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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #577
  Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007

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Google Zombies Need To Wake Up
Copyright 2007 by Dean Phillips

Over the last couple of weeks, I've received more e-mails in response to my article, "Google's Trap, DMOZ's Nap, And Yahoo!'s Crap," than any other article I've ever written. And that's saying a lot because, I've written close to forty articles.

Most of the e-mails are very supportive and appreciate of the fact that I'm going after Google and the other large search engines, by telling it like it is.

Now even though I appreciate your e-mails and support, I need to make one thing perfectly clear. For the record, I AM NOT GOING AFTER GOOGLE!

Is Google a greedy, self-serving entity? Yes! Yes, they are. But lots of entities are greedy and self-serving. For that matter, so are a lot of people. The fact of the matter is, I happen to like certain things about Google. I think they're a fine search engine, and they perform a very valuable and much needed service.

No, my articles are not directed at Google per se. My articles are directed at the tens of thousands of Google zombies who blindly follow and applaud Google's every move and whim, like rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

This also includes a good portion of the media, which also seems to be caught up in the bright lights of Google--not unlike a deer frozen by the headlights of an oncoming car.

Zombies, wake up! Google is a search engine--period! Nothing more, nothing less. And I will not exaggerate their existence or importance!

They are not a god or some sort of deity. They are a search engine--that's all.

And even though I've already said it in several different articles, I'm going to say it again. All of that money you're spending on search engine optimization, so that you can play in Google's sandbox is going to be all for naught.

Because other websites that haven't done any search engine optimization whatsoever are already starting to rank ahead of you in Google's results pages.

Yet, you keep spending your money, and beating your brains out trying to figure out Google's algorithms. And just when you think you've got it figured out, Google decides to take its ball and go home. Zombies, wake up! You're playing a game you can't win!


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Didn't November 16, 2003 teach you anything? It's never wise to put all of your eggs into one search engine basket. I mean, forget about the "Florida Update." What if by some strange chance, Google goes offline for a day--for a week?

Think it can't happen? Think again. Nobody thought last summers crippling east coast blackout could ever happen either, but it did happen, and it turned about to be the biggest blackout in recent U.S. history.

Nothing and no one is infallible. So, zombies, wake up and do yourself a favor. Do the smart thing, and develop other ways to promote your website.

About The Author

Dean Phillips is an Internet marketing expert, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. Questions? Comments? Dean can be reached at mailto: dean@lets-make-money.net.

Visit his website at: http://www.lets-make-money.net



Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Professional Designer
 by: Maya Sunpongco

Remember your vision for your company and the brand or statement you want to make when any of your current or potential customers come in contact with you. You have to impress them in all the ways you connect with them.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

›› Knowledge is Power

I highly recommend reading and learning about graphic/web design. It’s a good idea in a long-term sense whether you do design projects yourself now or hire in the future. You will be able to communicate more effectively to your graphic professionals when your business is ready to outsource.

By learning design techniques, it will help you organize how to present your image to your target market.

The most important lesson to remember is if you start your design project, don’t forget about Quality. I may not call myself a copywriter, but I do write my own content and persuasive marketing materials... But I feel fairly confident about my copy because I have taken steps to learn about writing copy that sells and you can do the same for design. Read books. Take classes. Learn the software.

›› It’s an affordable route


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Nothing is more affordable that pulling up your sleeves and doing it yourself especially if you don’t have a budget to spare on outsourcing.

›› It gives you instant gratification

It’s nice to have control and once your learn the tricks of the trade, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well-done.

Hiring a Professional

›› How much time do you have?

Designing your marketing materials (website, business card, stationary, ezine, postcards, etc.) is not just about

learning about the graphic design software and, in the case of web design... learning HTML. Your designer will know how to harness color theory and how to organize your content and information to readable chunks, allow your viewers to focus on the important benefits, evoke a certain feeling or thought, and add supporting graphics that clearly and effectively communicate your message.

›› Don’t you want to concentrate on business?

When you are a small business, you probably play the role of sales, customer service, accounting and need to concentrate on strategies to build business. Hiring lets you make the decisions to take your business to the next step, communicate your wants/needs but then hand it off to someone who can effectively and productively implement the project.

›› You do care about quality, right?

You get what you pay for. A quality designer will only want the best for you and your business. They live off long-term relationships and want great testimonials from you.

›› Don’t think “service provider”.

Think long-term partnerships.

About The Author

With over 100+ websites designed in the past 4 years, Maya Sunpongco of Design Insomnia is your Website Workout Mentor helping small businesses harnesses the “Power of Design to Communicate." For an objective assessment and guidance on your current web project, email maya@designinsomnia.com and ask about the Website Workout Assessment program.

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