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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #527
  Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Information Your Business Needs RIGHT NOW

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Have You Found The Golden Ticket?

"The is no magic bullet when it comes to success".  You've heard it over and over but do you really believe it?  Many people pay lip service to this familiar phrase yet still get get broadsided every day by the "fast-buck-truck".  Online business portfolios filled with a plethora of "Make up to $X.XX a day by just..." and "Get $X.XX everytime you refer someone to us" type programs. 

Alan Cheng, this week's guest writer demonstrates how it is more advantageous for you to invest your time and effort into building a business gradually over time rather than look for that magic bullet, Golden Ticket, next myspace.com(tm), Google(tm), or Ebay(tm). 

Linda Caroll, or Internet Profit and Newbie's advisor has this to say this week:

How strange that we waste time and horde money. Frittering away that which we can't replace, and hording that which we can. Give a little of your time to someone whose life will be better, even temporarily, because of you.

Finally, Kenneth Sword Jr our Blogging Advisor shows how not just blogging, but the technologies and other related areas tied to blogging are piggy-backing on its success.  Time to join the revolution wouldn't you say?


Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest

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Internet and Profit Newbies

If you're new to making money on the internet, get to know the Do's and Don'ts of taking the step into the world of generating income online. 

[Linda Caroll's photo]
Linda Caroll
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Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry, the philosophy which does not laugh and the greatness which does not bow before children.
- Kahlil Gibran - 

How Strange That We Waste Time and Horde Money

You want more sales. More profit. For those that can see the bigger picture, there's a Eureka! moment in this rather unusual strategy.

If the entire population of the world was reduced to a small global village of 100 people, keeping the same proportions we have today;

  • There would be 60 adults, 33 children and 7 senior citizens.
  • Only 33 people would have access to clean, safe drinking water.
  • Only 7 people would have a car. (Some have more than one)
  • Half the children aren't even immunized.
  • Half the adults don't know how to read.
  • More than half the people struggle to live on $2USD per day or less.

If you have safe drinking water and a car parked in the driveway, you are already among the wealthiest people in the world. How easy it is to get wrapped up in the things you don't have and forget to be grateful for things you have and take for granted.

Want more business growth? Do this today. Reach into your pocket. Take out a twenty dollar bill. Go buy a gift for a child. Drop it off at your local Salvation Army. Or a comforter. You'd be amazed at how many children wish simply for warm covers at night.

Don't just write them a check/cheque, although you can do that, too. Giving cash is not the same as giving your time. Time is the only commodity you can not earn more of when you've spent it.

How strange that we waste time and horde money. Frittering away that which we can't replace, and hording that which we can. Give a little of your time to someone whose life will be better, even temporarily, because of you.

Do something for someone else every day, without expecting anything in return. Let someone go in front of you in line. Hand a cup of coffee to a homeless person. Compliment a sales clerk who is having a bad day. Leave a flower on someone's desk and don't tell them it's from you.

In over two decades, I have never seen one single business owner grow their business without first growing themselves as people. As you grow, so shall your business. Trust me on this one.

P.S. If you have children, take them with you. We can't buy them compassion or ethics like running shoes, but we sure can teach them by example. If your kids use the Internet, take them to http://www.thehungersite.com and show them that they can click on the yellow "give food" button every day. (You can, too) Corporate sponsors provide a cup of food for every click.

P.P.S. The "global village" numbers are derived from the writings of Donella Meadows, a brilliant woman that the world lost in 2001. The full breakdown of our global village was published on a poster for the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, in June 1992.

Linda Caroll

Linda's clients have been featured in Forbes, People Magazine, Home & Garden TV and more. Visit her website design site at LindaCaroll.com

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Web Logs, Blogs and the Art of Blogging

The ongoing growth of Blogs and RSS feeds

Kenneth Sword

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Are You Ready For The New Wave Of The Internet?

As blogging continues to grow at such a fast rate so are other avenues that are tied to this sleeping giant.

While no one is really sure where this is all heading, my hunch is that blogging represents Ground Zero of the personal Webcasting revolution. Weblogging will drive a powerful new form of amateur journalism as millions of Net users ó young people especially ó take on the role of columnist, reporter, analyst and publisher while fashioning their own personal broadcasting networks. It won't happen overnight, and we're now seeing only version 1.0, but just wait a few years when broadband and multimedia arrive in a big way. (Most people are still on dial-up.)

