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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #510
  Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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The Winner's List

Alan Cheng, successful internet marketer has some pretty sound advice for those who are or have been looking to make money online.  It's not as hard as some of you may think but it's certainly not as easy either.  His 2nd article includes a list of things things that you absolutely must do in order to make your online business both successful and fun.

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Critical Factors for Starting an Online Business
By Alan Cheng

We all wish to have an extra stream of income to help ourselves and family become  financially independent - trying to get out of the 9 till 5 office job.

Having an internet business doesn't mean you have to be a programmer or a web designer to do it. So get that thought out of your head first.

You do however, have to put some elbow grease in. A lot of people think that they can just build an internet business and then voila - the money will come rolling in. You can also get that thought out of your skull.

There are so many myths about earning money online that it's worthwhile to know what's the garbage and what’s the reality first.

To start things off, you can sign up for the exclusive report at
http://www.onlinemoneymachine.com/alen about the truth and myths of making money online. The report should hit you straight in the face with its straight forwardness
which many people don’t want to believe.

The key to starting an online business is to know what you only need to know that will help you. Don't listen to the hype of profiting easily by doing very little. Read up on marketing materials for your business but make sure the information is reliable and that it is from a trusted source.

So what does the Beginner have to know to get started on their path to online riches?

Here's my list in order of priority. Follow the steps and you won't be far from achieving your dreams.

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1. The right attitude.
Give your customers the best service you can. Understand that this is your own business. Work hard at it. Acknowledge the fact that the internet is no different to a normal business. It still needs advertising, great customer support and a good product so people will come back.

2. The product you're going to sell
If you don't know what you're going to sell, send an email to
aff1@onlinemoneymachine.com for my list of recommended affiliate programs which you can recommend even to your close family members.

3. Read up on marketing strategies.
Reading books on marketing is so essential to your business. I hammer that thought to my customers every so often in my training. Please learn how to market your business. It’s how people know about you and buy from you.

4. Plan your marketing strategies.
OK. You’ve read the books and are full of information. Now plan how you’re going to execute your marketing strategies. A plan makes a person more committed to
carrying out essential tasks.

5. Execute your strategies.
All the above is useless if you don’t execute. Take action. Do anything but don’t do nothing.

6. Review your results and make modifications.
Make modifications to your website or marketing strategies. Choose the strategy that has the best results. Continuously try and improve the conversion rate of your website.

7. Repeat steps 1 to 7.

You have to understand that people are making money on the internet as a living. With the proper coaching and information, you can too.

The steps discussed above are guaranteed to make you succeed. However, it takes time. Don't expect overnight success. Take the first step now which is to begin. These are the reasons why I created
http://www.onlinemoneymachine.com. To help people get on the right path with their online home business.

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What tasks should Online Business Owners only do?
By Alan Cheng

So what does having an online business really mean? Working
18 hours a day? Checking your email account every minute of the
day? Learning HTML, PHP etc... so that you can develop your
own website? Here are 4 major tasks which I follow for
running an online business.

1. Enjoyment
An essential part of running or starting an online business is
to enjoy it. Yes, because once you enjoy doing something you
will not get burned-out or do your job ineffectively.

If you are not enjoying your work then I suggest you to stop
right what you are doing now and think about what part of the
home business you do not like. You don’t need to worry about
other things for the time being. Just concentrate on doing things
you like and that are useful.

2. The Advertisement Cycle
After ‘Enjoyment’ this is the most crucial element to the
success of your online business. I call it The Advertisement
Cycle because it’s never ending. It’s a repetitive task.

Advertising is what brings customers to your website. The
majority of your profit should be placed into advertisement.
The more effective advertising you do, then the more
customers you will have.

Always choose the kind of advertisement that works well for
your business and concentrate on that kind of advertisement.

The last thing I want to mention about advertisement is that it
should be done non-stop. Why? Four reasons:

- why stop if the more you do it the more customers you’re
likely to have

- customers don’t buy from the first time they see your
advertisement. They’ll buy from you after seeing your ads
several times.

- Even if you are doing well in your market, you should never
stop advertising. Look at Coke and look at McDonald’s.
Enough people know about them but they continue to spend
loads on advertisement. The reason? People forget about you
really quick. So you have to stay on their minds.

- Finally take a look at William Hung. See what marketing
can do? Even if you have a product which you consider to be
below average compared to your competitors, good marketing
can change things around.

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3. Concentrate on making the right decisions You should spend
time thinking about things that will benefit your business.
Decisions such as where to advertise effectively, or what experts
to hire to help you with your business, how your product should
be enhanced, how to expand your business etc...

You’re the one who cares the most about your business so you
should be the one who makes the major decisions. Avoid tasks
such as programming/designing your website, submitting articles,
answering common email questions etc... These time draining
tasks should be automated or done by someone else.

Your time is better spent on developing and improving your

4. Serve your customers
This important concept is sadly overlooked by most home online
home business owners. Customers are the most valuable assets
of your business and they should be treated like your best

Once a customer is happy with your service, they will buy from
you again and they’ll also refer new customers. See how a few
customers can snowball into a loyal army of responsive customers.
So now you know.

These are the 4 critical aspects a home business owner should
concentrate on. Spend your time developing and continuously
improving these areas. They should take up the majority of
your time as an owner. Leave the rest of the work to the experts
who you should hire – for they know the job better than you.

You can just target on what makes your business grow and
profit happily from it.


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About the Author

Alan Cheng, is the owner of www.onlinemoneymachine.com
the true membership site dedicated to help one start a profitable
internet business. It has all the tools you really need to profit
online with your own website. You can contact Alan at


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