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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #585
  Tuesday, Nov 27, 2007

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Guest Articles
Guest Articles



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How To Maximize Your Profits With Email Marketing
By Dan Lok

Copyright Date: 2007

In case you donít knowÖ huge profits can be made from your email list. Inexperienced marketers usually go for the first sale without considering future profits, backend sales, customer lifetime value, or relationship marketing.

But getting the all-important name and email address is just part of the overall.

The profitability of your email marketing is determined by many factors. But the good news is that many of these factors can be addressed to give your campaign the greatest chances for success.

Here are some profit-pulling tips to carefully think about before your next email blast.

Profit-Pulling Email Tip #1: Your Subject Line

A no-brainer! You must get your emails opened. Make your subject line powerful, but not overly hypedÖ and make sure it contains the most powerful benefit. If youíre really serious about this you will test. Always test! And itís simple.

You simply create as many test emails as you have different subject lines. Then you send the same email copy, but using a different subject line to your list. Divide your list as evenly as possible. Then simply measure your responses. The highest converting subject line becomes your control. But donít stop there! Do it again until you find your highest converting headline.

Profit-Pulling Email Tip #2: Your Mail List

This is obviously the most important area. Your best chances at profitability is with a list you create. Avoid buying lists unless you have the money to buy from a very reputable list broker. The freshness of your list can have a dramatic impact on response rate. So be very careful when buying lists.

Make darn sure your list has opted-in to receive your emails. You know the deal about spam. Even an accusation of spam can give you headaches. Still, more often than not youíre guilty before proven otherwise. So watch out!
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Profit-Pulling Email Tip #3: Tracking Your Mail Campaigns

Youíre marketing blind-folded if you do not track. The reason is obvious. You can track response rates to email openings and click-throughs. It simply lets you know if your copy and email layout is working. As discussed above, tracking is very important when testing your subject lines, links, and other copy element vehicles.

Profit-Pulling Email Tip #4: Your Unsubscribe Links Are In Place & Active

The CAN-SPAM Act requires all email messages contain clear directions on how to opt-out from further mailings. Give your readers an unsubscribe link so they can opt-out from receiving further emails from you or your business.
And since weíre talking about spamÖ definitely use a tool to check your emails for their ability to make it through spam filters. Iíve seen varying numbers about this. But some numbers can be as high as 40% of emails getting stuck in spam filters!

Profit-Pulling Email Tip #5: Your Sender Information

What do you have in the sender line of your emails? Will your lists recognize it? You donít want to risk having your email deleted or worse, reported as spam, only because someone didnít recognize you. Sometimes marketers tell their list members what to look for in future emails. Not a bad idea!

Email marketing doesn't have to be complicated rocket science!

These are just a few best practices to follow. By using these simple guidelines your next email campaign will be much more effective and profitable!


About the Author:
A former college dropout, Dan "The Man" Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to an internet multi-millionaire. Discover how you can maximize your website profits in minimum time. For a limited time, you can test-drive Dan's Insiders Club for 30-days Risk-Free and get $1,165 dollars worth of bonus gifts. Rush cover to:
ISSN: 1528-3992
License: # 991307
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Targeted Social Networking - 3 Key Ways to Succeed in Social Networking

By Sean Mize

Social networking has become so popular today. Almost all major social networking sites have reported membership that exceeds one million people. This is a lot of audience if you want to promote your web site. It's also huge market base. However, you should remember that most social networking sites are geared towards a general audience. Members have different interests and needs. It will take a lot of hard work to establish a niche there but it can be done. Once you get a niche on social networking sites the benefits to your business could be enormous. Here are 3 key ways to succeed in social networking:

1. If you want an easier way to make niche, fine a social network site that caters to specific interest. For example, there are social network sites that have members whose interests are gadgets and consumer electronics. So, you can gear your business to serve the needs of people who are interested in gadgets and electronics. Establish a wide network in these sites and join other established network. Your products and services can find interested buyers and clients.

2. When launching a marketing drive on general purpose social networking sites, first you must establish your presence and integrity on it. This is important because a good reputation is important in order for other people on the network to trust you. Then make a thorough research of member profiles. You can find in it their interests, hobbies, what they like, and what are their current professions and work. These are necessary information for your targeted marketing campaign. You can now categorize your network according to several interest areas and target their needs.

3. Make use of social network site's forum boards. You can easily determine what other members want through their posts and inquiries. Some are actually looking for specific products and information. You can use this venue for your targeted marketing.


About the Author:

Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 1574 articles in print and 11 published e-books. To learn more about 'Secrets of Social Networking' download it here for free Social Networking Secrets
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