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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #589
  Tuesday, Dec 11, 2007

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Guest Articles
Guest Articles



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Increase Web Site Conversions & Profits with 7 Must-Do Conversion Secrets

By Dan Lok
Once you’re online business website is live, generating targeted traffic is your next hurdle. But to maximize your online success you need to go beyond traffic generation. You need to focus on web site conversion. Many online marketers spend lots of time and money on traffic generation. And they fail to pay attention to website conversions.

Big mistake!

Here are 7 website conversion secrets to help you get more customers and make more money. Period. Lets start…

Conversion Secret #1: Pay attention to the buying experience. Put your self in your buyer’s shoes. How would you rate your site? The most important rule of thumb is to make everything drop-dead easy. No hoops allowed! Minimize the number of clicks in your ordering process. If they have to register… make it a one-step process. I recently read that up to 40% of ecommerce shopping carts are ABANDONED without an order because the order process was confusing.

When your customers get confused, they get frustrated or angry and then they leave. Not sure how you’re doing? Be smart. TEST. That’s the only way. Or contact your customers and ask them to rate their buying experience at your site. Just find out and you’ll know! Very simple.

Conversion Secret #2: Optimize your site structure. Sounds easy enough. And it is! But you’d be shocked to know how many marketers DON’T. Make it well organized and stupid simple to navigate. Prioritize your themes and sub-themes and structure accordingly. You have less than 6 to 8 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention and get them interested. Most people don’t sit there and analyze. They respond to unconscious feelings and the famous ‘gut’ feeling.

Conversion Secret #3: What is the goal of your site? Your conversion goal? What is the purpose of the page they’re on? I hope you have thought about this. If not… do it now! Do you have 12 options for them to click on? Ever consider they might get confused because there ARE so many options? You can have many options for them. And if you do then it’s critically important to have a very clearly defined navigation structure.

Conversion Secret #4: Make sure your site or page loads fast! The faster, the better. You know how impatient we’ve all become. Your site needs to be fully loaded in less than 6 to 8 seconds! Fully visible. Research shows again and again that up to half of your visitors will LEAVE if your site is more than 6 to 8 seconds to load.
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Conversion Secret #5: Do you have an effective and clear call to action? Here’s something that has been known for many decades. Courtesy of direct mail pioneers who came way before the internet. But it’s still true! People need to be told what to do next.

Absolutely still true. Don’t be afraid to ‘politely’ inform them of what to do next, or just what to do! Tell them! Don’t expect the website visitor to know what to do next. You can alleviate fears of the unknown by telling them, in some fashion, what their next action will do. Click to order your product… click here to register for your free download, etc. People need to be reassured and you’ll do that by telling them what result will happen from their next action.

Conversion Secret #6: Do you have a strong message? This is different from call to action. I’m talking about a clear, strong, and consistent message throughout your page. If you’re talking about a particular product, theme, service… whatever it is, stay on topic and focus on it.

Conversion Secret #7: Test, test, and test again. Increasing your conversions takes time and is an ongoing process. There are lots of programs available to do this. Find out how much time people are spending on your pages. What do they click on? Find out what’s strong and improve on it. See if you can expand on it. Find out what’s weak and see if you CAN improve on it.

Your profits will soar if you do only half of what I’ve shown you here today. But why would do that? Do ALL of them. And there’s even more to be learned. Failing to work on your conversions is like running on half empty, or running on misfiring cylinders. So don’t do it!


About the Author:
CA former college dropout, Dan "The Man" Lok transformed himself from a grocery bagger in a local supermarket to an internet multi-millionaire. Discover how you can maximize your website profits in minimum time. For a limited time, you can test-drive Dan's Insiders Club for 30-days Risk-Free and get $1,165 dollars worth of bonus gifts. Rush cover to:



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10 Tips For Writing A Profit Producing Ad

By Dan Hall

1. You can get ad copy ideas by studying similar product's advertising material. Collect their sales letters, classified ads, web ads, e-mail ads, etc.

2. Know exactly what you want your ad copy to accomplish. It could be to qualify prospects, make sales, generate leads, attract web traffic, etc.

3. Make a complete list of your product's benefits and features. Begin your ad with the most important benefit either in your headline or first sentence.

4. Make your ad benefits as specific as possible.
Include exact numbers, percentages, times, colors, smells, sounds, descriptive adjectives, etc.

5. List all the ways your product is different from your competition's. Include all the differences in your ad copy that are better than their product.

6. Use graphics, pictures and drawings of people actually using your product to solve their problem.
Include a picture that also shows the results.

7. Make a list of your target audience. Write down what reasons would attract them to purchase your product. Include those reasons in your ad copy.

8. Include any proven facts in your ad copy. They could be customer surveys, scientific tests, product reviews, etc.

9. Tell your audience what kind of support they'll get after they buy. It could be free consulting, tech support, free servicing, etc.

10. Ask people at the end of your copy why they decided not to buy. This will give you new ideas on how to produce a more profitable ad copy.


About the Author:

Dan Hall (The Gasoline Income Guy)
The Lord: http://www.familyradio.com (Find your Radio Station.)                           The Common Cause: http://www.GasolineIncome.com                                         The Common Liberator: mailto:GasMoney@GetResponse.com                                The Common 3-Easy-Steps: http://www.GasolineIncome.com/pips.html                      The Common Big Cahuna: http://profiles.yahoo.com/gasolineincome                                                          My Blog Spot Profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/13496894
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