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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #524
  Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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I Know Something That You Don't Know

If I was a successful business owner, financially well-to-do, and extremely happy with my success, then wouldn't you be the least bit curious as to what my 'secret' was?  Of course you would be.  I would be.  However, Linda Caroll's latest article, 'The *Real* Secret to Success Just Might Surprise You' may change the way you think.

Blog a little weak on traffic?  Kenneth R. Sword Jr. the Adlandpro Blog Jedi Master brings you an article 'How To Get People To Your Blog' that demonstrates some fundamental approaches to injecting a little 'traffic juice' into your blog.  These basic ideas may seem, oddly enough, basic but even NBA Basketball Players practice 'free-throw' for hours.  You might want to invest at least a couple of hours practicing YOUR free-throw starting with this article.

Finally, Helen Wilkie, professional keynote speaker, workshop leader and author takes you through the most common copywriting mistake that rookie copywriters make.  Her article titled, 'Look For The Angel' is a wonderfully written piece that clearly illustrates the difference between good copy and 'WOW!' copy. 

Ladies and Gentleman, start your coffeemakers...

Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest

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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

[Linda Caroll's photo]
Linda Caroll
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The *Real* Secret of Success Just Might Surprise You...

You know what a "secret" is, right?
A secret is something that someone else knows, and you don't. Part of what makes a secret so intriguing and arouses such curiosity is, precisely, that someone else has information you don't.

Imagine two children. One says in a teasing singsong voice "I know something you don't..." The second child becomes agitated, and almost obsessed with wanting to know the secret. If you're a parent, you've probably seen this first hand.

We adults aren't so different. When you take the human fascination with secrets and believing others know something we don't... and pair it up with seeing others enjoy more financial security than, perhaps, we do -- that combined scenario convinces us there are secrets to success.

Do you want to know the *real* secret to success?
The real secret is that there is no secret to success. Success isn't even a secret. It's a GIFT. Success is the gift other people give you in gratitude for what you gave them.

Having the ability to build something that can help many people takes self discipline. Physically and mentally. It takes persistence and tenacity. But success itself? Success is not a secret. It's a gift. A gift of gratitude from the people who willingly pay for what you created.

Let's pretend for a minute...

Pretend I came into your house and took your operating system and email program off your computer. Then, I told you that you will have to learn to use DOS to operate your computer, and you'll have to telnet into a mail server to get your email.

Now, when you start your computer, there is no desktop. There is no shortcuts or bookmarks. Just a big black screen that says;

What would you do? Would you want your OS and email back? That's why Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in America. He gave us "point and click."

Can you think of others?

Can you name a successful person, and tell what they gave many others and received the gift of success in return?

Linda Caroll

Linda's clients have been featured in Forbes, People Magazine, Home & Garden TV and more. Visit her website design site at LindaCaroll.com

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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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How To Get People To Your Blog ...

I'm gonna' cover a little about getting people to your blog.

The first thing about your blog that we need to focus on is the title of your blog.

Does the title tell what your blog is about? Does it sound inviting? Remember that whatever you title it is what is going to show up in search engines, links, and other places people will see. The title is what sells interest into someone going to your blog. So make sure you choose a title that matches your content and sounds inviting.

Now, once this step is done you can look into blog directories like http://www.technorati.com, http://www.blo.gs and http://www.weblogs.com  and see about claiming your blog.

This is simple. All you are doing is letting the directory know who you are, where your blog is (the url) and what categories your blogs fits in. You can also look at blogs in the same categories that compliment your blog and see about linking.

You can also use a blog linking service to get reciprocal linking.

BlogLinker is a service I use at my blog and they notify you by email when someone has linked to your blog. This means they have linked to your blog and you to theirs. If the linking blog doesn't fit your 'style' or is offensive you can delete or hide the link in Bloglinker control panel of your account. You can get a FREE account or upgrade to a paid service.

You can also get headline feeds for your blog and become a 'listed' partner.

And make sure you place your blog url in your sig file of all emails and any other sig file you use.

Post in forums about your blog and ask people to leave comments. Get people interactive.

Do an interview of someone for your blog. Post it and let the person you interviewed know where to find that interview. I'll bet you that you'll see some traffic from this for sure.

There are more ways and I will leave you with your work cut out to find them all.

Happy blogging.

Kenneth R Sword Jr
Blog Advisor for AdlandPro
Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz &
Bizzy Blogz Community
http://www.bizzyblogz.com/krsword http://www.bizzyblogz.com/AutoBlogAds/ http://www.bizzyblogz.com/YourOwnArticles/ http://www.bizzyblogz.com/PrivateLabelBooks/ http://www.bizzyblogz.com/PrivatelLabelAudioBooks/

New! Bizzy Blogz Community - like MySpace
An Advertising Traffic Machine

So far, I have given away over $47,500.00 in advertising memberships. Are you next?
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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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Look for the Angel
By Helen Wilkie

Too many business letters, e-mails, reports and other written messages are ineffective because they are buried in fluff and redundancy.

Many a two-page letter or memo could be reduced to less than a page if we would just stop saying things like "in the majority of instances" when we mean "usually". Why do we say "as you may or may not know"? If you may know, then obviously you may not know. That's what "may" means! Why do we use wordy phrases like "of a confidential nature" instead of a perfectly good, serviceable adjective like "confidential"?

That's what I call fluff -- simply too many words.

A related problem is redundancy, which occurs when we unwittingly say the same thing twice. I read in a business letter, "We are trying to attempt a solution." Does that mean they tried twice as hard? What about "unexpected emergency"? Surely if we knew it was coming it wouldn't be an emergency. There are many examples of excellent words we have stolen from other languages -- and then ruined them by watering them down. For example, the French word "unique" doesn't mean "unusual" -- it means "one of a kind". A thing is not very unique, somewhat unique or rather unique. It's either unique or it's very unusual.

The problem with this piling on of unnecessary words is that it buries the message, leaving the reader either scrambling around looking for it -- or simply scanning the words and completely missing the point.

Dealing with this in a recently workshop, I was reminded of an old story about Michelangelo. Apparently someone asked the great artist how he managed to sculpt such beautiful angels from cold, hard marble. Michelangelo replied "I simply chip away at everything that's not angel, and eventually the angel emerges from the marble."

Take a close look at your business writing and look for everything that doesn't contribute to your message -- and then chip away at it until the message emerges.

About the Author
Helen Wilkie is a professional keynote speaker, workshop leader and author specializing in applied communication in the workplace. Visit her website at http://www.mhwcom.com  Subscribe to Helen's free monthly e-zine, "Communi-keys", and get your free 40-page e-book, 23 ideas you can use RIGHT NOW to communicate and succeed in your business career!

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