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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #523
  Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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What's the Plan, Stan?

Let's say you're looking to get to Miami, Manitoba Canada.  Let's say that you don't have a map.  Let's assume that you're a long way away from Miami.  Let's also assume that you're not sure what means of transportation you will use to get there.  Let's assume as well that you limited or no funds. 

What can we assume will happen? 

A Business Plan is like a road map and itinerary for a very long journey.  Without them you're likely to end up in Miami, FLA thousands of miles away from your intended destination with no vehicle and your credit cards missing; that's assuming that you even manage to get out of the driveway at all.  Not exactly where you assumed you'd wind up is it? 

This is why it's important it is to have a business plan before you venture out into the business world to play with the "movers" and "shakers" of the industry.  These businesses move with purpose and intent.  Decisions are never made with: "Well hey, let's try this and see where we end up"  This week's guest article written by Terri Zwierzynski, "The Inside-Out Business Plan™ -- Your Small Business Plan in 10 Easy Questions" gives you a simple outline for creating an effective business plan and reducing uncertainty.  Starting a business?  Got Plan?  Look here.

Linda Caroll presents a touching review on a book called "Yesterday, I Cried" by Iyanla Vanzant.  Vanzant delivers a heart-wrenching account of her experiences as a single mother with the underlying theme of "The Greater Good" and if I know Linda's reading recommendations, you've gotta get your hands on this one.

Finally, Ken Sword Jr counsels you on how to create/develop a theme for your blog.  Ken is the CEO and owner of Bizzyblogs.com and is an authority in the blogging industry.  You should read this one if you're going to get into blogging or planning on it. 

Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest

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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

[Linda Caroll's photo]
Linda Caroll
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Yesterday, I cried

I just finished reading a book called "Yesterday, I cried" by Iyanla Vanzant.

It is not a business book. It is the true story of an amazing woman that went from being a beaten and abused little girl to a best selling author. If anything, it is a story of personal triumph and personal growth.

I can't count how many times I cried reading it. I stayed in the bath for HOURS reading it, refilling the water because it was too good to get out and stop reading.

She talks about how she was struggling, never being able to pay the rent, always having at least one utility shut off and crying because she was a single mother and couldn't provide for her kids.

In one part, she talks about going for an interview and wondering what the interviewer would think if they knew her clothing was home made and her daughter bought her pantyhose with her check from McDonalds. Having been a single mother for a long time, that part made me cry.

There was one part that touched me. She said that one day, she realized that she was doing things for the wrong reasons. For the money. To pay her rent. Out of desperation. And, she realized, that the *right* reason to do things is that they contribute to the greater good of all, but that it's hard to think of the greater good of all when the rent isn't paid.

And, in that tiny paragraph, I think is a gem for everyone online.

Because, when we tell people to sign up for things that have not paid our own bills, are we thinking of the greater good of the others? Or are we ruled by desperation? When we join programs that say we don't have to learn anything, are we thinking of others, or ruled by our fears? After all, aren't we here on Earth to learn? Does God want us to stay the same, never learning?

There are all types of people online, just like in the real world. The ones that are successful because they did good. The ones that have temporary success because they cheated and lied. (It does catch up with them one day) The ones that are struggling, but holding tight to their senses and the ones that are desperate enough to become gullible and fall for scams and shams.

But, if we were all to ask ourselves the question, "Am I contributing to the greater good of people" - I think we would make better decisions. And, I think, when we become clear on that, our eyes open and we see the right path for us.

: )

P.S. The book is regularly $22, but I picked it up for $5 at bookcloseouts.com - gosh I like that site. Public libraries might have a copy, too. It's a great read.

The Shocking Truth About Internet Marketing


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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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Developing A Theme For A Successful Blog

The theme of your blog, the subject of what your blog is mostly about, is what will attract or repel readers. For your blog to be a great success you'll need to contribute something unique, which will be your blog's theme. It may be on finding alternatives to people's needs with software, do your own blog version of a 'Saturday Night Live' in text and video format, an artist blog, a blog on the game of cricket, Nylon - the history and current uses, Thermodynamics, Tarot, whatever ... but you need to find that certain something that only you can contribute and that people want to read and know about.

