I promise you one thing. Good service and name branding still kick butt like nothing else.

Feel welcome to reprint my articles as long as you use them as is (please don't change them) and include a credit link to my site.

Note: If you can use the words "website design" in your link text, it would be very appreciated because that helps the search engines know what my site is about.

If you want/need an author credit/bio;

Linda's clients have been featured in Forbes, People Magazine, Home & Garden TV and more. Visit her website design site at LindaCaroll.com

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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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Blogs and Blog Blasters Don't Mix ...

Copyright 2006 By Kenneth Sword

I wanted to bring forward the idea of blogs and blog blasters.

There are several programs that have been promoted over the past year to blast ads onto blogs. They all have done a great job ... at making blog writers mad. Many bloggers write with a passion and their content is can be very focused.

An example. You write an article on dyslexia: symptoms and cures. Fantastic article. You are set to receive comments from the public on it and several people with the same interest do comment. Then comes along someone blasting an ad into your comment area reading: Make MILLIONS $elling Cell phone chargers!!! Within a week you can be on easy street making HUGE amounts of cash with our new patented charger. Go to ......

You get the picture.

Not only does this NOT belong here but has nothing to do with 'commenting' on the person's article. It's rude and says alot about you, too.

Since the creation of these blasters it has provoked many bloggers to turn off commenting and/or block with filters what is coming in. There has also been added the opt in step to place comments on blogs and the security code needing entered to guarantee it's a human posting.

So, if you want to succeed in business and NOT have a 'black eye' to your name stay away from blasters.

Do they work? They used to but now are either blocked or continue to make bloggers mad.

Happy Blogging.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

Bizzy Blogz
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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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It's your home business - Will it sink or swim?

Copyright 2006 By Michele Miller

Businesses fail for many different reasons.
Here’s what you should be thinking about so
that your business is not one that sinks, but
one that swims and stays afloat!

If you’re looking at a new business, make up
a business plan, include your goals and
financial projections.  YOU need to know more
than anyone where you are headed. Your business
plan doesn’t have to be drawn up by a
professional business planner, you can do it
yourself.  Write down the hard costs of getting
the business started and maintained, including
costs of licenses, equipment, inventory etc. 
Don’t forget to include how much income you will
need to be bringing in, or have saved up until
you start to show a profit.  Always have a
Plan-B in place.  Lack of planning will have
your business sinking in no time at all.

Business owners are generally “go-getters”,
which means they are usually hard workers. 
Staying disciplined, even for the hard worker
can be difficult at times, especially when there
is no boss or supervisor around to crack that whip
and make you do your work.  Getting lazy and not
being productive with your business is a surefire
way to sink it.

Here are some tips to keep you on track and keep
your business afloat.

Daily “to do” lists are constant reminders
that keep you on track.  They keep you
motivated, and it feels good to cross things
off as you get things done.  You need to
have a sense of accomplishment, and this helps
serve that purpose.

Push your business to new heights every day by
doing just a little bit more than you need to.
This will ensure that it will SWIM.

Break up your day into segments; plan your day
properly.  Give yourself a proper work time
schedule and try to stick with it.  Even if you
don’t work 9-5 anymore, pretend you do.  Having
your own home business often means working more
than eight hours a day to turn a profit.  Be
prepared for that.  That way you will SWIM and
not SINK.

Give yourself a proper lunch break.  This
will give you a routine and give you
something to look forward to.  Reward yourself
for keeping up with your work.  It will keep you
positive and motivated.

Post inspiring quotes and verses in your
home business area.

Don’t allow friends and family to drop by
and take up your time.  In the beginning, I had
friends that thought because I worked from home
that I could sit around and chat with them all day
long… It’s amazing that they think this, but they
do.  Be firm with them.  My friends now know that
they had better call before they “pop in for a
coffee”, and I do tell them “no” if it’s not
convenient.  Lazing around watching TV or chatting
with friends is 100% guaranteed to help SINK your

Another time taker is the telephone.  I screen
my calls and let the machine pick up almost all
day, unless it is about business.  Caller ID was
a super investment!  It will help your business
to have Caller ID.  I promise.

Mentally remind yourself from time to time that
one of the reasons your home business can fail is
procrastination.  The fear of this should help
keep your business on the right track.

I think you know what bad employees can do to
a business; be careful who represents you/works
for you. 

If you don’t have time to do your work and work
your business, it’s bound to SINK!  Don’t let
other aspects of life get in the way.  Sure the
car needs washing, the laundry needs doing, the
house needs cleaning, you need to get other things
done, but not during business hours.  The key here
is to PRIORITIZE properly and take your business

Try and get some daily exercise.  It refreshes you
and clears the mind.  It will help you stay positive.
Plus, it’s good for you.

Network with other “successful people” who own a
similar type of business.  If you are having trouble
finding these people, try your local Chamber of
Commerce, or just contact other business owners. Try
to learn from people who have been successful; make
sure they’ve walked the walk before you take their

Taking this advice will hopefully give you some ideas
about keeping your business afloat, swimming, and very

To Your Success!

Michele Miller is a home-based business owner and a
medical transcriptionist.  She is also the author of an
E-book about how to become a home based medical
transcriptionist.  You can visit her website at: 

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