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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #648
  Saturday, October 4, 2008

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Worldwide Holidays for October 2008

1st October

Armed Forces Day: South Korea.

Goodwill Day: Namibia.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Nigeria, Tuvalu.

National Day: Botswana.

National Day: China.
The official reception and celebration are held in the Great Hall of the People while various kinds of performances and operas are shown at all theatres.

Unification Day: Cameroon.

United Nations Day: Barbados.

2nd October

Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday: India.

Independence Day: Guinea.

3rd October

Foundation Day: South Korea.

Morazan Day: Honduras.

Unity Day: Germany.

4th October

Independence Day: Lesotho.

5th October

Republic Day: Portugal.

Sports Day: Lesotho.

6th October

Armed Forces Day: Egypt.

8th October

Battle of Angamos: Peru.

9th October

Independence Day: Uganda.

Independence of Guayaquil Day: Ecuador.

National Dignity Day: Peru.

10th October

Kruge Day: South Africa.

Moi Day: Kenya.

National Day: Taiwan.

11th October

Beginning of Independence War: Cuba.

Revolution Day: Panama.

12th October

Columbus Day:
Belize, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Dia de La Raza: Mexico.

Discovery Day: Bahamas.

Discovery of America: Argentina.

Independence Day: Guinea.

13th October

Cession Day: Fiji.

14th October

Founders' Day: Zaire.

15th October

Evacuation Day: Tunisia.

Independence Day: Bosnia.

17th October

Dessalines Day: Haiti.

18th October

Lord of the Miracles: Lima, Peru.

20th October

Heroes' Day: Jamaica.

Kenyatta Day: Kenya.

Revolution Day: Guatemala.

21st October

Army Day: Honduras.

Overseas Chinese Day: Taiwan.

Revolution Day: Somalia.

22nd October

John Paul II Day: Vatican.

23rd October

Chulalongkorn Day: Thailand.

National Liberation Day: Egypt.

Revolution Day: Hungary.

24th October

Independence Day: Zambia.

Suez Victory Day: Egypt.

United Nations Day.

26th October

Government Day: Rwanda.

National Day: Austria.

Revolution Day: Benin.

27th October

Independence Day: Saint Vincent, Turkmenistan.

28th October

National Day: Cyprus.

National Holiday: Greece.

29th October

Cumhuriyet Bayrami: Turkey.
Commemorates the proclamation of the Republic in 1923.

National Youth Day: Liberia.

31st October

Chiang Kai-shek's Birthday: Taiwan.


Reformation Day: Slovenia.



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Special Guest Articles

These professional articles written by industry leaders.  Adlandpro.com has a free article library you can learn from here.


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Our Priorities: Doing What Matters Most

By Michael Angier
Has this ever happened to you? You're working on a project and you start to think about another project or task you have on your list. You begin to question if the one you're working on is the right one and your focus and energy moves away from the task at hand.

Not much fun is it? Without good clarity we can't operate at our best. Without confidence in our plans, we cannot achieve our goals.

We live in a complex world. Time was when our choices were easier because they were simply more limited. Today, with so many things to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

All too often, we avoid making important choices because we don't want to make a mistake. Sometimes we choose what's convenient and then second-guess our decision. When we do this we lose valuable time and energy because we're conflicted.
Unless you're a circus performer, it's pretty hard to ride more than one horse at the same time.

A good coach, consultant or therapist can be invaluable in helping us to gain greater clarity and be confident we're investing our time and energy in the best way.

As we discover our core values, we're better able to make important choices. As we get clearer on what we want--and why we want it --we can be more effective and gain greater fulfillment.

But I've found very few people willing to invest the time thinking and meditating upon these things. Only a small percentage of the people I've encountered really know what they want. And most of THESE people still aren't sure what they should be doing to get there.

Having so many choices can sometimes work against us.
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But when we ask the right questions, objectively rank the values and examine the tradeoffs, we gain clarity and position our- selves for greater results.

How do you set and maintain your priorities?
Do you know your most important goals?
How do you sort out the projects that will provide the greatest payoff? Do you consider them carefully or do you just "shoot from the hip"?

