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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #778
  Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for October 2010

1st October

Armed Forces Day: South Korea.

Goodwill Day: Namibia.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Nigeria, Tuvalu.

National Day: Botswana.

National Day: China.
The official reception and celebration are held in the Great Hall of the People while various kinds of performances and operas are shown at all theatres.

Unification Day: Cameroon.

United Nations Day: Barbados.

2nd October

Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday: India.

Independence Day: Guinea.

3rd October

Foundation Day: South Korea.

Morazan Day: Honduras.

Unity Day: Germany.

4th October

Independence Day: Lesotho.

5th October

Republic Day: Portugal.

Sports Day: Lesotho.

6th October

Armed Forces Day: Egypt.

8th October

Battle of Angamos: Peru.

9th October

Independence Day: Uganda.

Independence of Guayaquil Day: Ecuador.

National Dignity Day: Peru.

10th October

Kruge Day: South Africa.

Moi Day: Kenya.

National Day: Taiwan.

11th October

Columbus Day: United States

Thanksgiving Day: Canada

Beginning of Independence War: Cuba.

Revolution Day: Panama.

12th October

Columbus Day:
Belize, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

Dia de La Raza: Mexico.

Discovery Day: Bahamas.

Discovery of America: Argentina.

Independence Day: Guinea.

13th October

Cession Day: Fiji.

14th October

Founders' Day: Zaire.

15th October

Evacuation Day: Tunisia.

Independence Day: Bosnia.

17th October

Dessalines Day: Haiti.

18th October

Lord of the Miracles: Lima, Peru.

20th October

Heroes' Day: Jamaica.

Kenyatta Day: Kenya.

Revolution Day: Guatemala.

21st October

Army Day: Honduras.

Overseas Chinese Day: Taiwan.

Revolution Day: Somalia.

22nd October

John Paul II Day: Vatican.

23rd October

Chulalongkorn Day: Thailand.

National Liberation Day: Egypt.

Revolution Day: Hungary.

24th October

Independence Day: Zambia.

Suez Victory Day: Egypt.

United Nations Day.

26th October

Government Day: Rwanda.

National Day: Austria.

Revolution Day: Benin.

27th October

Independence Day: Saint Vincent, Turkmenistan.

28th October

National Day: Cyprus.

National Holiday: Greece.

29th October

Cumhuriyet Bayrami: Turkey.
Commemorates the proclamation of the Republic in 1923.

National Youth Day: Liberia.

31st October

Chiang Kai-shek's Birthday: Taiwan.


Reformation Day: Slovenia.

We try to keep the dates as accurate as possible. Please let us know if there is an omission or incorrect date. Click Here


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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Tips On Finding your Target Market.

Here are a few tips that can help you decide the best areas to concentrate your ads, keep in mind you should always run general advertising but it should be complimented with a targeted area of advertising.

1. Knowing everything there is to know about what your product/service offers is an absolute must. Buyers will ask questions, you need to give them the answers they need without hesitation.

2. The ability to reach the market and that it make sense to offer the product or services to these markets is based on your knowledge. If you know your product inside out, then you should know who this is going to appeal to and what benefits it will provide.

3. The target market is not going to come to you; you have got to go to them! Set up blogs related to the target audience’s interests and introduce the product you have.

4. Join related forums and networks but do not oversell, a straight forward "this is what I have" post should generate enough responses that you won’t have to do much more than answer questions.

5. If you have any testimonials you could post them in your ads or blogs.

Cautions: do not make your blogs a gigantic ad, make sure you have relevant content in the blog or you will have no one returning to it. You have now introduced your product/service to the targeted market but keep this in mind: you have just started, you have to remember to evolve, refresh your company image with new ads, if ads stop working create new ads and get rid of the old ads, never let your company image or ads get old, just keep building off what you have started!

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Enhance Your Business With Social Networking

By Shaona Das
Social networking is at present considered as a powerful business tool that can enhance the marketing as well as branding power of a company or an individual. You can get to promote the products or services of your company through a wide array of these sites and can reach the maximum number of targeted audience. If you have a product to market to a certain class of people you can easily and effectively reach the target audience through the these tools at present. These tools make the social network marketing easy and effective.

