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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #633
  Friday, July 18, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for July 2008

1st July

Canada Day.

Communist Party Foundation: People's Republic of China.

Family Day: Lesotho.

Freedom Day: Suriname.

Heroes' Day: Zambia.

Independence Day: Burundi, Rwanda.

Republic Day: Ghana.

St. Peter's and St. Paul's Day: Colombia.

Union Day: Somalia.

2nd July

Il Palio, Siena:
Continuing in ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, Italy, every July 2nd and August 16th.

Unity Day: Zambia.

4th July

Independence Day: United States of America.

United States Friendship Day: Philippines.

5th July

Independence Day: Algeria, Cape Verde, Venezuela.

Unity Day: Rwanda.

6th July

Independence Day: Comoros.

Republic Day: Malawi.

7th July

Constitution Day: Cayman Islands.

Independence Day: Solomon Islands.

Serbian Day: Former Yugoslavia.

9th July

Independence Day: Argentina, Bahamas.

11th July

Revolution Day: Mongolia.

12th July

National Day: Sao Tome.

Orangeman's Day: Ireland.

14th July

Bastille Day: France.

National Day: Iraq.

15th July

Sultan's Birthday: Brunei.

17th July

Independence Day: Slovakia.

Revolution Day: Iraq.

Rivera Day: Puerto Rico.

18th July

Constitution Day: Uruguay.

19th July

Independence Day: Laos.

Martyr's Day: Burma.

Sandinista Day: Nicaragua.

20th July

Day of the Sea: Japan.

Independence Day: Colombia.

21st July

Liberation Day: Guam, Poland.

23rd July

Revolution Day: Egypt.

24th July

Simon Bolivar Day: Ecuador, Venezuela.

25th July

Constitution Day: Puerto Rico.

Guanacaste Day: Costa Rica.

Republic Day: Tunisia.

Revolution Day: Cuba.

Santiago Day: Spain.

26th July

Independence Day: Liberia, Maldives, Puerto Rico.

Revolution Day: Cuba.

28th July

Independence Day: Peru.

30th July

Independence Day: Vanuatu.

Somers' Day: Bermuda - two day cricket game between the western and eastern sides of the Islands of Bermuda.

31st July

Emancipation Day: Bermuda.



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Special Guest Articles

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Recipe For Success - 7 Effective Tips For Finding an Online Business Opportunity

By Samara Trevino
The internet is changing the landscape of business like wild fire, making it easier for the average person to start an online business opportunity. Literally, there are thousands of online businesses swarming the internet. Muddling through this information can be daunting. The big question remains - How do you choose the right online business opportunity?

Here are 7 effective tips to help you in your search:

Personal Development & Training: This is the key ingredient for success. Invest in yourself and your business will grow! It's critical to continually grow and develop yourself through high quality books, motivational and educational CD's and association. A business foundation deeply rooted in personal development and training is a recipe for success and longevity.

Sales & Marketing System: A solid sales and marketing system is essential to your livelihood. Select a business opportunity that has a proven sales and marketing system you personally can plug into. The key to a sales and marketing system is duplication. The system must be duplicable for you and your team. This is extremely important whether or a seasoned internet marketer or a beginner.

Compensation Plan: A compensation plan that first pays you as the business owner is very desirable. Be mindful of business opportunities requiring you to pass up your first few sales to your sponsoring team member. Consider the amount of commission you will earn per sale. Ready for the deal breaker? Find online business opportunities offering residual income as part of their compensation plan. Residual income is when you are paid on work or sales previously made. This makes things much sweeter for both you and your new team members.

Products: Select a company that has stand alone products. This means the products itself would be able to sell in the general marketplace without being attached to a business model/compensation plan. You must genuinely believe in your products - the success of your business depends on it. People eventually will see through the fluff and hype. Ultimately, you should be proud of your products and business.

