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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #533
  Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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William Hung, Marketing Phenomenon.

$subst('Recip.FirstName'), do you remember William Hung?

Who could forget the unmistakable sound of William belting out the first verse of the Ricky Martin classic "She Bangs"?  Oddly, before this digest we were having a discussion here in the office about how good old W.H. was a Marketing Phenomenon.

Let's look at the facts: a) He wasn't a very good singer.  b) He wasn't a very good singer.  and c) He made a ton of money.

William grossed nearly $25 million dollars in just his first month after being on American Idol through record deals, endorsements and more.  $25 Million?  How could someone so terrible at what they do make so much money doing it?  A simple marketing concept called Branding.  William Hung had something about him which made him different from the rest and whether knowingly or not, he capitalized on and exploited it to its full extent.  Could I tell you what that was?  No.  But America endeared herself to him almost immediately.  Was it his confidence despite his lack of ability?  Was there a boyish charm in his performance that America couldn't help but love?  Was it that his performance was so ridiculous that you wanted to see for yourself how big of a fool he could make of himself on national tv?  Was it a combination of the above?  Who knows.  The fact remains that no matter how terrible he was, there was something about him that separated him from the pack, 'branded' his act in the minds of everyone who witnessed it, and demanded that you see it.  Even those who were not fortunate enough to catch the act were hearing about it the next day at the water cooler and were hard-pressed not to find a clip of the performance on YouTube™ or Google™ Video later that same night.

Heck, I even found myself slightly tempted to purchase his CD and you probably were too.  That is the power of Branding $subst('Recip.FirstName') and it is a powerful force indeed.


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Now, I'm not suggesting you go out and make a fool out of yourself to sell product or get people to your website.  I AM suggesting that you find that one quality, characteristic, or attribute that will peg your business into the minds of all your visitors.

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and it all starts with something unique; a reason to get people talking.  William Hung stumbled across his by accident.  For the rest of us mortals, we need to do a little more work to find ours.

This week's digest contains an article about THE "William Hung" and his rise to stardom and it goes into greater detail about the things I mentioned before.  Who knows, maybe this one-hit-wonder could inspire you to launch your business into success and fame. 

There's also a well-written article from Abe Cherian, founder of Multiple Stream Media with a no-holds-barred explanation of why your response rates for your advertising may be ridiculously low.  Some of you may get defensive about what he says and try to argue it.  Rest assured that doing so will allow you to keep your day job and explore new and challenging business ventures every week for the rest of your life.  May the force be with you.  Others will keep an open mind about what Abe has to say and make changes to their thinking to accommodate their customers.  Congratulations entrepreneur.  You've taken your first successful step into the modern world of marketing.


Michael Dela Cruz, Adland Digest


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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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A Practical Method To Selling Customers What They Want
By Abe Cherian

Almost all of the marketing and referrals we see is based
on a numbers list of what you think prospective customers
should care about. This is probably why no one responds.
Just in case you can't figure out why the numbers game
creates no curiosity, and therefore no response in most
cases, is due to poor ads and not targeting your market.

Thinking about how you promote your business is the first
and foremost objective you should be doing. You must get
rid of the illusion that your products, services, or
company, or self, are so good that people will be compelled
to read about them. The fact of the matter is that no one

It is still a mystery to why we are all trained to believe
that, because we think we have such wonderful ideas, and
the "best company," and so forth, that everyone is
concerned. Anyone who has tried to impress someone with
bragging knows that is one of the fastest ways to turn
people off.

Try walking up to a complete total stranger and start the
conversation with, "Hi. I just wanted you to know that my
company has the best track record over the last three
centuries, and that we offer more services than anyone
else. As a matter of fact, I have been in the business for
three decades, and have won every award my company has How
about pulling your checkbook out, and writing me a check
for this product".

After the person brushed you off, you might have wondered
what went wrong. Is that the kind of phrase that gets
people to buy? Could it really be that no one wants your
company's products or services? Is it possible that your
interrupting someone with your pitch was unwelcomed? Can't
this person see how important it is to have a proper
representative? What other company could possibly help
people as much as I can?

