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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #630
  Monday, June 30, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for June 2008

1st June

Independence Day: Samoa.

Madaraka Day: Kenya.

National Day: Tunisia.

2nd June

Republic Day: Italy.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

3rd June

Foundation Day: Australia.

King's Birthday: Malaysia.

4th June

Independence Day: Tonga.

Labour Day: Bahamas.

Revolution Day: Ghana.

5th June

Constitution Day: Denmark.

Liberation Day: Seychelles.

President's Birthday: Guinea.

6th June

Constitution Day: Sweden.

Memorial Day: South Korea.

9th June

Independence Day: Argentina.

10th June

Army Day: Jordan.

National Day: Portugal.

Portugal Day: Macao.

11th June

National Day: Libya.

12th June

Chaco Peacel: Paraguay.

Independence Day: Philippines.

13th June

Vincent's Day: Germany.

14th June

Flag Day: United States of America.

15th June

Independence Day: Iceland.

18th June

Independence Day: Egypt.

19th June

Labour Day: Trinidad and Tobago.

20th June

Flag Day: Argentina.

22nd June

Midsummer's Day:
Festivals throughout Finland and Sweden.

23rd June

National Day: Luxembourg.

24th June

Carabobo Day: Venezuela.

Inti Raymi: Peru.

Saint John's Day: Andorra.

25th June

Independence Day: Croatia, Mozambique, Slovenia.

26th June

Independence Day: Madagascar, Somalia.

27th June

Independence Day: Djibouti.

Johannus Day: Finland.

Khal Phansa: Thailand.

28th June

Birthday of Kuan Kung (God of War): Taiwan.

29th June

Independence Day: Seychelles.

Saints Peter's and Paul's Day: Chile, Italy, Malta, Peru, Spain, Venezuela.

30th June

Army Day: Guatemala.

Bank Holiday: Sri Lanka.





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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

A couple of quick notes, as we are located in Canada and with July 1st being Canada Day we will be on a limited schedule, we do apologize but due to the holiday please expect a short delay with any support requests you may have. We do appreciate your feedback and we will answer all your requests as quickly as possible.

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


Special Guest Articles

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Web Design - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By Lilly Bonds
Bad web design and ugly websites are two terms that are quite subjective. What one person may consider ugly, another person might consider quite pleasing to the eye. It is also true that many so-called ugly websites are quite functional and more importantly, they are very profitable. That being said , there are generally agreed upon principles that can be applied to an ugly website to make it more pleasing to the eye and also make your website more user friendly.

The first thing you want to consider is your visitor profile. Are most of your visitors likely to be web savvy? If so, they are probably more interested in a well-designed site. Or maybe the majority of your visitors are newbies and they simply want an easy to use and navigate website. They are not concerned with an award winning design and they certainly don't care about all the bells and whistles. They just want access to the info they need and they want it quick and easy. If you own an ecommerce site, are most of your visitors wary of making payments online via their credit card? Or maybe most of them enjoy the convenience of making payments online without having to speak to anyone.

When considering bad website design, keep in mind that functionality is more important than web design. That certainly does not rule out having a beautiful design. It simply means you should not sacrifice functionality for the sake of beauty. Remember, if you are trying to earn an income, then a website is basically a marketing tool. That is the purpose it serves. Your website should convey trust and move your visitor to action. If an ugly website can accomplish that, then the web design does not matter much, in this case.

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If you are still concerned that your website is not what we would call "traditionally beautiful", then there are certain things you can do. Make sure you are using consistency, colors, and images in the proper manner.

Consistency - When you are designing (or possibly redesigning) your website, make sure your pages are consistent. On most pages, your menu should be in the same place. Also, use the same font on each page. If you don't do this, your site will look amateurish.

Colors - Try to use colors that correspond with your company logo. Also, use contrasting colors when creating the text and background. After choosing on a main color scheme, then choose complimentary colors that fit in with your main theme.

