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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #721
  Monday, November 2, 2009

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Worldwide Holidays for November 2009

1st November

All Saints' Day: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela.

Bullfighting Season: Peru.

Independence Day: Antigua & Barbuda.

Remembrance Day: Slovenia.

Revolution Day: Algeria.

2nd November

Memorial Day: Brazil, Ecuador.

3rd November

Culture Day: Japan.

Independence Day: Dominica, Panama, Ecuador.

4th November

John Paul's Nameday: Vatican.

5th November

Guy Fawkes' Day: Britain.

10th November

Anniversary of Ataturk's Death: Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, (1881-1938), Turkish soldier, nationalist leader, and statesman, who founded the republic of Turkey and was its first president (1923-1938). The name Atatürk (Father Turk) was bestowed upon him in 1934 by the Grand National Assembly as a tribute for his unique service to the Turkish nation.

11th November

Armistice Day: Belgium, France, French Polynesia.

Independence Day: Angola.

Independence of Cartagena: Colombia.

King's Birthday: Bhutan.

Remembrance Day: Bermuda, Canada.

Republic Day: Maldives.

Veterans Day: United States of America.

12th November

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday: Taiwan.

15th November

King's Birthday: Belgium.

Peace Day: Ivory Coast.

Proclamation of the Republic: Brazil.

17th November

Army Day: Zaire.

Prince Charles' Birthday: UK.

18th November

Independence Day: Morocco.

National Day: Oman.

Vertieres' Day: Haiti.

19th November

Army Coup Day: Mali.

Discovery Day: Puerto Rico.

Garifuna Settlement Day: Belize.

Prince Ranier's Day: Monaco.

20th November

Revolution Anniversary: Mexico.

22nd November

Independence Day: Lebanon.

24th November

New Regime Anniversary: Zaire.

25th November

Independence Day: Suriname.

28th November

Independence Day: Albania, Mauritania, Panama.

Republic Day: Burundi, Chad.

29th November

National Day: Poland.

30th November

Heroes Day: Philippines.

Independence Day: Barbados.

National Day: Benin.

St. Andrew's Day: Scotland.

**We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

It is the beginning of the month, have you seen Adlandpro's November Special?

Without sounding to cliché, 2009 was a rollercoaster for most countries economies, it was an up and down year and for most there was a slight contraction. However, there is optimistic signs for 2010 such as IMF posting the 2010 GDP figures (below) with overall World GDP to be 2.5% which is an improvement from the -1.4 forecast for 2009. Another positive sign that will boost consumer confidence and public trust is that fewer governments will be dealing with private sector bailouts, because they have already dealt with a majority and it is more likely a sink or swim for the rest.

Overall all some of the countries with notable changes are:

Country 2009 Forecast 2010 Forecast

United States












United Kingdom






Russia -6.5   1.5
China  7.5   8.5
India  5.4   6.5
Middle East  2.0   3.7
Brazil -1.3   2.5
Mexico -7.3   3.0

The numbers are important in the fact that almost all the G20 Nations will be seeing positive growth for 2010 and it's probably the best forecast since early 2007 with all trending upward. This can also be seen as a time when you should really start looking at how you advertise and use positive reports like this above to support and reflect your advertising promotions.     

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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The Six Laws of Small Business Advertising

By Frank C Liz
If you want to successfully advertise your small business, follow these six laws:

1. Convey one message clearly.

Clearly tell your target audience your one main message. Don't confuse them with too many ideas. If you can impart your main message in no more than three seconds, your target audience will more easily understand your business and what you offer.

2. Make your message believable and real.

People tend to dread advertising. Your prospective clients might have an aversion or even distrust of any advertising. So much so, that if your message even hints at dishonesty, they will immediately disapprove and disregard you. Therefore, make sure any claims you make are honest and real. People generally sniff out anything underhanded and will avoid advertising they don't trust.

3. Test, test, and test again.

Small businesses can't usually afford to waste money and effort on ineffective advertising. Before launching a full advertising campaign, test it to measure its effectiveness. One simple testing method is to ask around if potential customers have heard about your product, and if so, how.

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4. Don't forget your contact information.

Every bit of marketing material you release--from simple black-and-white flyers to full color, full page magazine ads--needs to contain all of your contact information, to increase the ability of your target audience to reach you. While that may seem obvious, you'd be surprised how many advertisers forget this important point. Don't be one of them!

5. Match your advertising to your target market.

Targeting your marketing efforts toward your "perfect customer" eliminates waste and helps you to focus your message. Decide who your "perfect customer" is, then hone your message directly for them.

6. Use advertising to generate interest and curiosity.

Advertising alone generally does not do the selling. Advertising actually creates interest and curiosity, causing your target customer to want to know more about your business and products or services. Successful advertising generates a need to know more.

These six laws of small business advertising all boil down to one main principle: your success is based on the message you convey. A clear, honest, and precise message directed toward your target customers will bring success; and no amount of money can make up for a muddled message.


About the Author:

Frank Liz helps people focus their marketing to their target audience and help their small businesses succeed with his company, Skyrocket Revenues. If you own a small business, and want to know how to target your customers, go to http://www.skyrocketrevenues.com/seo.html to read my free guidebook, "7 Simple Steps to SkyRocket Your Revenues."

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frank_C_Liz


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 10 Absolutely Essential eBusiness Building Principles

By Tom Klos
Does starting an eBusiness appeal to you? Or are you struggling with an existing eBusiness? For most entrepreneurs, the opportunity of running and operating a business from anywhere with an Internet connection is too enticing to pass up. The excitement, however, soon deflates as the hard work of making an eBusiness successful becomes reality. Here are the top 10 absolutely essential principles to make your eBusiness a success:

1. Find a need and address it
2. Leverage existing services - YouTube, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
3. Use what you know and love - this will help you become an authority in the area and help you persevere in hard times.
4. Use offline marketing - advertise in newspapers, use business cards and print materials, etc.
5. Be patient
6. Choose a domain name wisely - dot com is best. The shorter and easy to remember and spell the better.
7. Content is key - write clear Web copy that is not cold and impersonal.
8. Have a call to action - make it easy for visitors to buy and contact you.
9. Build trust and confidence - show your address and telephone number. Use testimonials.
10. Build a professional website - it doesn't need to be a complex website. In fact, simple designs that are clean with easy-to-use navigation and that make good use of white space and color are best.

There is no magic formula. Nothing replaces hard work but hard work must be well directed and spent. The aforementioned 10 principles will help you get a solid footing on starting and building your eBusiness.


About the Author:

For more elaborate explanations on the above 10 principles visit TheBizPages.com where you can read the entire series on this subject. Visit TheBizPages.com for small business news and tips, and to read the full series on this topic. For small business accounting services visit Small Biz Pros at smallbizpros.ca. Tom is a professional writer, marketer and Web developer. He's been involved in Web publishing since 1995 and operates a number of Web properties. He specializes in Search Engine Marketing, Spanish language studies, and travel in Latin America.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Tom_Klos

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