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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #644
  Friday, September 12, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for September 2008

1st September

Evacuation Day (Italian): Libya.

Labor Day: Canada, United States.

2nd September

Independence Day: Vietnam.

3rd September

Independence Day: Qatar.

Independence Movement Day: Tunisia.

Saint Matinus' Day: San Marino.

5th September

Ganesh Chaturthi: Mauritius.

6th September

Bonaire Day: Bonaire.

Defence Day: Pakistan.

Independence Day: Swaziland.

7th September

Independence Day: Brazil.

Victory Day: Mozambique.

8th September

National Day: Andorra.

Our Lady of Victories - National Holiday in Malta.

9th September

Days of Liberation: Bulgaria.

Independence Day: North Korea, Tajikistan.

10th September

Days of Liberation: Bulgaria.

St. George's Caye Day: Belize.

11th September

Quaid-e-Azam Death Anniversary: Pakistan.

12th September

Revolution Day: Ethiopia.

14th September

San Jacinto Day: Guatemala, Nicaragua.

15th September

Independence Day: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua.

Maria Himmelfahrt: Austria, Germany, Switzerland.

16th September

Independence Day: Mexico, New Guinea.

17th September

Heroes' Day: Angola.

Independence Day: Marshall Islands.

18th September

Independence Day: Chile.

Victory of Uprona: Burundi.

19th September

Army Day: Chile.

Independence Day: Saint Kitts.

21st September

Independence Day: Malta.
Malta attained Independence from the United Kingdom in 1964.

Independence Day: Belize.

22nd September

Independence Day: Mali.

23rd September

Independence Day: Armenia.

National Day: Saudi Arabia.

24th September

Mercedes Day: Dominican Republic.

Republic Day: Guinea.

Republic Day: Trinidad & Tobago.

25th September

Liberation Day: Mozambique.

Assembly Day: Rwanda.

26th September

Mid-Autumn Day: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

27th September

Mid-Autumn Day: Macao.

28th September

Confucius' Birthday: Taiwan.

National Day: Yemen.

29th September

Boqueron Battle Day: Paraguay.

Constitution Day: Brunei.

30th September

Independence Day: Botswana

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Increase Your Credibility With Web Site Awards

By Dan Hall
Web Site Awards are given from other sites to reward your site for a specific reason. They will usually give you an award graphic or text link to include on your site if you win. Awards are great to display on your Web site because they will give your business more credibility to your visitors and customers.

Some things your Web site could be awarded for are:

Web Design
Load Time
Web Features
Ease of use

If you think you have a chance to win one of these awards submit your Web site to the sites that give out web awards. Visit other peoples Web sites and see what awards they have won. Only register for awards that are related to the content of your Web site; this helps promote your site to your targeted audience.
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Before you register to win an award, make sure your Web site is ready. Your sites content spelling and grammar should be correct.
It should be easy to navigate through your Web site. Graphics should be related to the content on your page.

Create your own awards site for other Web sites. Give the winners a graphic or text link to place on their Web site when they win. This will link your Web site to theirs and draw more traffic to your Web site. Quote of the Day:

"Love all, trust a few;
Do wrong to none." -- William Shakespeare

Warm regards,
Dan Hall
About the Author:
Dan Hall (The Gasoline Income Guy)
The Common Cause: http://www.GasolineIncome.com  The Common Liberator: mailto:GasMoney@GetResponse.com  The Common Blog Debate: http://www.gasolineincome.blogspot.com
The Common 3-Easy-Steps: http://www.GasolineIncome.com/pips.html
The Common Big Cahuna: http://profiles.yahoo.com/gasolineincome
My Blog Spot Profile: http://www.blogger.com/profile/13496894


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Affiliate Marketing Tips - Discover How to Make More Money From Home With Affiliate Marketing

By Ian Hollander
In this article I'm going to share a few affiliate marketing tips that have worked VERY well for me. I know that lots of people struggle to find good, solid and ACTIONABLE information they can really use, and it is my most sincere intent to give you just that, for free - below! So if you are struggling through the sea of seamy and salacious Internet marketing advice that is hard to believe, let me share a few simple strategies for FREE that you can apply today! Read on..:-)

The Easiest Affiliate Marketing Commissions You Can Make

Want to know the absolute EASIEST path to fast and easy online profits? Simply go out and create 10 articles on ANY popular topic that has a good amount of monthly searches ( you can use Google's FREE keyword tool to check) and has a solid affiliate product you can promote. ( you should already belong to at least a few free affiliate networks!) Write your articles and submit them to the popular online directories, and include a benefit laden, compelling resource box that lays out the single best reason folks should click on your links and visit the affiliate program to learn more. You can either send them RIGHT to the affiliate, or, depending on your long term goals (and the article directories policies) you may want to create a blog or intermediate landing page that provides a bit more information on your program of choice. If you do 10 of these a day -( it shouldn't take you more than 3 hours a day at MOST), within one short work week you will have 50 articles submitted, and if you are NOT making money after 7 or 8 days it would GENUINELY surprise us all!

Amping it UP a Notch (or three!)

Everything in the online space is simply a function of scale - taking it UP and out, and simply systematizing the whole thing. Press releases, list building, blogs, using affiliate videos, social networking strategies, seo and MUCH more is simply taking the idea of content creation and casting a very wide net to dominate each and every niche you enter in rapid fire turn around time. You can do it all...and QUICKLY simply by starting with content creation, and a part time work week that you CAN start tonight. Of course there are MANY advanced strategies to boot, but start with the basics and you WILL be making deposits in no time, I promise!


About the Author:
Ian Hollander Is an EzineExpert Author with over 200 articles to his name.
FREE Internet Affiliate Marketing tips, tricks, and secret DOWNLOADS you WON'T find anywhere else........ so much fun & effortlessly easy, it almost feels like stealing! http://www.KarmicConsulting.Net Maniac Marketing MAGIC for the Masses!
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