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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #582
  Friday, Nov 16, 2007

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Guest Articles



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4 Surefire Ways To Get Your Banner Ads Clicked

By Fendi Salim - Copyright 2007

Many people have grown to believe that banner advertising is not effective anymore. That could be good news for the astute advertiser. All they have to do is improve on their current banner advertising methods and achieve that highly desired click-throughs with less competition to worry about.

Banner advertising has been one of the commonly used marketing methods online. Stick to it with these 4 surefire ways to get your banner ads clicked.

Surefire Way #1 - Make Use Of Power Words That Trigger Action

Make use of power words like "Free", "Gratis", "No Cost", "Click Here", "Look Here" in your banners.

These power words will induce readers to take action and click on your banner.

Surefire Way #2 - Make Use Of Brief And Hard-Hitting Headlines

Your headline should be brief and hard-hitting. Your headline should be "talking" to your readers and offer them a way out of whatever problems they are dealing with their desired benefits.

If you are offering bodybuilding products, try "Achieve a 6-pack in 28 Days!". Mix these kind of text with attention-pulling graphics to create that winning formula.

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Surefire Way #3 - Make Use Of Animation In Your Banners

Stop using static banners and work on animated banners instead. Animated banners catch the attention of more readers and get more clicks.

An example of an appealing animated banner is a banner which has the text "Absolutely Free" flashing. Don't you think it gets your attention?

Surefire Way #4 - Make Use Of Better Graphics

You simply do not have to be a graphic artist to have good-looking banners. Simple banners can be created on the go by most people but having unique excellent ones require better graphics or by hiring a professional.

Either hire a professional graphic designer to create that banner which should cost you no more than $50 per banner or buy ready-made graphics to create one yourself.

About the Author

Fendi Salim helps fellow website owners quickly create attention-grabbing websites that sells without wasting money hiring freelance designers and losing sales due to lousy graphics through his powerful website graphics membership site. Get your FREE graphic designer mini-sites here! Visit http://www.instantwebsitegraphics.com to get Instant Access to our MASSIVE Graphics Library packed with all the resources you need to boost your website sales conversions and save money.


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Email Autoresponder Marketing

By Guido Nussbaum - Copyright 2007

How To Get Your Subscribers Begging For More

A couple of months I started a little experiment to find out what kind of e-mail marketing strategy works the best. I wanted to know how to write autoresponder messages that make people buy my products. Therefore I signed up for several opt-in lists from top internet marketers. It is a known fact that opt-in e-mail marketing is an effective way to boost traffic and sales but only a few marketers know what kind of e-mail messages they must send out to their subscribers in order to pull in sales.

After analyzing the messages that I received in my mailbox I was able to form two groups:

Group1: These are marketers who send out messages only to promote their product or business opportunity.

Group2: These marketers deliver free valuable information that helps their subscribers. In between the lines they promote products or business opportunities that fit the free information.

I dubbed the second group to be more effective because I felt like I just couldn't wait to go their site and learn more, the more persuasive ones even got me halfway to reaching for my wallet and to my credit card before I realized this was only for an experiment. There are several ways you could create autoresponder messages but only some things will work. A lot of testing and twisting is needed to raise the number of visitors and sales. Below are a couple of things that I found to be working best.

- Creative writing is the key to success. Stand out of the crowd, be unique and don't do things the "normal" way.

- Don't try to create business like letters, write like you speak and your subscribers will listen to you.

- Provide information that your subscribers will find useful. This can be an article, a free e-book, free software...

- Always include a signature with links to your main websites.

- Keep your promotional materials light and creative. A warm friendly smile or banter is always more welcome than a serious business meeting or proposal.

- If you send out HTML e-mails then splash some color in your e-mails. You can also provide pictures to make your messages more interesting.

- Make your materials eye catching so that they grab your subscribers attention. This includes a unique headline, sub headlines and a proper structure of the e-mail.

- Always provide good content in your e-mails like articles or stories. If needed you can hire a professional copywriter.

- Your aim in the e-mails must be clear, if you want to sell something then tell your readers how they can benefit from your product or service. Also explain them why they want to buy from you and why they want to buy right now.

As you can see, there are several things to consider before writing your autoresponder messages. The above ideas are just some ways to increase sales. There is a lot more you need to read in order to make a serious amount of money from e-mail marketing. Read the e-books below, they will help you to understand the whole topic even better.

About The Author

Guido Nussbaum is a programmer and internet marketer. He runs several membership sites as well as niche websites. As an expert in various topics he started to share his knowledge in form of articles. Next to all his computer work Guido likes to go mountain biking or snowboarding.


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