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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #586
  Friday, Nov 30, 2007

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Guest Articles



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Everything You Wanted to Know About Expired Domains
By John Khu

Copyright Date: 2007

Every day hundreds of domain names become expired and become owner-less due to some reasons. An expired domain that is useless for someone may become usable and beneficial for others! An expired domain can offer several unique advantages and benefits for the person who uses it. Right now, increasing numbers of people are flocking together to own expired domains just to create a huge wealth and unlimited profits out of them. Intelligent and smart entrepreneurs are also using an expired domain as a tool to expand their online business operations and functions.

What exactly is an expired domain? There are several explanations that define what an expired domain really is. However, in simple terms an expired domain is a domain, already used by its previous owner, but abandoned and left orphaned due to some unknown reasons. Similarly, an expired domain name is not used currently by anyone. It could also be termed as a domain that is quickly approaching its renewal date. In other words, it could also be termed as “soon to be expired” domain name, while a domain that is past its fixed renewal date without the renewal subscription fees paid out is termed “an expired domain”.

In real terms, an expired domain could be anything in its nature like:

• It could have been a well-developed web site in its previous avatar.

• It could have been a web site that was well promoted and advertised by the previous owner.

• It could have been a well placed web site in the most popular search engines.

• It could have also been actively linked to different web sites and directories.

• It could have also been associated with a number of business deals and partnerships.

• It could have also been the big compendium of plenty of reciprocal links attached to it.

• It could have also been a web site that changed several ownerships in the previous months.

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A domain can become expired due to several reasons and factors like: 

• Lack of cash resources to run and manage the web site

• Lack of required funds to renew the domain name

• Wrong and invalid email addresses that can result in bounced mails.

• The owner loosing interest in the web site itself.

• A domain can also expire as a result of business closures and shutdowns.

• Sheer lack of knowledge and ignorance about the real value of domains

• Unknowingly forgetting to renew the domain name. 

The overall control or ownership or dominance of a particular web domain is granted only for a limited period of time of one to two years. However, the ownership also comes with certain critical riders like:

• The owner will follow the right and prescribed registration procedures

• The owner will pay the prescribed renewal fees on time and within the fixed deadline.

By chance, if the owner of the domain either declines or forgets to pay the prescribed renewal fees within the deadline, the said domain will soon expire and become an expired domain. Once a domain becomes expired, it will soon go back to the pool of unregistered domain names; eventually, such a domain will be announced for open sale or auction to the general public. Though, subscribers register their domain names for one or two years, it is also possible to retain the ownership of the domain name for a period of two years or more. For such a lengthy period of registration, one can avail a generous amount of discounts and rebates for the domain name of choice. 

An expired domain could be your goldmine of excellent business opportunities and chances. One of the biggest benefits of owning or buying an expired domain name is its capacity to set up a source of constant income. If you are looking for a viable business opportunity or if you have been searching for increased web traffic or when you want to sell your domain for a sustained profit, then an expired domain could the timely answer!


About the Author:
John Khu is the well-known author of a new e-book titled “Expired Domain Secret”. He is also a seasoned professional with vast experience in expired domain name business. He is also the owner of the path breaking web site called http://www.expireddomainsecret.com which provides complete and up-to-date information on expired domains and their eternal secrets.


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Topsite Lists - How To Promote And Run Them Effectively

By Jim Roger
Starting up a new top site can be a hard task, in the beginning the list is empty, and getting people to sign up for something that weak is not easy at all, so the first step is to get one member, and that tends to be people that only join without contributing to the system. Aka Spam Listings. So why bother, just sign up on your own account add a banner from a random site and edit the freaking my-SQL database to let the top site seam active, it saves you a lot of time and its practically the same as a spam listing except here it works for you and not the spammers. After you have put one name on the list its time to go out there and get some people to join. This is accomplished by one thing, and one thing only. Emails!

And lots of them. Not spamming or anything, its allowed to ask relevant sites if they want to join, and people that need to get some more traffic will actually appreciate you asking them. When doing this you need to do it effectively, and the best way for that is to find a place where you can target the category for your site in an easy and straight forward manner, and where you can get access to their emails in a heartbeat, do you know where i am going?

Yea other top sites of course in the same category as yours, just go to any top50 or top100 listings, start from the button, enter the site press ctrl + f type contact and then press enter to find their email addresses.. go from the bottom of the list all the way up to number 1. After you do this on a couple of lists your topsite listing wont be that empty. When targeting or choosing the category of your site the likelihood that people are struggling and fighting to get more visitors need to be put into the equation, and the likelihood that they have their emails listed.

Examples include webcomics, and ordinary games sites. Webcomics, large likelihood of having emails listed, and they love to get more traffic. Games sites, low chance of emails, and they do not really care for traffic in the same way, not that traffic you can provide as a starting topsite anyway. The result of this is easy to witness after you first go through a list of comics and then try yourself on World of Warcraft. Its like night and day.... well that is it for now, i will post more promotion tips for websites, forums, and topsites soon but you can go check out my over 100 topsites if you want on this link here. List of my topsites

About the Author:

Jim Roger - EzineArticles.com Expert Author
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