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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #725
  Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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Worldwide Holidays for November 2009

1st November

All Saints' Day: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, French Polynesia, Gabon, Germany, Italy, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Seychelles, Spain, Switzerland, Venezuela.

Bullfighting Season: Peru.

Independence Day: Antigua & Barbuda.

Remembrance Day: Slovenia.

Revolution Day: Algeria.

2nd November

Memorial Day: Brazil, Ecuador.

3rd November

Culture Day: Japan.

Independence Day: Dominica, Panama, Ecuador.

4th November

John Paul's Nameday: Vatican.

5th November

Guy Fawkes' Day: Britain.


10th November

Anniversary of Ataturk's Death: Turkey.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, (1881-1938), Turkish soldier, nationalist leader, and statesman, who founded the republic of Turkey and was its first president (1923-1938). The name Atatürk (Father Turk) was bestowed upon him in 1934 by the Grand National Assembly as a tribute for his unique service to the Turkish nation.

11th November

Armistice Day: Belgium, France, French Polynesia.

Independence Day: Angola.

Independence of Cartagena: Colombia.

King's Birthday: Bhutan.

Remembrance Day: Bermuda, Canada.

Republic Day: Maldives.

Veterans Day: United States of America.

12th November

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Birthday: Taiwan.

15th November

King's Birthday: Belgium.

Peace Day: Ivory Coast.

Proclamation of the Republic: Brazil.

17th November

Army Day: Zaire.

Prince Charles' Birthday: UK.

18th November

Independence Day: Morocco.

National Day: Oman.

Vertieres' Day: Haiti.

19th November

Army Coup Day: Mali.

Discovery Day: Puerto Rico.

Garifuna Settlement Day: Belize.

Prince Ranier's Day: Monaco.

20th November

Revolution Anniversary: Mexico.

22nd November

Independence Day: Lebanon.

24th November

New Regime Anniversary: Zaire.

25th November

Independence Day: Suriname.

28th November

Independence Day: Albania, Mauritania, Panama.

Republic Day: Burundi, Chad.

30th November

Heroes Day: Philippines.

Independence Day: Barbados.

National Day: Benin.

St. Andrew's Day: Scotland.

**We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Have you thought about new ad campaigns for the New Year? This is the time to be  working on them so they are ready to roll out for the beginning of next year. It is also a good time to offer products or services at a discounted rate if you are able to, there are a large number of people who actually go out looking for deals after the holidays.

So if you are in the position to make that type of offer with one of your products/services it is not a bad idea to set up an advertising campaign built around it. People love to get a bargain but they love talking about it more, so make sure you brand them by implementing your company name or website into the offer so when they tell the story about the great deal they found to others, the "others" will be able to find you easily.  

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


Special Guest Articles

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Tips on How to Increase Your Small Business Revenue

By Jan Baron 
Starting out with your small business in the internet can be tricky. Trying to increase your revenue for your business website is just as hard as having a business on the real world. The internet is the newest medium in spreading business, products and services and the competition on the World Wide Web is very step. With your small business, you have to take advantage of every opportunity and try to take whatever edge you can to get ahead of the game. These are an example of some small business internet marketing tips

1. Find your purpose. Know about your website and know what you're business is trying to accomplish. Find what you're strong points are and try to set goals for a specific amount of time.

2) You will often hear the expression "Content is King". Take a look at your website's content and evaluate if it's what you want to say. See if it reflects what you're website is trying to do and if the copy is good enough to represent your business.

3. Analytics and tracking. Studying your business and how it works is business 101. With analytics you can examine the number of visitor and how your site operates online. There are websites that offer free analytics for your websites as well as tracker that record all visitors and clicks as well as all pertinent information.

4) Take advantage of free local business directories on the internet. There is a lot of local business directories found online and most of these directories offer to list your business for free. It is important to list your business to be able to increase your base customers and boost the revenue for your business.

5. SEO writing. SEO writers make it their business to optimize your website and improve your traffic. Website search engine optimization can tremendously help with increasing your revenue. You can usually find SEO writers on the internet and you can hire to either optimize your website or look over the content of your website.

