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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #516
  Saturday, October 28, 2006

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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Oh How We Forget...

If you're like most people who have been in internet marketing for some time now, you'll notice that we get so obsessed with mastering "Killer Tactics", "Advanced Strategies", and "Techniques the Professionals Use" that we forget all about the basics then hope to amass a small fortune quickly and easily. 

Basketball players practice the basics over and over and over again until it's second nature to them.  Then, and only then can they start with the more advanced tactics.  Debbie Solomon, our guest writer takes us through the basics of starting your own business.  If you need a fresh start, here's where you want to begin. 

Kenneth R Sword Jr. brings us more enlightening information about the art of Blogging; specifically to do with links on your blog.  Check it out.  You'll be glad you did.  Drop by his forum and say hi too.  He's friendly!

Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest Editor

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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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Designing a Page That Compliments Your Content Pt.4
Links & Rules Of Use

Kenneth R. Sword Jr.

The vast majority of blogs feature a section or two that contains nothing but links. They may be links to the bloggers’ other blogs or to related sites; they may even be links to every syndicated columnist online - such a scheme makes up a good portion of the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge’s headline news portal. If you feature links, you’ll be following the grand tradition of successful bloggers and doing your readers a service. We’ll talk later about using your links as an assets to increase traffic, but for now we’ll just talk about how they are laid out, and in layout, there are two rules to follow: use your links purposely and organize them effectively.

Everything on your page should contribute to your page, and your links are no exception. They should be organized in a manner that helps your readers navigate them, whether alphabetically or by subject. They should also each contribute something to your blog’s content. Aunt Mabel’s cat blog may be really nice – and you may really love your aunt - but the readers of your open-source software blog will not be terribly interested in it. Your links are an asset: distribute them in a way that maximizes your blog’s value, and organize them in a way that ensures your readers can find what they want.

Kenneth R Sword Jr

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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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by Debbie Solomon

We all know that starting your own business is a reality that is now easier than ever to accomplish.
The phenomenon of business on the internet is nothing short of intriguing. More and more people are starting their own businesses from home because of the power the internet provides.

There is so much to choose from and the options are endless. However there are many aspects that many people seem to overlook that is essential to business. The main essentials are the legalities that are involved in starting your own business. I realize how boring this must seem, but in all actuality, once you start putting all these legalities together, you begin to realize the formation
your business is taking. To SEE your business on PAPER is one of the most satisfying accomplishments you can make.

I must add that it is imperative for everyone to do this. Whether you are an independent distributor
for an affiliate program or you have your own product you are marketing on the internet, it is still YOUR business, and legalities are of the utmost importance if you want to be serious about a successful business of your own. I don't want to damper your parade, but joining a program and promoting it on the internet is NOT a professional business. This is just something you are doing to make a couple extra bucks and no one will ever take you seriously.

So lets get down to it. The big question is What are some of these essentials we need to take into
consideration before we can begin to take our business seriously?

1. Think of a NAME for your business. This will be your trademark. And the most FUN part of your business.

2. You need to decide whether you would like your company to be a Corporation, Partnership or a Sole Proprietorship. Personally I recommend starting off as a Sole Proprietorship.
The steps of making your business legal is far less complicated. Taxwise a corporation is more realistic, however, the legal steps and cost of becoming a corporation is very complicated
and can be time consuming.

3. You need to register your business as a fictitious name. This is much easier than it sounds. In fact, just go to city hall and tell them you need to register a fictitious name. They will give you the paperwork to do so. It is approximately $50.00. Then you will have to register your business in your
local newspaper, which should only be around $30 to $40. All details are including in the paperwork when registering your fictitious name.

4. You need to obtain an Occupational License. Most states require you to have your fictitious name information prior to this, so you may want to have that information on hand first. An Occupational license is a little different in every state, so you may have to do some leg work on this. Some states require a county and a city occupational license. So it is important to ask that question. Normally City Hall takes care of your City Occupational License, then you can inquire about the legalities of a County License at that time and they will tell you where to go. The normal cost for an Occupational License is anywhere from $30 to $50. It is very easy to get the details of obtaining your license. Just call City Hall first and they will tell you what you need to do.

5. Open a Business Account. You will need all the paperwork above in order to open a business account. Many clients will want to make a check out to your business. Plus if you have
a merchant account it will go right into your business account for quick reference. It is much easier to keep records of sales with a separate business account.

6. Medical Insurance. This is the biggest bonus of all. Because you go through so much to make your business legal, now you know there are some perks. There are many health insurance companies that have Group Insurance for 1 person businesses. Normally they call it Group 1 Insurance. If you have a business account, all the above paperwork, you are well on your
way to some GOOD health insurance. Some companies require you be in business for one year, but you will find some that do not. Individual insurance is HARD to get and very expensive.
Plus there are so many limitations of coverage, it is not worth it. With Group 1 Insurance, it is like having insurance through another company as far as the benefits go. It is not that expensive,
and the personal benefits of knowing you have good insurance because you legally registered your
business, is well worth some of the aggravation you may have to endure.

7. You may also want to go to these websites to see what is required from the government. This is a lengthy subject and legal requirements change for each type of business. If you still have questions, the IRS provides help by email. Small Business Info:
IRS Site: http://www.irs.gov/

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8. If you are selling a physical product, it is important to obtain a Tax ID number. You can also inquire about this with City Hall on the steps you will need to take.

9. And the most important of all. Your Taxes. I am not going through all the legalities of this, but here are some important factors to consider. You MUST file taxes every year on your
company. Some states require you to file quarterly. Do what you have to do, because it is essential. My suggestion is to get an Accountant at file time. You do not need a CPA.
At least not in the beginning. There is too much room for error if you try it by yourself. You would not believe what I learned the first time around with my accountant. I found out I do not have to file Quarterly, because I am a sole proprietorship and I have no employees. One very important
aspect....Keep record of ALL YOUR EXPENSES. Even the cost of your ISP each month is a necessity.

NOW, are you still ecstatic about starting your own business? Did you know so much was involved? Or did you think you can have an online business and NOT do this?

Everyone has their own opinion on this, however, if you want a Legal, Professional and Successful Business, put it into writing. Get your proper Licenses, Accounts and Insurance.
You will be surprised of the advantages you will incur by becoming a professional businessperson.

Author: Debbie Solomon
Debbie is the Creator of The HomeSource Arena,
which is The Leading Source in Certified Home Employment,
and owner of The Online Exchange Ezine, a Top Rated,
world renowned Ezine. The only Ezine that will give you
FREE Access into an Exclusive Members Only Club, just
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Please visit her site at:


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