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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #629
  Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for June 2008

1st June

Independence Day: Samoa.

Madaraka Day: Kenya.

National Day: Tunisia.

2nd June

Republic Day: Italy.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

3rd June

Foundation Day: Australia.

King's Birthday: Malaysia.

4th June

Independence Day: Tonga.

Labour Day: Bahamas.

Revolution Day: Ghana.

5th June

Constitution Day: Denmark.

Liberation Day: Seychelles.

President's Birthday: Guinea.

6th June

Constitution Day: Sweden.

Memorial Day: South Korea.

9th June

Independence Day: Argentina.

10th June

Army Day: Jordan.

National Day: Portugal.

Portugal Day: Macao.

11th June

National Day: Libya.

12th June

Chaco Peacel: Paraguay.

Independence Day: Philippines.

13th June

Vincent's Day: Germany.

14th June

Flag Day: United States of America.

15th June

Independence Day: Iceland.

18th June

Independence Day: Egypt.

19th June

Labour Day: Trinidad and Tobago.

20th June

Flag Day: Argentina.

22nd June

Midsummer's Day:
Festivals throughout Finland and Sweden.

23rd June

National Day: Luxembourg.

24th June

Carabobo Day: Venezuela.

Inti Raymi: Peru.

Saint John's Day: Andorra.

25th June

Independence Day: Croatia, Mozambique, Slovenia.

26th June

Independence Day: Madagascar, Somalia.

27th June

Independence Day: Djibouti.

Johannus Day: Finland.

Khal Phansa: Thailand.

28th June

Birthday of Kuan Kung (God of War): Taiwan.

29th June

Independence Day: Seychelles.

Saints Peter's and Paul's Day: Chile, Italy, Malta, Peru, Spain, Venezuela.

30th June

Army Day: Guatemala.

Bank Holiday: Sri Lanka.





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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

June 21, has just passed and with it the first day of summer! Although most of us in the Western Hemisphere have been enjoying summer like days for awhile now it did kind of set off an alarm for me. Now that we are officially into summer and enjoying the things we do most at this time of year, it is very easy to lose track of our business goals.

The important thing is that we may spend a little bit less time working it is important to watch all the details of our business operations. The internet traffic will still be there and there will still be viewers asking questions so it is important to be there or at least let the viewer know how long it will be to expect a response so they do not lose interest.    

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Getting Visitors to Come Back to Your Site

By Bruce Moilan
On June 21, 2008, 649,954 new domains were created and 103,906,896 active domains were currently on the Internet. That is a lot of sites to browse! If you are lucky enough to get a visitor to your site, which is a challenge in itself, your second order of business should be figuring out how to get this visitor to come back. If you could get this visitor to refer a friend you would be in even better shape!

Below are a few tips on making this happen.

1. Give something of value to the surfer. Examples include valuable information, discounts, freebies, coupons, etc. The surfer will need to sign up to your monthly newsletter to receive these benefits of course. After a short time, you will have compiled a valuable list of addresses of 'opt in' contacts.

2. Don't place too many advertisements and banners on your pages. Do you really need that motorcycle link on your knitting website? I am no marketing guru but I think I can safely say you should probably get rid of it. Also, keep in mind that you should never have more affiliate links than actual content.

3. Call your surfers to action and ask them to 'Book Mark' or 'Add To Favorites.' Better yet, place a simple script on your page that enables them to simply click on a link or button. After you do so, check your traffic statistics. You might be surprised to see how many bookmarks you have racked up.

4. While you are asking your surfer to Book Mark the page, suggest that they 'Recommend this site to a Friend' and provide a tool that easily enables them to do so. As I mentioned above, a referral is one of the nicest compliments a surfer can pay to your site.

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5. Make your site look decent! If your site looks like a 4-year-old put it together you will not attract, or retain, visitors. Try to have a consistent design and clean looking headers and footers.

6. Make it easy for a surfer to contact you with questions. An easy to find 'Contact Us' link should be on each and every page.

7. Speaking of potential questions...do you need a FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) page? If you are selling a product or service you definitely need this. Topics you should cover include shipping and return policies privacy, additional contact information, etc.

8. Make sure there are no script errors, spelling mistakes, missing images, broken links, etc. on your pages. This will make you look unprofessional and like an amateur. Surfers will move on to one of the other million plus sites that are out there.

9. Periodically update your content. Static pages may not be listed on the search engines after awhile. Also, if there is no new content why would the surfer want to come back?

10. Do not SPAM your newsletter subscribers. An email once a month discussing changes to your site, or promotions that might be of interest to your surfers, is an acceptable plan of action.

Building a successful site takes plenty of work - and maintenance. Follow the above simple tips to help your sites thrive.


About the Author:
Bruce Moilan is an Analytics manager that enjoys spending free time developing and marketing small service websites.
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How to Use SEO Forums

By Michael Hanna
There are many resources out there for help with SEO no more helpful than a SEO forum. If you're not familiar with a forum a forum is a website used for discussions on a particular subject. There are forums out there on the web for almost ever industry and topic.

You need to sign up to a SEO forum before it will let you post a comment or a thread. This usually involves you adding a profile and an avatar, more on that in a moment.

A SEO forum can be an excellent way to get SEO help as most administrators are usually SEO experts and they can offer help in the world of SEO. You can also talk to other users with similar experiences and can offer each other help.

Let's go ahead and define some the terms used in a forum to help you understand the terminology.

What is a thread?

Is a new topic within a certain group, for example if you are in the Google section of the SEO forum which would be a section within the SEO forum that all discussions would be on the topic of Google and lets says you wanted ask a new question or inform people of a certain thing about Google, then you would create a new thread and give it a title and add your question etc.

What is a Profile?

A profile is information on yourself you can add any information about yourself that you wish. You can also ad a signature also. Other users can then view your profile and send you a private message if they wish.

What is an Avatar?

An avatar is an image that when when you post a comment on the forum is placed too the left of the comment. You can ad a picture of yourself if you wish or a gif whatever you want to be known as in the SEO forum.

What is a Comment?

A comment is a reply to a specific thread. When someone places a thread on a forum it is then open to comment on which usually will spark of a conversation between users.


About the Author:

I have used many forums over the years but one SEO forum I particularly like is this one run by an ethical SEO company based in Scotland I always find they reply quickly offer some really good advice check it out.

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