Not hardly. It might just be your fault. You see, there
isn't any law that states that people must think about you,
and they won't until they are ready to. So why does
everyone send mail, or make calls, or send emails, or run
ads that assume prospective customers have been waiting for
your pitch? Because that's what you have been taught to
believe. For example, have you ever sent out postcards for
your product or service that said something like this
exterminator said:

(Dear Resident, Owning a home is a mixed blessing. It's
probably your greatest asset... and your greatest expense.
As an experienced exterminator, I can help protect your
home's valuable wood and foundations with professional
exterminator treatments. With my services, you'll feel more
comfortable living in the house you own...)

These types of marketing pieces are not affective. Here's
why. Because you are assuming that your prospective
customers care. Because you are assuming they think like
you. Because you are saying nothing different. Because you
are bragging about yourself without displaying any empathy.
Because you are not attracting attention. Because you are
stimulating zero curiosity or interest. Because you are
trying to convince people of something they don't believe.

If you are interested in getting responses, you might want
to try to understand what it is that your prospective
customers do think about. Try to get a real handle on what
they feel and what they want.

About the author

Abe Cherian is the founder of Multiple Stream Media,
a company that helps online businesses find new
prospects and clients, who are anxious to grow
their business fast, and without spending a fortune
in marketing and automation.

Web's #1 site to find "free resources to Plan, Build,
Market, and Maintain your website":


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William Hung - A Marketing Lesson to Be Learnt?
By Alan Cheng

The success of William Hung should be studied because there are
valuable lessons which we can learn and use for our businesses.

Whether you like him or hate him, you have to admit, William Hung
is a marketing phenomenon. I can guarantee no one could have
predicted this daring guy would become such a hit worldwide.
It's unbelievable. So how come?

Everyone knows that it was the video of William, that was placed
on the internet, which started his path to fame. So many people
emailed it to their friends that it became something viral.

The amount of hits the website had was amazing. It was so
extraordinary that it was reported on TV and in newspapers.

People love things which they find interesting and entertaining.
Boredom is a killer. Your sales letter or advertisement have to
be fun and intriguing. Never bore your customers. Try and
entertain and make them find it interesting to deal with you.

If a lot of people talk about your product, or it has media exposure,
then you're sure to be a winner. Try and create a viral effect or
give some reasons for people to talk about your business.

Next William went on to release an album. Iím confident in saying
I can sing better than him and not many of my friends will disagree
with that. But when you're well known and people talk about you,
nothing can deter them from buying your products.

With your home business, always try and build up your brand
name. When you release new products and introduce new ideas,
people will flock to buy it because they heard of your name
and trust you. Always try and be original and stand out in
your market. It makes me so angry sometimes when I see
adverts for products that are so boring, it puts me off buying them.

The American Idol has proven the point that marketing is as
important as the product, if not more important. A product
doesn't have to be perfect or outstanding. But if the marketing
for it is done well, then people will still buy it. So imagine the
amount of sales you will get if the product(s) you are selling
with your business is good and useful. With the correct
packaging, people will buy anything.

This is a valuable lesson. Many people think that if they improve
on the product and build a website to sell it, the hard workís
over. How wrong that assumption is.

The effectiveness of marketing determines the success or failure
of a business. Get a product first, but understand that the true
battle is in the advertisement. Although having a bad product
is not advisable as youíd expect your customers to be coming
back for more. This William Hung example is to show you how
effective marketing can be. Iím not telling you to promote
something which you wouldnít buy yourself.

One thing we should learn from William is to be bold enough
to do what we want and not to worry about what others think.
There are many times where people wonít start a business or wonít
expand their business due to being afraid of what others think or
afraid of failing. Would William achieve as much as he has now
if he was shy and afraid of being a failure?

On a final note I canít say it better than him
"Iíve tried my best. I have no regrets".
Can you say the same with your business?

Alan Cheng, is the owner of www.onlinemoneymachine.com
the membership site dedicated to help the beginner start a
profitable online business. It has all the tools and information
you need to profit online with your own website. You can
contact Alan at alan@onlinemoneymachine.com

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