Now let us take a quick look at the process that makes the social networking sites work for the benefit of the advertisers as well as the companies who want to create a brand image among its target audience. These sites provide a platform to meet and socialize with like minded people. As the like minded people or people with similar interest come together to form different groups you can directly approach that group to get a large number of potential customers. This is something that the conventional advertising can never get you and can be achieved through extensive social media marketing and business networking.

For example, if you are selling sports gears you can directly target the sports lover community in the sites and can reach your targeted customers directly. This will save you from a lot unfruitful work and expenses. This way social networking can prove to be very effective and quick way to get better business for less expenditure.

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But this is not only about marketing your product or brand to the targeted audience. On the other hand you can also start some good business networking through these sites. As many of the important business owners have their own account in the sites like LinkedIn, they can offer you the best business networking for B2B business. You can rope in more B2B customers just by increasing your business networking. The sites also offer you a great deal of information about a company its products and promotions. This can help you gather a better idea about the businesses of your clients.

The social networking sites can also do wonders to your office networking as well. You can create your own office group in the social networking sites and ask your colleagues to join in. this way you can increase interpersonal communication among the colleagues and encourage better relationship among them. It can also become a good way to channel out office gossip so that people can concentrate more on work. This way you can make the best use of this sites in business network, office networking as well as for promotion and branding of your goods and services.

However, this demands a lot of hard work and time. But you can still make the task easy by opting for several social media tools that make the mammoth task somewhat easy.

About the Author:

Shaona Das is an Ezine Articles Expert Author. Enjoy good social networking which can allow you to achieve your marketing and branding goal. You can enjoy the best office networking in this process.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shaona_Das


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 7 Killer Copy Writing Tips

By Dave Sherwin
I've been really focusing on copy writing lately, and have seven copy writing tips that I've gleaned from some great copy writers.

I realized I needed to work on my own copy writing when I did a webinar for my friend Kimball. We had an offer we wanted to present to his list, and I did the writing myself.

After reading it he basically said, "Let's not send people there, it won't convert." Nice. At least he was honest.

So I've been a good student, reviewed all my copy writing e-books and courses from over the years, and here's a handful of the best copy writing tips I've picked up:

1. Know your audience! Remember, you aren't trying to sell to everybody, you're trying to sell to your "Tribe," or those who are highly likely to buy from you. Who are those people? How old are they? Are they mostly women? Men? Old? Young? What common interests do they have? Identify your perfect prospect, and write to them.

2. Facts tell but stories sell. People love to read stories. A list of facts is boring- a good story is captivating. Good copy writing is often just a matter of telling a great story.

3. Write to one person, not to a group. This changes the "voice" of the writer, and makes it much more personal.

4. "FIB" your way through. "FIB" means turn Features Into Benefits. Create a two column sheet of paper and spend quality time brain storming on every feature of your offer on the left hand side. Then write out the benefit of each feature on the right hand side. The benefits are what you want to write about, not the features.

For example, a feature of a blogging course could be: we build a powerful, SEO friendly blog for you. The benefit could be written as: No site building skills required! We deliver you a traffic grabbing blog on a silver platter! Make it really obvious what's in it for them.

5. Do a "Brain Dump." Once you've identified all the benefits of your offer, write continuously and dump the whole story before starting the editing process. Write the whole thing, without giving any thought to grammar or spelling. Just write like crazy. Too many writers hamper their efforts by over-analyzing every sentence as they write. Better to just get it all out as fast as possible, then dial it in later.

6. People love to buy, but hate to be sold! Good copy writing invokes a desire to buy. Have somebody proof your writing and give you honest feed back about how compelling it is. Put your ego on the shelf and really listen to their feedback.

7. Prove it! Add testimonials, examples, and social validation. One of the reasons people don't buy is because of fear: fear of being ripped off or over-sold. Take away their fear by proving that what you offer is solid and proven.

About the Author:

Dave Sherwin is the founder of the Social Marketing Blackbox, semi fast triathlete, and writer.

Access his "members only" training area FREE at: http://socialmarketingblackbox.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dave_Sherwin

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