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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #770
  Saturday, August 7, 2010

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for August 2010

1st August

Confederation Day: Switzerland.

Emancipation Day: Trinidad & Tobago.

People's Liberation Army Day: China.

2nd August

Discovery Day: Trinidad.

Freedom Day: Guyana.

3rd August

Independence Day: Niger.

Martyrs' Day: Guinea.

4th August

Independence Day: Burkina Faso, Jamaica.

5th August

Workers' Day: Iceland.

6th August

Accession Day: United Arab Emirates.

Farmer's Day: Zambia.

7th August

Battle of Boyaca: Colombia.

Republic Day: Ivory Coast.

8th August

Peace Day: Iraq.

9th August

Independence Day: Georgia.

National Day: Singapore.

10th August

Independence Day: Ecuador.

11th August

Heroes' Day: Zimbabwe.

Independence Day: Chad.

12th August

Queen's Birthday: Thailand.

Armed Forces Day: Zimbabwe.

13th August

Arequipa Week: Peru.

Independence Day: Central African Republic, Congo.

Women's Day: Tunisia.

14th August

Gohst Month begins: Taiwan.

Independence Day: Pakistan.

15th August

Independence Day: India.

National Day: Liechtenstein.

Republic Day: South Korea.

16th August

Il Palio, Siena:
Continuing in ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, Italy, every July 2nd and August 16th.

Independence Day: Gabon, Indonesia.

Republic Day: Dominican Republic.

17th August

Death of San Martin: Argentina.

18th August

Jashn: Afghanistan - celebrating liberation from the British, in 1919, and lasts for a week.

20th August

Istvan's Day - Celebrations marking the formation of Hungary.

Lovers' Day: Taiwan.

Independence Day: Senegal.

21st August

Independence Day in The Baltics:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

24th August

Independence Day: Russia.

National Day: Ukraine.

National Flag Day: Kazakhstan, Liberia.

25th August

Constitution Day: Paraguay.

Independence Day: Uruguay.

Independence Day: Belarus.

27th August

Independence Day: Moldova.

28th August

Chung Yuan Festival: Taiwan.

29th August

Independence Day: Uzbekistan.

30th August

Children's Day: Afghanistan.

St. Rose of Lima Day: Peru.

Victory Day: Turkey.

31st August

Independence Day: Kyrgyzstan, Trinidad & Tobago.

National Day: Malaysia.

Pashtunistan Day: Afghanistan

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Seven Suggestions to Effectively Organize Business

By John Long-View 
If you would like to attain your desired goals and be successful in business then here's 7 basic getting organized ideas to follow. All of them are crucial and I have noted that individuals who follow them are a great deal more successful, less pressured and overall, probably produce superior quality work. They are placed in the order of how simple they're to accomplish.

1. Write stuff down inside a book.

Putting into action this will be the the easiest tip. I use a simple system and it is proven speedy. I'm able to keep track of items that took place years ago by using this strategy. I can very easily recollect just who said exactly what in meetings and exactly who committed to doing what and by when. I can revisit thoughts that i had after i just woke up five years ago or when I was on vacation. I could see diagrams of relationships and strategies. I can see exactly how creative ideas started out and developed and were either successful or failures.Can you do that?

How I accomplish this is incredibly easy. I write stuff down in a book. I call this book my "Thinking Book".

2. Work in a Quiet space

If your labor requires thinking then you will need to focus. You have to be capable of getting down into the zone, or what ever you choose to refer to it. This can't be done when you are unable to focus 100%.

3. Arrange your Business paperwork

Many people have a desk stacked high with papers that is at risk of collapsing. Organising your business papers will make you feel far better for this. It is likely to take you a day or two to do properly..

4. Manage your business email messages

Email is usually fundamental to virtually any modern-day organization. I know that we are unable to operate without it. My company is nothing without e-mail. There's something else I have to say regarding email now that I have got that off my chest.

E-mail is largely a waste of precious time.

E-mail will control you unless you control them first. It is easy to spend loads of time writing, responding to, searching for and organizing emails. If you are successful you will be inundated with emails. They will drown you if you don't tame them.

It is relatively easy to organize your business email. It takes only a couple of hours and you only need to do it once and you will see the benefits for years.

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5. Follow a process to ensure that things get done.

