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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #555
  Thursday, July 25, 2007

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An Often Overlooked Strategy for Getting Your Foot in the Door
Copyright 2007 by Kathleen Gage

Most companies are constantly seeking efficient and cost effective marketing and promotions strategies. It’s likely they are also seeking strategies to increase sales through obtaining key information. Regardless of the industry, almost everyone has heard or read arguments saying sales and marketing are separate, while at other times hearing and reading they are interconnected.

The fact is that you have to market your product or business in order to find prospects to sell to. On the other hand, your level of professionalism as a salesperson will directly impact your marketing message. Simply put, everything you do is a part of your marketing. Without effective marketing many people won’t know what you are selling. The two go hand in hand.

In the process of selling you must be able to address the question most prospects will ask: “What can you do for me?” This question can be answered by the content of your marketing material as well as your responses while meeting with a client.

While you can tell your prospects and customers how absolutely wonderful you are and all you can do for them, an even more effective strategy is for someone else to “blow your horn.” A customer who is willing to answer that question for your prospect oftentimes adds to your effectiveness and credibility in the sales process.

One of the best ways to do this is with written customer testimonials. Testimonials can be very effective in positioning your product or service and may give that extra little push when a potential client is trying to decide on whether or not they will be doing business with you.

The easiest way to get a testimonial is to do a great job. The second easiest way is to ask for it. When a customer or client tells you how happy they are with what you have done ask them if they would be willing to put that in a letter.

It is a good idea to have a cross section of testimonials you can use in your sales and marketing process. This way, regardless of your clients’ situation, you have a testimonial that will address their needs.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Asking for a testimonial is not arrogant or egotistical. When you go above and beyond, most people are willing to let others know how much they appreciate you or your product.

A short time ago my most recent book was released. Myself and my co-authors have enjoyed increased daily sales with 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door. Although many people are telling us how fun, creative and useful the book is, I knew if we could get testimonials from readers we would be able to use them in our marketing and promotions efforts.

I sent an email out to a few dozen folks who had purchased the book asking for written feedback. Within minutes I began receiving testimonials. Here two of the dozens I received:

“I was pleasantly surprised reading 101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door. I was so impressed that I am requiring my sales staff to read it and we are getting together to discuss how we can implement some of these ideas into our marketing campaigns. Great job!”
Michele Michalewicz, CTP, President, Western Leisure, Inc.

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“101 Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door was full of great ideas to separate sales people from the ordinary. This is a must have book for those that want to be remembered and stand apart from the ordinary sales person or marketing company. This book has been referred back to often and will be a permanent addition to our business library. Thank you for putting these ideas into a book.”
Craig Watkins, Owner, Premium Exteriors and Coatings of Utah

What Craig and Michele have said is a greater testament to a potential buyer than me telling them how great the book is. And notice what it is doing for them… their testimony is added visibility for their company. A win/win situation.

Although testimonials are great to use, keep in mind that they do not replace the simple act of asking potential clients for the business. Testimonials are simply another key aspect of an effective success strategy.

Copyright © 2004 by Kathleen Gage
Web address: www.kathleengage.com

Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter, on your website or in your print publication provided you include the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is not required.

About The Author

If you are in any form of sales and are tired of cold calling visit www.101waystogetyourfootinthedoor.com to receive fr*ee tips on getting your foot in the door and staying ahead of the competition. Author Kathleen Gage is a business advisor, keynote speaker and trainer who helps others increase revenues and decrease costs by gaining dominance and visibility within their market.


Why I like The Ads I Hate!
Copyright 2007 by Yvonne Finn

It's been said that the antidote to liking/loving is not hating, but indifference. So, when an ad makes you angry or disgusted or evokes any other strong emotion, it has done it's job.

That is what advertising is supposed to do! Isn't it?

There is an advertisement currently running on T.V. that makes me so disgusted that I spent quite a few minutes last night, discussing it with my sister,

The ad is for a well known brand of toothpaste that is being recommended for people with sensitive teeth. Nothing wrong so far. There are plenty of people with sensitive teeth and I have no personal knowledge of the truthfullness of the claims made by the manufacturer.

My objection is to the presentation of this product. There is a beautiful women, dressed only in camisole and under wear parading around as she touts the benefits of using this product. There is nothing wrong with that either, and I am no prude But what is the connection? Do you have to be beautiful, female and barely dressed to benefit from this toothpaste?

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I am sure the manufacturer would not want to limit his market to that niche only. What a waste of his advertising money? It is getting harder and harder to get your message noticed, with so many other products vying for the same market shares that you're after.

Why get that consumer's attention, only to then turn them off or away, with an inappropriate advertisement?

So, I like this ad because it certainly demonstrates that advertising gets you noticed and talked about.

It is up to you. however, to target your market appropriately and benefit from your hard won exposure.

P.S. By the way my sister hates the ad, too!

About The Author

Advertising like beauty has to stike an almost perfect balance in order to achieve and maintain the desired results/effect.

Visit Yvonne at: http://www.herbalhealthyskin.com for your free beauty balancing tips!



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