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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #692
  Monday, May 18, 2009

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Worldwide Holidays for May 2009

1st May

Labour Day: Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Bonaire, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iraq, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tunisia, Uganda, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia.

May Day: Bangladesh, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ghana, Gibraltar, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom.

Women's Day: Cuba, Tanzania.

Workers' Day: Burma, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Romania.

2nd May

King's Birthday: Lesotho.

Labour Day continues in Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Romania.

3rd May

Constitution Day: Japan, Poland.

Vesak Day: South Korea.

5th May

Children's Day: South Korea.
Cinco de Mayo: Mexico.

Coronation Day: Thailand.

Liberation Day: The Netherlands.

6th May

Corregidor Day: Philippines.

Martyr's Day: Lebanon, Syria.

Samuel K. Doe's Birthday: Liberia.

8th May

Independence Day: Israel.

Parent's Day: South Korea.
VE Day: France.

9th May

Liberation Day: Czech Republic, Slovakia.

10th May

Matsu (Goddess of the Sea): Taiwan.

Independence Day: Micronesia.

Vesak Day: Malaysia, Singapore.

13th May

St. Mary's Day: Colombia.

14th May

Flag Day: Paraguay.

Kamuzu Day: Malawi.

National Unification Day: Liberia.

15th May

Independence Day: Paraguay.

     Teacher's Day: South Korea.
 17th May

Constitution Day: Nigeria, Norway.

Discovery Day: Cayman Islands.

18th May

Battle of Las Piedras Day: Uruguay.

Flag Day: Haiti.

Victoria Day: Canada.

19th May

Ataturk Youth Day: Turkey.

Flag Day: Finland.

20th May

National Day: Cameroon.

Party Day: Zaire.

21st May

Buddha's Day: South Korea.

Navy Day: Chile.

22nd May

Heroes' Day: Sri Lanka.

Sovereign Day: Haiti.

23rd May

Labour Day: Jamaica.

24th May

Bermuda Day: Bermuda.

Culture Day: Bulgaria.

Independence Battle Day: Ecuador.

25th May

Memorial Day: United States of America

Africa Day: Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Independence Day: Eritrea, Jordan.

Liberation of African Continent Day: Gabon.

National Day: Argentina.

Revolution Day: Sudan.

26th May

Constitution Day: Denmark.

Holy Spirit Day: Greece.

Independence Day: Guyana.

27th May

Kataklysmos: Cyprus.

28th May

Waisak Day: Indonesia.

31st May

Regiment Day: Brunei.

Republic Day: South Africa.

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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Have you ever thought of using a spread sheet to track your ad results. We have had a few suggestions this week from members and readers. The most common suggestion and the one I liked, is to use an excel type program, place a text copy of the ad into a cell and section off rows of cells with columns based on days running and/or Views and hits that resulted. Others suggested the date that it started on each unique site the ad is showing on, as well as the locations for any attachments such as banners that are associated to the ad.

It is an excellent idea. There so many benefits to keeping track of every ad you have ever run using this method. The fact that you have all the information for an ad, even if the ad ran for only a short period of time it gives you the ability to analyze data on ads. You may discover ads that you had used in the past will work again as they will appear fresh when they have not been used in some time.

Keeping a copy and record of all your ads and the data relating to the ads will definitely contribute to your overall success. 

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Beginners Guide to Earning Money Online - How to Avoid Losing Your Money

By Anna P
To get to the point, I am writing this article because I am angry and somewhat disappointed with the human race! Having spent a couple of months researching money making ideas on the internet I am thoroughly let down. Should I be surprised at my age at the amount of people who are willing to give false and misleading information? I guess I should not be so stunned by the lack of morals in today’s society but I am.

Let me explain why I am so annoyed. Firstly I know that there are lots of people making money online today and why shouldn’t they? I am sure some are making their money in perfectly moral and legal ways. However the amount of people making money from the ignorance and misfortunes of others is unacceptable.

Now that I have set the scene and vented my anger, those of you wanting to start earning some money online, please note the following:
• DO NOT give your money to anyone online selling you a get rich quick scheme or an easy to earn money online scheme. Nobody on the internet is selling legitimate schemes; in the end what you get is nothing. Now if you want to ignore my advice, that’s fine because most of us like to learn from our mistakes, however don’t say I didn’t warn you. If I had the time to find out the law regarding these online crooks, then I would identify them name by name, but I don’t have the time (just yet!), so I rather assume that 99% are all in it to rip us off.

• Surveys – well that’s another scam altogether. Don’t take me wrong because there are companies willing to pay for your opinion but you have to be very cautious. Your best bet is to register with legitimate companies for example Ipsos which is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. You will notice that they do not promise to make you rich. So why register for online surveys? Well if you are looking to generate some extra cash from home then filling in a few online surveys at home might be useful but don’t expect more than a few pounds every month.

