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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #798
  Thursday, March 17, 201

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for March 2011

1st March
Heroes' Day: Paraguay.

Independence Movement Day: South Korea.

2nd March
Adowa Day: Ethiopia.

Independence Day: Morocco.

Peasants' Day: Burma.

3rd March
Discovery Day: Guam.

Liberation Day: Bulgaria.

Martyr's Day: Malawi.

National Unity Day: Sudan.

4th March
Lantern Festival: Taiwan.

6th March
Independence Day: Ghana.

8th March
Congolese Women's Day: Congo.

Decoration Day: Liberia.

9th March
Baron Bliss Day: Belize.

Commonwealth Day: Gibraltar.

10th March
Labour Day: South Korea.

11th March
National Day: Lithuania.

12th March
Independence Day: Mauritius.

Renovation Day: Gabon.

13th March
National Day: Grenada.

Daylight Savings Begins: Where observed.

14th March
St. Joseph's Day: Colombia.

15th March
Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution (1848/49): Hungary.

J.J. Robert's Birthday: Liberia.

17th March
Nyepi Day: Indonesia.

St. Patrick's Day: Canada, Ireland, United States of America.

18th March
Aruba Day: Aruba.

Marien Ngouabi Day: Congo.

19th March
Youth Day: Zambia.

20th March
Independence Day: Tunisia.

Start of Spring: Europe.

21st March
Benito Juarez's Birthday: Mexico.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

22nd March
Abolition Day: Puerto Rico.

23rd March
Pakistan Day: Pakistan.

24th March
Africa Day: Zambia.

25th March
Annunciation: Liechtenstein.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Greece.

26th March
Independence Day: Bangladesh.

27th March
Armed Forces Day: Burma.

Evacuation Day: Angola.

29th March
Boganda Day: Central African Republic.

31st March
Freedom Day: Malta.

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Barry Scott -Digest Editor

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Special Guest Articles

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Important Aspects to Consider While You Write for a Blog to Optimize Your Business Site Article

By Kishan Lal Sharma
When it comes to write for a blog to publish your business site article one of the important aspects that determine the success of the site is the relevancy of the content with respect to the intent of the article that is being published. With a major proportion of a blog site having information related to the services of the online company, the chances of getting listed on the top slots in major search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing are on the higher side. It is therefore important to write a blog keeping in view the specific factors that can lead for a successful SEO campaign. Through the help of professional business writing services, your blogs get the best of marketing strategies which are needed to take your site to the top of the search engine results page.

SERP ratings are mainly determined by the link popularity which is achieved through high concentration of traffic towards your site that can lead to a surge in the rate of conversions and revenues for your business. The use of targeted keywords is crucial to any site, professional blog manager ensure the right keyword is assigned to your articles in order to get the most prospective clients to visit your blogs. The content on the other hand should also be equally appealing in order to make the visitor to stay on the page for more than the average time, thereby increasing the chances of conversions on the site.

A genuine way to write for a blog is to post content that is completely authentic and reliable; any information which is plagiarized will have serious implications on the fate of your site. With advanced indexing methods administered by leading search engines, the chances of business site article being marked as spam are higher if the site is found to practice some ethically unacceptable practices.

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The use of targeted keywords is crucial while you publish your business site article to get the most amount of traffic to your sites. The keywords are researched in advanced in order to ensure that the right results pop out whenever a user searches for an article using a specific keyword that is widely popular on various search engines. One of the fast catching trend when it comes to website optimization is to hire professional writers who can write for a blog and help you manage your blogs efficiently by providing the right results on a consistent basis.

With the use of business site article as important element to market your business strategically and ensure that your business reaches out to a maximum number of prospective clients, professional experts write for a blog keeping in view the results that are sought after. Business blogs present the true face of any business which helps in building a steady online business empire. When a professional writing service writes for a blog, the important resultant will be a high quality content which is authentic and makes use of the right keyword to improve the density of the users visiting your page.


About the Author:

The author is a tremendous resource for online content writing and SEO services. He offers his services to the company http://www.seolinkwheelers.com, an company that offers cost effective solutions in SEO.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kishan_Lal_Sharma


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Small Business Marketing Strategies: Copywriting and Calls to Action

By Paul CB Carter

Big companies can spend enormous sums on advertising. However, you can enhance your small business marketing strategy by applying some of the techniques that they use to get great sales conversions.

Copywriting is the art and skill of creating compelling sales text. It introduces your products or services to your customers, in terms of the benefits that will encourage customers to buy. Customers shouldn't have to do any work to decide how a product or service might benefit them.

With the speed of life these days, you have just a few short seconds to make an impact. This means that any ad or marketing copy will need to get straight to the point of the prospect's interest, and be very direct.

The four questions that every prospect asks when reading your copy are:


  • What is this (product or service)?
  • How much is it?
  • What is good about it?
  • Why do I want it?


Study the product or service. Write down the features. Features are facts, i.e. size, color, options etc. Now write down the benefits. Both features and benefits are important to selling, however benefits win the sale. If you know your prospect well, one of the benefits will leap out at you as the most obvious one. Use this in your headline.

Write your headline. Take your list of benefits and write 20 headlines. Put your headlines away for one day, and then come back to them. If you feel stuck for ideas about which headline will make your readers want to learn more - books like Joe Sugarman's 'The Adweek Copywriting Handbook' will walk you through the entire copywriting process. Mr Sugarman says that the headline needs to be written to encourage the reader to read the second line. According to David Ogilvy, the advertising guru, five times more people will read the headline than the copy body.

Write the body. Detail the features and benefits of the product or service. If you need inspiration, find an ad or copy that you feel inspires you. Then study it to discover what it is about it that makes you want to read more.

Use the AIDA sales technique. A = Attention. Demand attention with a powerful headline. I = Interest. Pique curiosity and create interest. D = Detail. Provide details about the product or service. A=Action. Call to action.

Anticipate consumer objections. Anticipate and deal with any potential objections before your reader raises them for you.

Add Testimonials. Testimonials add credibility. They can be very powerful and are often used as headlines.

Calls to Action. At the end of the copy, add your call to action. You need to tell your customer what you want them to do. If you want them to buy from you, then tell them so. If you add an element of urgency or a time pressure, this will most often result in more sales. For example - Order Now at 0-800-555-5555 or Call Us Now To Ask About Our Special Discount. To get ideas, study what the advertising material that big business circulate. They have spent time and money analyzing what works.

The internet (apart from a few images and videos) is made up of words. Learning good copywriting is essential for use in the small business marketing arsenal of tools.

About the Author:

Paul Carter is an experienced online marketing consultant. He has helped many businesses to build a social media marketing strategy through his online marketing consultancy business.

If you would like to know more about his online marketing service you can contact him at his site. He also provides marketing ideas, tips and white papers on his blog - go there now to see what he's got on offer today.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_CB_Carter

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