Images - Make sure you use high quality images. Also, make sure the images you use convey the proper image. A picture can say a thousand words so you can understand why it is so important to choose the righ images.

Bad web design is a very subjective term. So if you feel like it, go out and create an "ugly website". It just might be a big money maker for you! That will put all those non profitable "shiny" websites to shame.


About the Author:
Lilly Bonds is an EzineArticles Expert Author.
See our top picks for Ugly Web Designs


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Email Marketing - Creating the Perfect Incentive Offer

By John Oszajca
If you are planning on building a list for your new internet business, one of the first things you will need to figure out is what your free offer (usually a free report or e-book) is going to be. In an ideal world, I would suggest writing this yourself. If your report is written in your own voice your subscribers will get a much stronger feel for who you are as a person and a much stronger bond will be developed.

That being said, if for any reason you do not wish to write the report yourself, You can easily hire someone to do it for you or purchase the private label rights to an e-book or report that is appropriate for your list.

The most important thing here - and I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to this - is to CREATE VALUE. If your free report is just recycled junk, there is little hope of building any kind of real relationship with your list. Many people tend to think that giving away all of your valuable information will just deter a customer from purchasing. The opposite is true. If you can engage a persons mind, sense or emotions, they will generally want more of what you have to offer. It's the same reason companies offer free samples in grocery stores. It costs the companies money in the short term, but if the product is good, people will buy more down the line, in many cases, when they otherwise never would have.


About the Author:

John Oszajca is an author and musician. He has released albums for both Interscope and Warner Brothers and currently plans to release his first novel in late 2008. John also writes for a number of e-zines and web sites covering subjects such as the music business and consumer awareness.
Download my FREE report in which I share my secret strategies for Making Money Online. If you are not making the kind of money you would like to be making online, go to http://internetmarketersfriend.com and get the help you need!

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Adlandpro Tips

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Common Technical Questions

Why was my Affiliate URL rejected?

There are any number of reasons why an affiliate URL may not be approved.  Here are the main reasons:

  • Submitting a URL which refers to Adlandpro - The purpose of the program is to divert external traffic into Adlandpro.com.  If you are submitting a URL which refers to Adlandpro.com then traffic is not coming from outside the site and thus defeats the purpose of the program.

  • Incorrect or Invalid User Linked - Make sure that the code you used refers to YOUR user ID.  There is a portion of the code which appears like "?ref=281002"  the portion after "ref=" must be your user ID.  If not, this must be changed. 

  • Submitting a non-English Character Set URL - Because the vast majority of our user sites are in English, affiliate sites must be in English or will not be accepted.  We do not have international subsidiaries at this time.  If your site was rejected, make sure the character set is not in a different language. 

  • Page Not Found - This is pretty self explanatory.  The page which you submitted is non-existant and our automated system cannot access it.  Make sure the URL you submit is correct. 

  • Time Outs - Sometimes servers will be down for whatever reason and we understand that this happens from time to time.  When we get this error message on URLs you submit, we try them once more the day after.  If it is still down, we suspect a greater issue is responsible and thus remove the submission from the database. 

  • Link is Banned - There are a lot of websites out there which use simulated clicks to divert traffic to websites.  We watch for these carefully on our Affiliate Links.  Make sure you are not using a site which uses pop-unders, spiders, robots, or any other auto-surfing technology to create activity on your Affiliate URL. 

  • Inappropriate Content - We will not approve any websites which link to, distribute, or is in any way associated with Adult-Related or Pornographic material, pirated software or copyrighted material, Questionable Content, or any subject or theme which may be considered offensive in nature. 

 Please ensure that when submitting an affiliate link that the link is visible on the page, the page is accessible (ie: not in a password protected area like a mailbox and such), and your web server is running. 

If you have any questions regarding email notifications or if we can help in anyway please contact us.

Comments & Questions: http://www.adlandpro.com/ContactForm.asp