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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #766
  Friday, July 16, 2010

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for July 2010

1st July

Canada Day.

Communist Party Foundation: People's Republic of China.

Family Day: Lesotho.

Freedom Day: Suriname.

Heroes' Day: Zambia.

Independence Day: Burundi, Rwanda.

Republic Day: Ghana.

St. Peter's and St. Paul's Day: Colombia.

Union Day: Somalia.

2nd July

Il Palio, Siena:
Continuing in ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, Italy, every July 2nd and August 16th.

Unity Day: Zambia.

4th July

Independence Day: United States of America.

United States Friendship Day: Philippines.

5th July

Independence Day: Algeria, Cape Verde, Venezuela.

Unity Day: Rwanda.

6th July

Independence Day: Comoros.

Republic Day: Malawi.

7th July

Constitution Day: Cayman Islands.

Independence Day: Solomon Islands.

Serbian Day: Former Yugoslavia.

9th July

Independence Day: Argentina, Bahamas.

11th July

Revolution Day: Mongolia.

12th July

National Day: Sao Tome.

Orangeman's Day: Ireland.

14th July

Bastille Day: France.

National Day: Iraq.

15th July

Sultan's Birthday: Brunei.

17th July

Independence Day: Slovakia.

Revolution Day: Iraq.

Rivera Day: Puerto Rico.

18th July

Constitution Day: Uruguay.

19th July

Independence Day: Laos.

Martyr's Day: Burma.

Sandinista Day: Nicaragua.

20th July

Day of the Sea: Japan.

Independence Day: Colombia.

21st July

Liberation Day: Guam, Poland.

23rd July

Revolution Day: Egypt.

24th July

Simon Bolivar Day: Ecuador, Venezuela.

25th July

Constitution Day: Puerto Rico.

Guanacaste Day: Costa Rica.

Republic Day: Tunisia.

Revolution Day: Cuba.

Santiago Day: Spain.

26th July

Independence Day: Liberia, Maldives, Puerto Rico.

Revolution Day: Cuba.

28th July

Independence Day: Peru.

30th July

Independence Day: Vanuatu.

Somers' Day: Bermuda - two day cricket game between the western and eastern sides of the Islands of Bermuda.

31st July

Emancipation Day: Bermuda.

We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Here are a few tips that can help you decide the best areas to concentrate your ads, keep in mind you should always run general advertising but it should be complimented with a Targeted area of advertising. Knowing everything there is to know about what your product/service offers is an absolute must. Buyers will ask questions, you need to give them the answers they need without hesitation.

The ability to reach the market and that it make sense to offer the product or services to these markets is based on your knowledge. If you know your product inside out, then you should know who this is going to appeal to and what benefits it will provide.

The target market is not going to come to you; you have got to go to them! Set up blogs related to the target audience’s interests and introduce the product you have. Join related forums, do not oversell, a straight forward this is what I have post should generate enough responses that you won’t have to do much more than answer questions. If you have any testimonials you could post them in your ads or blogs.

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Top Ten Tips to Become a Better Blogger

By Adrian T Brown
Make The Headline Grab The Reader's Attention
Become a better blogger - Very few readers will ever bother to read a post whose headline doesn't entice them in some way, either by promising them a benefit for themselves or arousing their curiosity. Make your headlines attention grabbers that stop your readers dead in their tracks and make them want to find out more.

Make The Layout Clear And Easy To Read
Readers are likely to skim through your post, therefore it is pleasing to your readers to see bullet points and numbers like this article. Make your paragraphs short, which is more appealing to the eyes. Write for effect, not for an English test.

Write Like You Are Talking To Your Friends
Not everyone has the talents of a writer, but nearly everyone is capable of writing clearly. Do not try to impress you reader how eloquent you can be. He might be overwhelmed by the exuberance of your verbosity. If you're not a gifted writer, it's no big deal. One of the great characteristics of blogging is that it's a personal medium of communication.