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6. Check out competition. As with normal businesses, its good strategy to check out your competition. Visit your competitor's websites and check out how they set up their businesses. Do searches for keywords of your business and other related topics. This is a great way to get ideas and have a grasp on where you stand among your competitors.

7. Blog. Every business can only gain from starting to blog. You can engage customers in dialogue and a way to connect to your customers. Blogging is also a SEO opportunity and also exposes your website to wider array of web browsers.

8) Place a link in your websites that allow your visitors to contact you and give them a chance to provide feedback. Feedback is important in that, it allows you to find out what your customers think of your website and your business. Try Pay Per Click advertising PPC and you will never regret the income that will flow into you.

9. Join social networks. Joining social networks is a great way of exposing your product and service. With social networking websites, you can add your usual customers and local friends who support your business. You can also pursue other customers who may be interested in your business.

These small business internet marketing tips would really mean a lot to your enterprise. The way to go is through Search Engine Optimization and good content and you will be able to establish your niche in cyberspace.


About the Author:

Know how to increase your local traffic extremely with the help of Internet Marketing Expert Consultants through the website, http://www.smallbusinessinternetsecrets.net. This website teaches the website owners to increase your website traffic even in times of recession.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jan_Baron


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 How Do You Handle Unresponsive Prospects Who Request Information But Never Respond Back?

By Lisa Mininni
It can be frustrating when you invest your time and energy on potential clients who have requested information but haven't responded back. You've heard that expression, if you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got. This request-response-wait model is time consuming and an unproductive use of time.

It is important to change the cycle you've created. Many business owners (new and seasoned) fall into the trap of responding to information requests and never hear back.

Keep these tips in mind as you change your process/approach:

1. Develop a system where prospects self-select as preferred clients.

Face it. Not everyone who requests information from you is your preferred client. It is important to pre-qualify your prospects so that by the time you have a conversation, they know all about you, have seen testimonials and results from other clients, and your message clearly helps them self-select. You must be very specific about your preferred client. Many business owners are not utilizing their website to help pre-qualify; however, when you do, this process saves you (and your prospects) time and energy.

2. Ask questions in the pre-qualification process to find out what your client really wants/needs.

Some entrepreneurs try to squeeze in a conversation from a prospect as soon as that prospect calls. You're doing in injustice to the prospect and to yourself because you haven't given the prospect appropriate time and you may not be fully present in the conversation as you think about the next appointment you have scheduled. When the prospect calls, ask if they've been on your website (assuming you have a pre-qualification process in place.) Schedule a meeting with them after they've reviewed the pre-qualification area. Send them a pre-meeting questionnaire with open-ended questions to learn more about them and their needs and wants.

Often times, businesses owners who offer services, make the mistake of guessing, after a short conversation, what the client needs or wants. Find out specifically their short- and long-term goals. Ask them what they want "it" (the "after" picture) to look like after working with you. With a carefully constructed self-select and pre-meeting process, you can identify the solution together making the conversation more productive and helping your prospects make an educated decision.

3. Schedule a follow up meeting.

Many business owners fail to schedule a follow up time with their prospects leaving an open-ended, "I'll follow up with you" statement. Without a date, it doesn't happen. Set expectations up front and set a specific date and time for follow up so each of you are utilizing your time and energy efficiently.

4. Propose clear, simple options, and Keep It Super Simple.

Don't cloud your programs or packages with complexities. Use the KISS method - Keep It Super Simple using bullet points and short sentences to describe the benefits. Remember to:

Give options so that the prospect has a choice. You don't want to have only one solution or package - it leaves the decision with a yes or no (and go) option.

Provide a range of prices so that if the prospect simply can't afford a certain-priced product, you have other choices where they can still work with you.

Name your packages. Don't use "the $8,500 Program." Call it "Fast Track or Premium Package" and respond to the package by its name.

Successful entrepreneurs realize that they must execute the right plan, the right process and right system to see profitable and sustainable changes in their business.


About the Author:

Lisa Mininni is best-selling author of Me, Myself, and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change and President of Excellerate Associates, home of the Entrepreneurial Edge System(TM). Lisa is a sought-after business coach particularly because of her unique systems approach to building a sustainable business. For the Free Excellerator E-zine, visit http://www.excellerateassociates.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lisa_Mininni

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