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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #532
  Tuesday, February 13, 2007

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The Ultimate Marketing Tool - Don't You Just LOVE It?

Since this is Valentine's week, I have a question for you.

Do you remember your first crush?  Maybe back in elementary school, Penny who sat behind you?  Maybe in Middle School, remember Doug?  The basketball team captain?  I'm 32 years old and I remember mine as clear as day.

Next to Christmas, Valentines day is one of the most memorable and highly marketed days of the year.  Do we know why Valentine's day is such a strong motivator to drive sales?  If you answered "Love" you're almost right.

One of the methods that Marketing Companies use to drive sales is the Emotional Campaign; and what bigger emotion is there in the world these days than the "L" word?  But Love alone can't drive sales.  Placing the word "LOVE" on your web site won't make people want to buy your product.  Putting a heart on your product won't make people buy it either.  So what's the missing link? 

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Emotional Marketing involves invoking a feeling in a customer or triggering an emotion which causes a reaction.  Sometimes negative, sometimes positive, but in either case, the goal is to cause the customer to take action towards achieving a goal; in this case, love or more generally, a strong, intimate, emotional connection with another person.  This "connection" is a very strong human need for the majority of us. 

It is this need that compels us to pull out our credit cards and wallets this time of year despite the bills still being stacked from the last emotional marketing campaign, Christmas. 

Now, for all you nay-sayers out there who think these words are just a lot of wind, think of the last time you forgot to buy something for your loved one on Valentine's day and how long you were in the dog-house afterwards.  Think about the last time you saw a beautiful arrangement of roses with a card that says "I Love You" on someone else's desk and what you felt at that moment.  That's emotional advertising at work. 

The Jewelry, Candy, Greeting Card, and Floral industries experience a massive surge in business in the weeks leading up to the 14th of February because we've been conditioned to believe that Jewelry, Flowers, Cards, and Candy are the staples of any proper Valentine's day offering.  For those like you and I who have businesses that fall into other categories, we have a little more work to do but we can still make the connection. 

This week's digest caters to emotional advertising and you might be surprised at what you need to do to "emotionally charge" your marketing. 


Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest

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Special Guest Articles

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How To Emotionally-Charge Your Sales Letters To Boost Sales
by Mike Jezek, The Sales Letter Psychologist™

Are you frustrated that your sales letter isn't getting results? Do you
wonder how you could make a satisfactory sales letter even better?
If you said, "yes" to either of these questions then I invite you to read
on as you will be richly rewarded. In the next few moments you are
going to discover how to instantly amplify the selling power of your
direct mail and web copy. Enabling you to potentially break sales
records and outsell your competition.

The solution to your lackluster results or desire to improve current
sales is found in one word. Emotion. As you may already know
buying decisions are based upon emotion and later backed up by
logic. Here's how legendary sales letter writer Robert Collier put it:
"Appeal to the reason, by all means. Give people a logical excuse
for buying that they can tell to their friends and use to salve their own
consciences. But if you want to sell goods, if you want action of any
kind, base your real urge upon some primary emotion!"

So how do you inject more emotion into your sales letters and thus
turbo-charge the selling power of your copy? While there are many
ways to 'emotionally-charge' your sales letters, for our time together
let's focus on these three shall we?

1) Stir Up Pain - Here's where you want to get inside the heads of your
readers. Focus on how they have this problem (that your product solves)
and that because of this problem, they're hindered, frustrated, troubled
and unable to attain their deepest desires because this problem lingers.
You want to agitate their perceived problem and make it seem worse
than it really is. You can do this by telling them stories, facts, case histories
and linking their problem to bad scenarios to persuade and influence
them into believing your product is the solution to their problem.

2) Mesmerizing Stories - I already don't have to tell you that stories
will obviously evoke emotion. Watch a tragedy, you'll feel sad. Watch a sci-fi
movie and you'll probably feel excitement. Watch a horror flick and you'll more
than likely feel scared. My advice to you, is to weave stories into your salesletters
that stir up hope in attaining a goal, avoiding trouble or achieving a dream.
You can also craft stories detailing what happened to someone who never
took action to solve the problem your product or service is intended to solve.
This kind of story will produce fear of loss, which is more powerful than
desire to gain in most people. You can also use stories that have a
'human' element to it. Simply tell a story about someone whom your readers
can easily relate too, describing their problem and the frustrations that
go with it in detail. And then, illustrate how this person used your product
and solved their problem. Consequently making their life or business
much better. This kind of story creates a type of "Social Proof."
Meaning it cultivates a follow the leader response.

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3) Use Emotional Words Instead Of Logical Words - It's no surprise that
some words fire off stronger emotions than others. Words like
abortion, pro-life, Soviet or dictator have an immediate effect. Other
less controversial words such as mom, dad, family, home, friends
sister and brother have strong emotional impact. You need to evaluate
your target market and find out what key words your market really
reacts too. The key thing to remember is that just
about every word has an emotional element to it. If your offer is greed
oriented, then words and phrases like "money"; "get rich" ; "six-figures"; and
"make money easily" will excite your readers. Ideally you want to
use many small, one syllable words that your prospects
can relate an emotion to. Pick five or six key words that'll stir up
the emotion you want in your reader and subtly plant them
throughout the sales copy to spark an emotional reaction.

Whether you're vexed by a sales letter that gets poor results or you
already have a sales letter that's getting decent results, you now realize what
to do to make it sell more. You simply make it more emotionally-charged.
As of right now, you know three shortcut ways to make your sales letters more
emotional. They are: stir up pain; use mesmerizing stories; and weave emotional
words into your copy. Go ahead and start making those changes and if you
do this correctly, you should see a rise in sales and profits.

Mike Jezek is the creator of Mega-Persuasion Psychology™ the science behind
“Irresistible Copywriting” which employs a powerful combination of results-producing
influence techniques and psychologically persuasive sales devices -- proven to
increase Web SALES by 30% to 400% or more. Sign up for Mike Jezek's
acclaimed "Confidential Psychological Selling Tactics" mini-course today at
copywriting@worldresponders.com or enjoy more of his articles at


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