Your blog's theme needs to be summarized by what you want your blog to be uniquely known for. Pick several keywords that describe your content, based on your skills, knowledge and abilities.

Some example could be:
* President office staff reports
* Mixocology shakers and movers

This will lend to a great description of your blog.

Some example could be:

* Making fun of the President of the United Fates
* 'Gorilla Farts' and Other Bartender Favorites

Now complete your possible theme below.

My blog is very well known and trusted as the best place on the internet to find:

1. ____________
2. ____________
3. ____________
4. ____________


Kenneth R Sword Jr
Blog Advisor for AdlandPro
Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz &
Bizzy Blogz Community
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New! Bizzy Blogz Community - like MySpace
An Advertising Traffic Machine

So far, I have given away over $47,500.00 in advertising memberships. Are you next?
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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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The Inside-Out Business Plan™ -- Your Small Business Plan in 10 Easy Questions

By Terri Zwierzynski

Writing a business plan for your Solo Entrepreneur business doesn't have to be a daunting project. If you can answer 10 straightforward questions about your business, you can be ready to go.

The key to success is to answer all of the questions in enough depth that if a friend asked you to invest in this business, you'd say yes. Most importantly, make sure you record your business plan somehow...whether you write it by hand, type it into your computer, or put it on sticky notes on your wall. Keep it someplace handy where you can refer to it when you are making important business decisions. And, make sure you review it monthly--or, even better, weekly--and update it at least annually.

1. Your Dreams: What do you want your business to provide for you? (think time, money, freedom, who you work with) Be specific--how much money, how many hours, when do you want to "retire".

2. Customers: Who are your customers and what do they want/need?

3. Your Products and Services: What products/services will you provide to meet customer's needs?

4. Markets: Where are your customers and what do you know about them as a group? "Where" might be geographic, it might be what kind of places they hang out, or where they go to find products or services like yours. What is their age, income, gender, hobbies, family structure, etc.

5. Your Style: How will you reach customers and what will you say? Your methods of reaching customers needs to match with where your customers are--and with a message that they can relate to.

6. Competitors: Where else are your customers likely to get this need met? Find out all you can about how your competitors price, market, and provide service.

7. Your Uniqueness: How will your product/service meet customer's needs differently than your competitors? Consider how your personal uniqueness impacts that.

8. Your Abilities: Of the skills necessary to run your business, what do you do well, and what do you need help with?

9. External Resources: What people/technology/services will support you in the skills you need help with?

10. Fulfilling your Dreams: How will your business provide the kind of working environment you desire, both in how much time you spend, how you perform your work, and how much money you make? Here's where the rubber meets the road--make sure you can show how you will sell X amount of product or service at Y price, cover your expenses, and reach the goals you set in 1. above.

Once you can answer all these questions, have it reviewed by some trusted, experienced professionals who will give you objective feedback. Consider a business coach, as one such resource!

***********Find more articles like this at http://www.Solo-E.com – Keeping Solo Entrepreneurs Juiced in Business and in Life. Our team of Solo Entrepreneurs are comprised of small business experts who support others in finding business success with the flexibility and freedom to have a life, too. Network with other freelancers, self-employed and Solo Entrepreneurs in our forums, enjoy our articles and newsletter, and find other online training opportunities.***********


Terri Zwierzynski is a coach to small business owners and Solo Entrepreneurs. She is also the CEI (Conductor of Extraordinary Ideas) at http://www.Solo-E.com and the author of 136 Ways To Market Your Small Business. Terri is an MBA honors graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill. Terri has been coaching for over 10 years in a variety of settings, including 6 years as a senior-level coach and consultant for a Fortune 500 company. She opened her private coaching practice in 2001. You can reach Terri at http://www.FastLaneDreams.com.



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