My tips are realistic and are scam free:
1. Build your own website either based on your own product or information that you know about and can write about. For example if you are a parent you might want to give some advice regarding parenting. Now this is not as straight forward as many people will have you believe and the hardest part is not actually building the site, the real challenge is getting visitors to your site. Believe me that you could end up building the most sophisticated site that looks great and never get a visitor.
2. Once you have built your website, you can make money in several ways:
a. Sell your own product for a profit.
b. Sign up to Google Ads and get paid to advertise.
c. Sign up to various Affiliates programs and get paid commission to sell their goods.
3. Drop Shipping is a good way to earn money online, again this is selling other peoples goods.
4. Lastly, find a job that you can actually do from home. There are companies paying people to work from home. Not a get rich scheme, a proper job with a salary (you are more likely to work on a self employed basis or on contract, but you will get paid).
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Now I bet you have read all this before, so nothing new? There are a few points that I want to add:
• If you do decide to start an online business, please be realistic. It needs time, research and persistence. Find something original if you can and learn the best way to promote your idea online. You are competing in a market that is vast; it’s not the local high street.
• Realistically it can take from 6 months to 2 years for any online business to make a profit or for a website to be searchable on the internet. Even if you were to buy a readymade website, it would still be up to you to get it up and running on the Internet.
• Stay focused and do not listen to the hype from people promising short cuts as long as you pay them, there are no short cuts. Sorry but there are no easy get rich schemes, ask anyone that has made it and they will tell you just how hard they really worked.
• Remember that Google is a very sophisticated machine; anyone who promises that they can rank your site quickly is lying. Google keeps checking your site and will rank it over time according to the content, the links and its popularity.
• The best way to be successful is to make a good website, add original content, keep it up to date, enjoy what you are doing so that you can keep it up and keep on learning.
• One of the best ways to learn is to buy some books, they are cheaper than what you will find online and usually the authors are experts in their field. At least you will know where your money is going.

I would like to be a bit more concise by giving more advice but this is such a vast subject that it would take a lot more than an article. I am building as much information as possible on my website which I provide for free. It’s still in its early stages and I am still learning. I started out trying to make money but now am just in it to hopefully raise awareness, if I make some money on the side then that’s fine. I am lucky enough to have a good job and some property, so am not desperate to make money online. I have not really lost any money because I have researched everything beforehand but there have been times when I almost clicked the button!

I hope this article helps raise awareness and stops people losing their hard earned cash.


About the Author:
Anna P is a teacher and an IT graduate with a Masters in Teaching. She writes for various reasons but mainly to raise awareness of the pitfalls of starting an online business. Her writing is straight to the point and honest. Anna has set up a website with information for people wanting to start earning money online and to help pay off their debts.

To read more about this topic please visit my website:

Article Source: http://www.1888articles.com


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 How Training Can Change Your Online Business

By Danielle Brown
If you are an online business entrepreneur then you know that the difference between a failing online business venture and a successful one is the customer traffic. It does not matter what product you have, if you cannot market it and draw enough people to your portal to see your product and make a purchase. It will not matter even if you have the world's best product and the most revolutionary online business training module to sell, the online entrepreneur with a second rate product and better marketing skills will beat you at your game.

This does not mean that you can get away with selling just about anything on the internet. People are not fools and they will buy quality products, however, it is necessary that you draw a lot of attention to yourself and cause people to visit your website and buy your product, especially if you are backing a good idea, service or product.

To do this you have to use marketing. If you do not have any marketing skills and have failed to push your business forward and now feel that you are being crushed by those online businesses with better marketing strategies, do not worry. It is never too late to turn the tide where an internet business is concerned.

There are many training programs on offer by online entrepreneurs and online millionaires ready to share their secrets. You can purchase these training programs or sign for a training package and learn all that you need to know.

Another key to success is advertising and this walks hand in hand with marketing. You can advertise your business through press releases and affiliate marketing. You can also use advertising from other mediums to generate money.

One of these would be 'pay per click' (PPC), which is an online advertising method where the host gets paid by the advertiser only when the ads are clicked on. This has lead to websites employing people for clicking on the ads which are advertised on their websites. One of the largest PPC providers is Google AdWords, which has even helped bloggers mint money through PPC.

This is just one example. There are many other online business models, marketing strategies advertising gimmicks and training programs that people follow to achieve success. All of these have churned out successful online entrepreneurs and made huge amounts of money for the common man or woman.


About the Author:
Danielle Brown is a business coach and mentor based out of Corona, CA that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Danielle and her team have assisted hundreds of people, from doctors and lawyers to high-school drop-outs and single parents in generating profits that exceed $250K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Danielle, visit: http://www.yourguideto6figures.com
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