In that respect there are a huge number of web sites that describe techniques to follow and manage business tasks. Techniques such as Franklin Covey, Filofax and GTD would be the large ones. A lot of people look at one for a time and then drop it. Nonetheless, find a thing which works for you and the added benefits are immense.

At the time of writing I have got 156 jobs which I want to complete. There is no way I could recall them all simultaneously. Most people can only keep in mind 7 items at any one moment. However I have a system to track all of them and I utilize it.

6. Work with only one project at a time.

This is really the most important rule to arrange business and yes it seems the simplest thing. It really is the most difficult to complete in practice, trust me. However whenever you can do that you will observe an immense boost in what you can achieve..

Stay targeted on what you really are doing and do not be diverted from it until it is accomplished. Carry out one task at any given time. Do it right until the job is completed. Do it nicely before you proceed to the following activity.

7. Leave a Time to Think in Every Day

It is a great benefit to take time out to think. This enables you to target your thoughts on the things that are mattering to you at the time. This helps you to gather your thoughts together. If you choose to invest five minutes chilling out or even an hour in complete reflection mode that is up to you. I would recommend that you do it, each and every day.

Personally, what I do is this: Anytime during the day I may frequently have a challenge which I will not have the answer for. When that occurs I will write it straight down inside my thinking book and try not to ponder over it for the remainder of the day. Afterwards, perhaps during my daily review, or later, I will spend time just chilling out whilst half thinking of the issue. I may well go for a walk or sit down doodling on some paper. Or it might involve working on some chore around the house. Either way I get the solution in the next 10 minutes in about 90% of these cases.

Getting your business organized is fairly straightforward and simply following these tips can make you much more productive and less stressed in your work.


About the Author:

If you are looking to make money from the internet or run a business online or offline then you will find plenty of interesting articles like this at http://www.long-view.com/.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=John_Long-View


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 The Importance of Banner Advertising

By Joe Dokter
If you own or operate a business, you know how important proper marketing is. Without the right marketing and advertising techniques, people will not know that your company exists and your business will suffer as a result. The importance of marketing remains the same from when you start the business all the way through the years you are open. From the first moment you are open to the public you need to make your presence known and try to spread word of your business as far as you can.

There are some very effective ways to do this, with one of the most effective involving the use of a banner ad. A banner ad is a form of advertising that is used online. Considering that most people spend at least a few hours out of each day online, it is not hard to figure out that this is where you want to put most of your focus. Banner ads are small advertisements on Web sites that work to get targeted traffic and build brand awareness.

To get started with this form of advertising, you first need to determine what information you want included in the ads. Hopefully, your company has some sort of logo or at least a memorable name. You want customers and potential customers to remember your business so having a memorable image or name is a key issue. Be creative. You don't want to have a picture or motto that is similar to someone else's. Just coming up with these basic details can take a very long time but it is important to get it just right.

The next step for banner advertising is to decide what type of banner advertising you want to use. There is Pay Per Click, which means the affiliate who allowed the ad to be placed on their site, receives their share of profits as soon as someone clicks on your advertisement. The problem with this method is that although the affiliate is helping send leads your way; there is no guarantee that customers are actually going to buy from you.

If you want to be sure you are spending your money wisely, you would probably prefer the Pay Per Sale method. This means the affiliate only gets money when a sale is made as a result of someone clicking on your advertisement. This means that you are literally only paying money out to the affiliate once you have made money as a result of their affiliation with your company. This is the most beneficial method for you because it means you are always getting your money is worth.

Using banner advertising is one of the best things any company can do to get its name out there. Even if you have just started up, it is a worthy investment for your company to put in the money and find affiliates to post your ads for you. The more people that know about your business, the more customers you will draw in and the more income you will generate.


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Common Technical Questions

I had purchased Traffic Exchange/Impression credits and they ran out and now it shows me as having negative credits, am I obligated to pay for those?

No. Our system for both the Traffic Exchange and the Impressions (Banner/Text) display will always overrun and produce a negative credit balance. The reason is that when the system is aware that you account is getting low on credits or you are at a level where it will get ready to stop, but it cannot account for the views that are in the queue as traffic to our site fluctuates on a daily basis.

So your Ad/Banner may be set up to run in the next few minutes and because we are dealing with 1000s of displays per hour the database cannot account for the credits that will be displayed in queue and will run regardless of the credit balance. Therefore the TE and Impressions will always run into the negative which works to the member's advantage as the member is not accountable for overdrawn credits.  

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