We are seeing a 'revolution' to this and we hear terms like Web 2.0, podcasting and Vblogging and other terms basically meaning the same thing. But, these terms also mean the creation of multi-billion dollar industries. Tools are now available to create podcasts, blogging and vblogging. These areas are starting to pick really fast.

There isn't any 'real' regulations yet on this part of the industry so about anything goes. Adult blogs have been getting banned for there is no way to regulate the readers on most of these sites or the owner chose not to. But, with the 'anything goes' leaves the doors wide open for the most creative.

You have an opportunity to help create the next phase of the internet and how it will weave itself into modern day technology and technologies of tomorrow.

Be a leader. Start today.

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Kenneth R Sword Jr
Co-CEO - Bizzy Blogz

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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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The Secret To Having A Successful Online Business
By Alan Cheng

For three years in Internet Marketing, Iíve tried to find
what the secret was to having a successful online business.
During the first 9 months it was pure money-loss. Iíve
lost count the number of downline clubs, retire early
opportunities and other get rich stuff on the web which
Iíve joined. I thought I was robbed in broad daylight in
the cyber world. The phrase ďWhy me?Ē started to come

In the following year, I studied home business on the
internet with real products. I studied people selling
ebooks, membership sites and other software. I was
looking about in all sorts of forums and was generally
gob-smacked by hearing how others so easily make
their dough on the internet. I was still looking for that

During this period of discovery, I have bought a lot of
information products. Ebooks which describe how to
effectively write emails, copywriting, self-help
books and the best systems to generate email leads etcÖ
Software were also a part of my arsenal of tools which
include autoresponders, customer service tools, copywriting
software, audio generation software and so on.

I was an affiliate of a lot products and membership sites
and I even created several websites of my own. The
amount of money Iíve spent was starting to hurt me.
It all added up to a lot of money. Not even the expensive
courses I ordered helped me. I was in the situation where
I was spending a lot on information but the result did not
show it.

Iíve bought a lot of ebooks, courses and software and
some are really good and some are as awful as rotten eggs.
For a list of the ones I personally recommend you can
send an email to my autoresponder at

The question I was keep asking myself was ďWhat am I
missing from this puzzle?Ē. From all the books and audio
courses Iíve been through, I should be kicking butt by

It took me quite some time but I finally cracked it.
I finally found the missing piece of the jigsaw.
The secret was ďThere is no secretĒ.

I realized what I was doing wrong all this time.
I was trying to find that one single magical solution that
would crack the code so that the money will coming
pouring through. I did not know that I already had the
knowledge to make my living on the internet but I was still
searching for the holy grail.

But donít worry. Iíve done all the hard work and now Iím
telling what Iíve learned here. If youíve been reading
books on successful marketers, visited their websites,
read through forums and have actually started to advertise
as an affiliate, youíve already got a lot of the skills and
knowledge to succeed.

If you are in the same situation as I was then please stop
what you are doing and listen up. Donít expect to learn a
big secret on succeeding on the internet. All you have to
do now is to have a target, have a plan and then take
action on your plan.

Donít fall in the same trap I did in searching for the
magical pill that will open the floodgates of money. I think
one of the reasons is that both you and me think that the
others who are successful, are doing it easily. Therefore
we should not struggle to make our riches. There must be
a secret that they know but we donít.

If you insist in thinking that thereís a definite secret to an
online home business then it will have to be work hard,
persistence and planning. Have a goal and never go
off-target in your actions.

When we read how other people are making their living
on the internet and how much they have earned compared
to their dead-end job, we donít see the hard work behind
their success. The successful online business owners only
tell how successful they are and how much money they have.
But rarely do they tell us the hard work and planning they
have put through to make them the way they are today.

Take a pop star for instance. We see them perform on stage
and release albums after albums and also act in films.
But do you realize the effort and hard work that they have
put through? No. We only see the glamour. We donít see
the exercises, training, working late nights, slimming etc..
which nearly all successful entertainers do.

So has it finally hit you in the head yet? Donít wait for
a secret to come. Start right now and do some planning.
Plan what to do, what to achieve and plan the schedule of
your actions. Work hard and improve your income weekly.
Donít expect to be rich over night or a few months. Work
on your business consistently and increase your income
every week. Your riches will come but gradually. We are
building a business and not buying a lottery ticket.


About the Author

Alan Cheng, is the owner of www.onlinemoneymachine.com
the membership site with everything to help beginners setup
a profitable online business. You can contact Alan at


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