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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #617
  Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for April 2008

1st April

April Fool's Day -

National Day: San Marino.

Republic Day: Iran.

2nd April

Malvinas Day: Argentina.

4th April

Liberation Day (1945): Hungary.

Memorial Day of Chiang Kai-shek: Taiwan.

National Day: Senegal.

5th April

Arbor Day: South Korea.

6th April

Chakri Day: Thailand.

Uprising Day: Sudan.

7th April

Women's Day: Mozambique.

9th April

Martyr's Day: Tunisia.

11th April

Heroes' Day: Costa Rica.

Liberation Day: Uganda.

13th April

Songkran: Thailand.

National Day: Chad.

14th April

Fast and Prayer Day: Liberia.

Pan American Day: Honduras.

Thingyan: Myanmar.

15th April

National Day: Niger.

16th April

Independence Day: Cyprus.

New Year's Day: Myanmar.

17th April

Independence Day: Cambodia.

National Day: Syria.

18th April

Independence Day: Zimbabwe.

19th April

Independence Day: Venezuela.

King's Birthday: Swaziland.

Patriots' Day: Uruguay.

Republic Day: Sierra Leone.

21st April

The Queen's Birthday: United Kingdom.

Tiradentes: Brazil.

22nd April

Earth Day.

23rd April

National Sovereignty: Turkey.

St. George's Day: England.

25th April

Good Friday: Eastern Religion (March 21 for Western Religion)

Anzac Day: Australia, New Zealand.

Liberation Day: Italy, Portugal.

National Flag Day: Swaziland.

Sinai Liberation Day: Egypt.

26th April

Union Day: Tanzania.

27th April

Easter Sunday: Eastern Religion (March 23 for Western Religion)

Independence Day: Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Togo.

30th April

Independence Day: Israel.

Queen's Birthday: Netherlands.

Vappu Day: Finland.



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Lead Capture Page - Are Money Capture Pages

By Anthony Morgan
An opt-in list will leverage your Internet marketing efforts.

A squeeze page is a web page that provides a form to be filled out by a visitor. The primary purpose of a lead capture page or squeeze page is to get the name, email address and permission to follow up with additional information. The money is in the appropriate follow up with your leads.

The lead capture page is created to get the attention of the visitor. The visitor becomes a lead once they give you their email address by optioning in to your list for more information.

The greatest asset of having a opt in list is the ability to contact them multiply times, to offer additional services and advise or to update them as changes occur with your business.

Lead capture pages can have conversion rates above 30%. The percentages of visitors that choose to opt-in to a mailing list is the conversion rate.

What you need to create lead capture page.

We clarified the purpose of having a squeeze page, let's go on to the factors for creating a lead capture page. Remember the purpose is to build a list of subscribers.

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The heading is the first contact point with your website's visitor. You must grab her attention and compel her to continue reading your text. Be clear on what you are presenting and connect with her on an emotional level.

The body text is where you compel your web site visitor to sign up for more information. It is crucial to reveal how the product or service will solve their specific problem. It's important to state it is an easy solution to implement and urge them to act now.

Your lead capture page focus is on the top three to five frustrations in your market. Present the simple solution that will stop the pain.

A few lines of text that stimulate emotional interest and desire in your solution will be your complete text. Your visitor will want more information and will opt-in to your list.

The most successful capture pages fit inside of the browser window. The entire page is visible without having to mouse roll or scroll down. This is the most effective approach.


About the Author:
Anthony Morgan is an online marketer and direct sales affiliate. He is passionate about supplying new entrepreneurs with systems and products that are effective in building personal success. He has a degree in Computer Technology and extensive knowledge of HTML and SQL. His belief: building a successful internet business starts with you. His approach is to build content web sites which supply the thirst for information on the net.
Visit a resource below to discover useful information about building a website of your own. creating elements on your existing site and to get ideals for increasing your profit. Passion -- Turn Your Knowledge Into Revenue A website of your own -- Find the profit in your message.


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Online Marketing - People Buy, They Are Not Sold

By John Washington
There is a common misconception from people who are running an online business from home. They think they need to sell their products or services, and work hard on finding ways in which they can "sell" them. Selling is not about "closing" the sale per se. Selling is really a process about trying to understand what people want and need, the motivations of why they want and need those things, and then guiding them through a process of having them buy those things from you, or if you don't offer a solution from someone else.

Those people who are successful at staring a home based business, and then are able to consistently make money online are the ones who quickly understand that it is not about the sale. It is about differentiating yourself through offering unique value. You can achieve all the things you want out of your online business if you focus on helping people achieve all the things they want and desire. When you are selling products or services over the internet keep a few things in mind:

First ask yourself who is the type of person who would purchase your product or service. What types of questions are they asking of themselves, and what are the motivations behind what they are buying? Try and get into the head of the perfect candidate that would need to buy your product or service, and then advertise your product based on those motivations. If your offering a solution that helps people start an online business, then that person may be really motivated because they want to make more money, have financial independence, start a home based business in their spare time, may be looking for the best home business for mom's, etc. As you advertise your solution, think of the types of motivations that each of those people may have. They may have lost their job and are looking to make money, they may be retired and looking for supplemental retirement income, they may be a single mom looking for part time work at home. All these different type of people have different motivations and you must try and get into their heads to appeal to what they are feeling and what they really need.

Secondly, ask yourself why people would buy what you are offering. Are there other competitors of yours that sell the same exact product or service? If yes, then how can you differentiate your product? Maybe you can provide a 30 day money back warranty, or offer a free tutorial on how to use your product or service. Maybe you can give them a unique point of view on something that gives them free advice on how to do something. If you are able to differentiate yourself in some way from your competitor, you will stand out and be much more successful

Finally, do not try and sell something. Get that thought out of your head. Try and help people buy. Solve a problem that someone is having, or offer a solution that you know they are having. Online marketing is a little harder than face to face marketing in that you really have no opportunity to have a discussion with your prospect to understand what they really need. However, when you have an online business you should try and think from the perspective of the type of person who would be interested and have empathy towards their motivation for buying. For the most part, in an online business what people really are looking for is information and guidance. If they already had the information they wouldn't be searching for it. Therefore, if you can offer free information you are serving a need they have and they are likely then to feel comfortable buying something from you.

Selling a product is not the goal of an online business. The goal should be to create value, and being a trusted advisor to your customer. You are really aspiring to create a customer for life, not sell a single transaction. You can achieve this if you start thinking like the person who is buying and then appealing to the needs and desires you know your potential customer has. In the long run, if you follow this advice you will build a successful online business and have repeat customers and then have those customers refer you to their friends. When that starts happening, your business will explode with profit.


About the Author:
John Washington is an entrepreneur who earns multiple streams of income from home on the Internet. John has evaluated numerous home based businesses Please http://www.FortifiedWealth.com where you view John's website and home business reference guide.


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