Mentorship: Associating with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs is vital for long-term success. Make sure you have access to successful people in your business and peers going through similar experiences. If you want fruit on the tree, you must find someone who has the results you want and learn from them. Mentorship when structured properly with a residual income compensation plan packs a powerful 1-2 punch!

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Proven Track Record: Position yourself in a business opportunity with long-term vision and goals. A successful organization will have a mission and strategy that benefits not only the company, but the consultants too. Take in account how many years the company has been in business. Check the Better Business Bureau or Federal Trade Commission to see if there are a any complaints filed against the organization. As with anything, use your best judgment and intuition.

Enjoyment: This is the best part - aside from racking in the cash! It's so important to select an online business opportunity you will enjoy doing. If you don't enjoy building your new business, you won't succeed for very long. It's important to enjoy building the business and cultivating relationships with other fellow entrepreneurs or team members. When you enjoy your environment, it makes the process much easier.

Searching for an online business opportunity is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. Don't overwhelm yourself with all of the information floating around in cyberspace. By implementing these 7 effective tips during your search, you will find the recipe for success. Now go out there and make it happen!

About the Author:
Samara Trevino is a home business consultant who enjoys building her online business with her husband Chris. Samara and Chris are passionate, driven and committed in helping as many people as possible realize they can achieve their goals and dreams. http://www.KeyTo6Figures.com
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Directory Submission - A Guide For Beginner

By John A Franklin
When someone launches a new website, the motive of the site owner is to have visitors on it. Where the visitors come from? The answer of this question is very simple, i.e. a big proportion of visits come through search engines, some visit the site directly, a number of popular directories send some visitors too, rest come from other sources. Here our motive is to concentrate on Directories only.

How directories are helpful in sending visitors via Search Engines?

Every search engine crawler visits a directory and while crawling a directory it follows the links present on that particular directory if it has not followed that in the recent crawl. Since every search engine trust websites and their content according to their domain age and link popularity, if your site is listed in all the major directories which have a good position in search engine ranking placements you are sure to rank well in SERPs too.

Link popularity is one of the factor that affects the website ranking in search engines, here the directories are beneficial in getting one-way links. Since the inception of the search engine optimization directories play a vital role in making a website popular and trustworthy. At present there are some directories that are more searchable than some of the search engines. If you get a listing in these you can get a nice ranking in major search engines as well as some good visitors too. By submitting your site to various directories you make your website popular on the web and get one-way link in return which is very important if you want to rank well in SERPs.

How to choose good directories?

A directory of your niche (related to your industry type) is the fist good directory for you to start. Since every industry has very limited directories so you can go for general directories that have a good standing in search engine. Now the problem is how will you decide which one is good in search engines? You can check it by simply checking its Page Rank, No of pages indexed in search engines, no of back links the directory has and so on.

Below are some of the important points that should be considered while doing Directory Submission:


  • Use your Most Important Keywords in Phrases for Title.
  • Avoid using Adjectives in the Title.
  • Do not use all uppercase letters in Title.
  • Use different Titles for one URL
  • Your Title should look natural and not a promotional kind of thing despite of using your important keywords in it.
  • Description should describe your website content. It should not look like an advertisement.
  • Submit to the most appropriate category by digging through the directory.
  • Do not submit to every directory you found, but restrict your submission to high quality directories only.
  • Must submit to the directories of your niche you belong to.
  • Do not submit a site that is under construction.
  • Make sure that your site has some valuable content before submitting it.


About the Author:
John A Franklin is An Expert SEO Consultant. He has written many articles on search engine optimization. For more information on seo services visit seo services India
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A person calls a mechanic and says "Where do I install sparkplugs in my car?" naturally, the answer from the mechanic would be, "What kind of car?" if the mechanic is unfamiliar with the make/model, they cannot tell this person step by step how to put the sparkplugs into their car.

The same is true for placing a link.  It is not difficult but requires some effort to complete.  Here is the best way to go about it:

1) Consult the help files of your program for phrases like "How to insert a link", "Inserting Raw HTML".  If you can find this, you're well on your way. 
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