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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #742
  Friday, February 26, 2010

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Worldwide Holidays for February 2010

1st February

Confederal Agreement Day: Senegal.

3rd February

Heroes' Day: Mozambique.

San Blas: Paraguay.

4th February

Independence Day: Sri Lanka.

CCM Day: Tanzania.

5th February

Constitution Day: Mexico.

President's Day: Congo.

6th February

Waitangi Day: New Zealand.

7th February

Independence Day: Grenada.

8th February

Culture Day: Slovenia.

Revolution Anniversary: Iraq.

Virgen de la Candelaria: Puno, Peru.

Youth Day: Congo.

9th February

Feast of Saint Maron: Lebanon.

10th February

Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck: Malta.

11th February

Armed Forces Day: Liberia.

Makha Bucha Day: Thailand.

National Foundation Day: Japan.

Youth Day: Cameroon.

12th February

Lincoln's Birthday: United States of America.

Union Day: Myanmar.

14th February

St. Valentine's Day.

Tet and Chinese New Year (Year of the Tiger): Vietnam.

Chinese Spring Festival: Mauritius.

15th February

Folklore Day: South Korea.

Presidents' Day: United States of America.

Provincial Holiday: Most Canadian Provinces and Territories.

18th February

Independence Day: Gambia.

General Holiday, Various Provinces: Canada

19th February

National Day: Nepal.

21st February

Shaheed Day: Bangladesh.

22nd February

Independence Day: Saint Lucia.

Union Day: Egypt.

Washington's Birthday: United States of America.

23rd February

National Day: Brunei.

Republic Day: Guyana.

25th February

National Day: Kuwait.

People Power Day: Philippines.

27th February

Independence Day: Dominican Republic.

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Barry Scott -Digest Editor

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You will see a list of at least 4 names to vote on every week. As a member you can vote by selecting one of the members from the voting list and each has a link to their profile so you can look it over. The member with the most votes at the close will be Person of the Week. It is a great way to make friends and introduce yourself to other members.

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The 7 Critical Elements You Need to Know Before Starting an Online Business

By Jason Cercone
There are literally thousands of opportunities available if you're looking to make money from home and start an online business. Whether you're passion lays in marketing, travel, health and wellness, wealth management, or other areas, there's an opportunity for you to sink your teeth into.

But as you set out down the path of an entrepreneur, there are some important elements that should capture your attention.

Many people want to work from home, generate additional income, build a business on their own terms, and 'fire' their boss. Regardless of your reasons, the lifestyle that can be created from starting your own online business can truly be prosperous. But it's imperative you approach your venture in a way that ensures long-term growth, stability, and success.

Network Marketing and Direct Sales have provided the foundation on which countless people have started their own successful businesses from the comfort of their own home. In fact, approximately 79 million people will be looking to start a home business in the next three years. And the majority of those people are going to look to do it through a Network Marketing/Direct Sales model, according to Forbes Magazine.

Even Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have gone on-record saying that if they had to do it all over again, they would create their fortunes in network marketing.

Having two established, self-made billionaires plug the industry is a great thing. But it's important for you, as an entrepreneur, to understand that 'hype' only goes so far.

You need to look for substance, and finding it means a great deal of due diligence and research on your part. You owe it to yourself to see passed the income and 'revolutionary' product claims and find an opportunity that will allow you to become a successful business owner.

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The following are seven critical elements you need to know before starting an online business:

1) Find a business with unique, in-demand products - How many ads have you seen for different energy drink or juice companies? How many companies are telling you they have the "most revolutionary product known to man" or how they've improved upon something that's been in existence for years?

Be careful. The market is very saturated with certain products and you want to be sure you partner with a company whose product is not laced with 'hype' or has dozens of similar products next to it on the shelf. You want to be sure your product is unique and high in-demand.

2) Find a compensation plan with big front-end AND back-end commissions - Many companies have either high front-end commissions with low back-end residual income potential, or vice versa. In order to ensure you'll get paid for your efforts up front and be able to take a vacation from your business once its established, you want to make sure the compensation plan supports you on both ends.

3) You MUST have a marketing system - Regardless of how great your product and opportunity are, you will make ZERO sales and be dead in the water unless you have a system that generates leads and gets your opportunity in front of your audience.

4) Strong Company Management - Nothing is more disheartening than spending your precious time building your business, creating a residual income, then seeing it VANISH overnight because the company managers/owners take off to an island somewhere with all the profits. You want to be sure the managers have a proven track record and are building towards the future.

5) Global Expansion - Eventually, if there's no room for the company to grow, the competition will become too fierce and distributors will literally be crawling over one another trying to build their businesses. Opening up to other countries creates a brand new customer base, thus increasing your chances for long-term success.

6) Does the Company Give Back? - Is the company preparing for the future or simply looking to make a quick buck? Companies preparing for the long haul give back to their distributors that are building the company.

7) Does the Company Have a Staff and Support System in Place?It's not easy to build a successful home business on your own, so having a support system in place, as well as a staff that can help you understand your products, is key. It gives you backup for training, leadership, and sales.

Once you've uncovered these seven elements, you will have a blueprint to help you decide whether the product and opportunity are worth your time. You'll be able to determine whether long-term stability are possible if you represent the company you're looking at, as well as whether or not you can utilize this company as a springboard to your own personal level of success.


About the Author:

I am a full-time Internet Marketing Success Mentor and am looking to work with serious, dedicated entrepreneurs who want the most out of life and will do whatever it takes to get it. These seven factors are broken down in full detail in "The 7 Critical Elements You Need to Know Before Starting an Online Business." They can save you time and money as you launch your own personal enterprise. You can pick up a FREE COPY of this must-have e-book today. Just CLICK HERE

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jason_Cercone


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 Simple Ways of Making Use of Promotional Products Online

By Omkarnath Shastri
There is so much competition on the internet that it becomes difficult to differentiate between two companies. In fact, most companies look pretty much the same. Internet marketers have failed to utilize this very aspect of promotional products to its right limit.

These products are regular, everyday items used for the purpose of promotion. They are printed with the company name, slogan, logo and website address. One of the first things that come to people's mind is promotional t-shirts, but there are plenty of other things to choose from for this particular purpose. Promotion of company's website: Mostly, internet marketers avoid this concept and idea. It is suggested that whatever product you choose, you include the website address of the company.

Finding the right product: There are products which you can use that will specifically complement your business. All you need to do is look for them in the right place.

Free contests and drawings: Internet marketers need to realize that they can get more and more people to sign up for the newsletter by holding monthly, daily and weekly drawing contests. The winners of these drawing contests can be given products with the URL address written over them. And if you are able to get hold of a product that justifies your business, then more people will sign up for the business.

Motivating customers to purchase more: You can always entice customers to buy more by handing out these products. If you give them as free gifts, people will feel excited to buy more things from you. You can even hand them a package of e books.

Reward your best affiliates: You can always thank your affiliates by giving them these products. This portrays that you appreciate their love and support. One can also send these to their affiliate partners when they achieve a particular target.

So, avail the chance today. Get hold of some of these products. It is guaranteed that your business will reach greater heights and more people will take notice of your firm.


About the Author:

Omkarnath Shastri is an Ezine Articles Expert Author. For any help on promotional product, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the promotional items!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Omkarnath_Shastri

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