I'm all for using our intuition and following our gut, but we also need to bring our left brain into the equation.

It doesn't matter what system we use as long as we use one. Because not having this clarity --not handling first things first--can cost us dearly.

Clarity leads to power. More clarity equals more power. Better focus equals better results.

If you're looking for some tools to do this better, we've developed a simple yet powerful system for ranking goals, projects, obstacles and even purchases. It's called Priorities™ (of course) and we've found it extremely helpful in making good decisions.

Note: To learn more about our new Priorities™ Tool, go to http://SuccessNet.org/priorities.htm


About the Author:
Michael Angier, founder of SuccessNet.org, recently released the New SuccessNet Resource Book--the Top Must-Have Tools, Products, Services and Resources for Running Your Business Effectively

This $27 eBook can be yours now at no-cost. And most of the over 100 resources are FREE to access and use.
Order at no-cost from


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Link Building Tip - Build Links From Quality Content

By Tim Whitson
Building links to your Website is the most basic method of traffic generation and search engine optimization. And the most powerful link building tactic is to place your links from quality, relevant content.

Links built from quality content will enhance your search engine optimization efforts and result in the best possible direct traffic.

In the case of good SEO practices, linking from keyword rich content tells search spiders a link is highly relevant. Search engines aside, it's obvious that human visitors will be more targeted when they follow links from solid content that is related to your Website.

There are abundant opportunities to build links from content. And quite often this kind of link building does not require a monetary investment.

Most site owners are happy to receive free content. And in many cases you can add links back to your blog and/or Website when you contribute this content.

Here are a few quick examples of link building through quality content.

Forums and Blogs

Discussion forums and Web logs provide an easy opportunity to contribute content. You can participate in a conversation thread, leave your comments on an article, or even initiate your own discussion. And both forums and blogs typically allow users and contributors to include links either in their posts or in a signature that is attached to their posts.

Some of these sites are heavily moderated but many are not. In any event you should endeavor to add valuable content along with your link, as doing so will increase the odds of your link being followed by other readers.

Social Media Sites

Social sites like MySpace and FaceBook are growing extremely popular. Also member-driven content programs like Helium and numerous Wiki-style sites are becoming more numerous.

These portals allow users to add whole articles and commentaries at will. And in some cases you can link right from your contributions.

Even sites that don't let you add links to your content will normally allow you to place links within your user profile. By making your profile both interesting and keyword rich you can easily create the perfect content for your outbound links.

Quality Articles Remain In-demand

There is nothing new about the idea of contributing your articles to content directories and ezines. And this method of link building remains one of the best.

The demand for quality articles will only continue to increase over time. And with a little effort you can find a number of Websites that will happily publish your exclusive content for free.

You don't need to rely solely on article directories or newsletter owners. There are plenty of site owners who are open to posting your unique articles on their domain; if you promise to give them material that won't be published anywhere else online they'll be happy to link back to you from the articles.

Your Own Authority Hubs

You can easily create your own authority content sites on any topic. By setting up a unique domain and submitting this site to hundreds of directories you can quickly generate good search position; the next step is to add your articles and link from these to your core business sites.

By setting these content hubs up on separate IP addresses from your other sites you can increase the perceived value of the outbound links in terms of good SEO. But regardless of whether or not these hubs are on a different server from your main sites the organic visitor value is substantial.

In fact you could use free Web space like that provided by BraveNet and Blogger.com to build mini-authority portals. Simply add a few of your best articles and link these back to the relevant sales pages.

Spend some time exploring the methods listed above and researching other ways to build links from quality content. This strategy will provide enhanced search engine rankings and greater quality organic traffic than simply posting your backlinks on link pages and directories.


About the Author:

Tim Whiston is a full-time entrepreneur who lives in northeast Tennessee. In addition to marketing on the web, Tim enjoys reading, writing, playing video games, getting his exercise, discussing politics and religion, just taking it easy, and generally having a good time. Get started with your own massive link building campaign right now using the author's step-by-step, proven formula. Take action now and discover how totally simple link generation can be when you have the right formula to follow.

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