Know Clearly What You Want To Communicate
A writing coach wrote, "Tell people what you're going to say, say it, then tell them what you just said." To become a better blogger you need to ask yourself the simple question, "What's the story about?" If you can't answer easily, your reader might have problems too.

Keep It Short And Sweet
Don't be lead astray in the length of your posts. They don't have to be long. They can be succinct thoughts or highlights of news regarding your niche. The important thing is to make them interesting. For the purposes of a better blogger, short and simple usually works best.

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Let Your Personality Stands Out
Don't be a copy cat. Let your voice shine through. Give your blog your very own unique personality. Be yourself and let the world know the real you. Just focus on writing good content. Don't be influenced by a constant sales pitch. If you have good content, people will click to learn more about you and if you are genuine, people will like it.

Love And Enjoy What You Do
On becoming a better blogger, your topics need to be sustainable and something you are interested in so it does not become a chore to post. It is advisable to make your blog related to your niche. People will come back if you blog on a topic they are interested in. If necessary, have separate blogs for separate topics so you can maintain a niche audience.

Organize Your Points
Organize the points you want to make as subheadings or bullet points. This type of outlining will enable you to organize your thoughts sequentially. It will not work perfectly in all cases, for example when you are telling a story. But it's much easier to write when your thoughts are organized in a series of short presentation points.

Encourage Your Readers To Comment
Make provision for comments. they create the viral effect by allowing your readers to interact with you. You will also want to research and comment on relevant industry related blogs. Make it a practice to encourage comments from readers and answer any queries.

Make Your Post Asks For Some Action.
This is probably the most overlooked part of writing an effective post. It must be absolutely clear what is the next move you want your reader to make.


About the Author:

Like click here to get more information how to become a master blogger Final Verdict: if you are out there in the blogging business and want to become a master blogger and make money the easy way, then I highly recommend Blogging To The Bank 2010.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Adrian_T_Brown


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 7 Ways to Increase Business Revenue

By Mark Polman
While this article may sound like a slap in the face for some business owners; it is not intended as such. Following are seven ways you can increase your business revenue (or save money) that you may not have thought of.

#1 - Increase your prices.

This might seem like a stupid thing to say - however, it is one of the most overlooked. If you are selling a lot of a particular item and you wish to make more money from it then it is really that simple. If the product is as good as you think it is and people like it, then they will pay what it costs.

#2 - Lower your prices.

This is a stark contradiction of the first point. If you are not selling enough of a particular item, then reduce the price. Look around to see how much your competitors are selling it for and then adjust your price accordingly.

#3 - Downsize your office.

If you have staff that you can't afford to pay then that would be one way to downsize. Another way is to actually move to a smaller office. It will likely cost you less because the office is smaller and you will probably find your electricity costs come down too because you don't have such a large area to keep lit.

#4 - Advertise more.

If you are not getting the sales you need then it might because people don't know you exist. Find alternate means to advertise, test the waters a little. Some advertising methods I have tried which seem to have failed for me involve newspapers, radio airtime and having a website with poor search engine optimisation. You can turn this around however, get someone to start optimising your website to get a higher search engine ranking, buy some Google AdWords credit and try other forms of advertising like mailing out a flyer that offers a special deal on your products.

#5 - Out source some of your work to a cheaper work force.

If you need some data entry or other basic computer work then outsource it to a country that can offer you a cheaper rate. This can also help with search engine optimisation where you might need to submit your website to multiple web directories.

#6 - Look around for a way to diversify what your company does.

Many print media companies have made a transition to providing their material online. This is one way they have managed to save their businesses as print media is dying. What way can you change the way your company offers a product or even consider offering a new product to compliment your current products.

#7 - Approach a business mentoring expert.

There are people out there that make it their job to help improve the way a company operates. Have a look around and see if you can help you modify how you run your business so it is more profitable. Don't assume you have tried everything before asking for an expert opinion.


About the Author:

Mark Polman is an expert in the field of business management and finance. Some of these ideas may seem straight forward and any small business coaching organisation will probably be able to give you even more ideas. A Melbourne business coaching organisation may be able to help you further.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mark_Polman

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