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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #591
  Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007

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Guest Articles
Guest Articles



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6 Tips To Better Networking - Things Anyone Can Apply Today

By Andy Greider
The other morning I was networking with a kind woman who asked me what the most important things were in networking. As I wrote the email back to her later, I thought I'd make some suggestions on how to best network in general to the bulletin as well - who knows whom it may help?

(1) Remember to be yourself; speak with people like they are people and not sales subjects. You are simply meeting people, learning who they are, what they do, and then looking for ways in which you may be able to "broker synergy" - introducing them to someone who can help them, buy from them, or otherwise.

(2) It isn't about YOU. If you treat networking as a personal showcase, and talk only about you - you'll be mightily unpopular with your "network." If, on the other hand, you be sure to split time with those you meet - you can BOTH effect great results.

(3) Networking takes time and faith - no, I'm not talking religious faith - but more belief that it will work - and along with that patience and time. Rome wasn't built in a day - neither will be your network. Conservatively expect 12 months to see real results. You may be able to see something in 6-9 months if you try hard to meet and particularly to help people.

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(4) Never stop networking - keeps eyes and ears open for how you can assist and help others at all times. While on vacation, floating down the river, I met someone I was able to refer a great place to stay to, in the next town they were headed to. You just never know....

(5) Never judge a book by it's cover - you never know (a) who people are and (b) who they may know. A quick anecdote - when I worked for AT&T a gentleman walked into our small business center and was dressed in overalls badly stained. The two women I worked with asked me to handle him as they figured he was a bad prospect by his appearance. Turned out he owned a huge local company with needs for over 200k in phone systems, and that he'd had to work in the one warehouse that day, to cover for a shift manager who was injured. In addition, Ronnie is still someone I network with almost 20 years later.


(6) Networking brings out a real chance to better yourself and increase your value to friends, family and others, as you help everyone get ahead and meet each other. It is also a chance to form superb friendships - with people you otherwise never ever would have met. Cheers and happy networking!


About the Author:
Andy Greider has been called "the Tasmanian Devil of networking" and the "business owner's Clark Howard" - and one of his clients says - "I have never met a more creative, outgoing, unselfish person in my professional career. It amazes me how 'out of the box' Andy thinks - yet he explains his ideas in such a way that it always makes sense."Google Him! - and follow the link to http://www.qaliassignup.com
Entrepreneur, Marketing and Business Consultant (http://www.carrollwhite.com)
Radio Show Host, Author (http://www.uniquenessispower.com)


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Top 4 Most Effective Free Advertising Methods


By S McIntyre

Here are four effective free advertising methods that have been tried and tested and best of all, they truly work!

We do this naturally and we do it almost every single day. When you recommend a favorite work at home website, rave about a great marketing e-book, share a new business adventure or talk about a new product with such enthusiasm you are spreading the word. One friend will tell another and so on and so on. Word of mouth is still one of the best free advertising tools today.

Signature advertising is by far the single easiest methods available. Use it in forums (where it is permitted) and emails. A signature file or sig file is a text of information about your business that may include your name, your email address, telephone number and other pertinent information. The link is automatically appended to outgoing emails and internet postings (forums). Signature advertising creates one way back links to your business or website and drives targeted traffic to your website.

Writing articles have proven time and time again how powerful and effective it really is. It drives traffic to your website creating more exposure, you gain more incoming links and you get higher ranking in search engines. The more traffic you receive the more profits you make, but it's only effective if you write quality articles rich in keywords and keyword phrases and provide useful information. Otherwise, no one will want to re-print them and your resource box like a signature file is null and pointless.

From community forums to social networking sites such as Ryze, Facebook, MySpace, Adland Pro etc. networking groups is taking its place among the other great free advertising options. It's a place to gather, meet, share, discuss, inform and learn about various businesses. The same can be said for networking marketing in the real world where you can meet in person at various venues.

There are many different avenues to explore and promote your business online or offline, but when it comes to free advertising these are the four methods that have proven to be on the top of the list for being successful and effective.


About the Author:

S McIntyre owns Work At Home Space, a free work at home resource offering telecommuting jobs, daily job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related issues. You can also visit her blog Healthy Perspectives, featuring an array of health topics, nutrition, fitness and recipes for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.
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