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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #809
  Saturday, June 11, 201

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for June 2011

1st June
Independence Day: Samoa.

Madaraka Day: Kenya.

National Day: Tunisia.

2nd June
Republic Day: Italy.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

3rd June
Foundation Day: Australia.

King's Birthday: Malaysia.

4th June
Independence Day: Tonga.

Labour Day: Bahamas.

Revolution Day: Ghana.

5th June
Constitution Day: Denmark.

Liberation Day: Seychelles.

President's Birthday: Guinea.

6th June
Constitution Day: Sweden.

Memorial Day: South Korea.

9th June
Independence Day: Argentina.

10th June
Army Day: Jordan.

National Day: Portugal.

Portugal Day: Macao.

11th June
National Day: Libya.

12th June
Chaco Peacel: Paraguay.

Independence Day: Philippines.

13th June
Vincent's Day: Germany.

14th June
Flag Day: United States of America.

15th June
Independence Day: Iceland.

18th June
Independence Day: Egypt.

19th June
Labour Day: Trinidad and Tobago.

20th June
Flag Day: Argentina.

22nd June
Midsummer's Day:
Festivals throughout Finland and Sweden.

23rd June
National Day: Luxembourg.

24th June
Carabobo Day: Venezuela.

Inti Raymi: Peru.

Saint John's Day: Andorra.

25th June
Independence Day: Croatia, Mozambique, Slovenia.

26th June
Independence Day: Madagascar, Somalia.

27th June
Independence Day: Djibouti.

Johannus Day: Finland.

Khal Phansa: Thailand.

28th June
Birthday of Kuan Kung (God of War): Taiwan.

29th June
Independence Day: Seychelles.

Saints Peter's and Paul's Day: Chile, Italy, Malta, Peru, Spain, Venezuela.

30th June
Army Day: Guatemala.

Bank Holiday: Sri Lanka

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Barry Scott -Digest Editor

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Use Success Stories to Sell Your Services

By Sydni Craig-Hart


As a service professional, an important element of your marketing strategy is to highlight why you are THE premier solutions provider for your target market. When you showcase your expertise and how others' lives and business have improved because of working with you, your services and products will be more compelling. You'll increase your visibility and you'll easily convert more prospects to clients.

But when you're showcasing what you do, you have to be very careful about HOW you present your experience and your solutions. Far too many service professionals focus on the mechanics of what they do when they are trying to sell their services. You don't want to make this mistake, because, honestly, people aren't that interested in HOW you do what you do. All they are really concerned about is getting from problem (point A) to solution (point B) in the easiest, quickest and the most affordable way possible. So you want to talk about your services in a way that acknowledges that and clearly conveys your value.

Here are three ways to be sure that you're explaining your expertise and your services in a way that is compelling for your audience.

1. Focus on the benefits and results - not how you achieve them.

When you go to a restaurant and sit down for your favorite meal, do you enjoy the meal or do you grill the waiter about how your meal was prepared, what training the chef received and where he got his ingredients? Chances are, you're just there to enjoy the meal! Your clients are the same. They don't particularly care about the methodology that you use to deliver your results - they just want the results! Focus on the benefits when educating prospects about why they should work with you. This will speak to your clients' interests more than a list of your methods.
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2. Turn these benefits into short, compelling messages that emphasize your value.

You can easily create this copy by reviewing comments made by current and past clients. Evaluate which specific problems have been eliminated in their work with you and what they've enjoyed about working with you. You can turn these into short, compelling messages that do three things for your business - they highlight: 1) who your ideal client is, 2) what problems you solve and 3) the benefits/results that clients can enjoy when they work with you.

3. Give examples to your potential clients.

Drawing attention to client success stories is an excellent way to show your potential clients how you can help them achieve their goals. Create results-focused case studies and examples for your clients to read. This will help your prospects see themselves working with you and imagine how they'll achieve the same results. It's very compelling!

For instance, if you are a professional organizer and a prospect lands on your website and reads a glowing testimonial about the impact that your organizing services made in an entrepreneur's sales and business, they are going to be highly motivated to buy from you. They want to see the same results! Success stories paint a picture that a list of qualifications just can't.

Focusing on the results of your solutions and not the methodology will ensure that you convey the value of your services in a compelling way. Your potential customers will be able to see exactly how working with you can help them, which will keep your pipeline full and your business profitable.

About the Author:

Sydni Craig-Hart, expert marketing consultant for service professionals, supports her clients in creating success - in both their businesses and lives. Known as "The Smart Simple Marketing Coach," the tech-savvy Sydni uses a results-focused, "how to" approach in implementing simple, customized strategies so service professionals create profitable businesses in which they enjoy the lifestyle they choose. To tap into Sydni's expertise, get your free Smart Simple Marketing Starter Kit at http://www.SmartSimpleMarketing.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Sydni_Craig-Hart 


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Top Seven Tips When Starting A Business

By Denise Dahl

Having your own business is fantastic! There are many benefits and rewards to running your own business including controlling your schedule, doing what you love, maybe working from home, etc. But just having a passion to own your own business isn't enough to guarantee success. Before you get started consider the following seven points, and then proceed with wild abandon!

1) If you can, continue to work another job while preparing your own dynasty. Having an additional income at the beginning of your new happy path will allow you the freedom of not stressing over the ticking clock and potentially dwindling resources. If money isn't an issue, hey, go for it like a man/woman on fire.

2) Get your focus on. A business plan is nice, as it gives you a path; however staying focused is the numero uno requirement of getting to where you want to go. If investing a ton of time into a business plan helps you process, go for it! If investing a ton of time into a business plan is more of a distraction do a different type of strategic plan. If you are a new business a business plans 'projections' are pure fiction, so create and implement a plan that is going to help you stay focused and forget what you 'feel' you should create.

3) Along the lines of staying focused, do not go out and buy a bunch of stuff that will just distract you. Same goes for office space. Until you know your specifics and have a focused timeline limit the distractions.

4) Know yourself...I am talking honest assessment. None of us are perfect so what we are looking for here is to know ourselves well enough to work with and around what we know may be self-imposed stumbling blocks, etc.

5) Know your family/friends...If you have a vision and in your gut know you are on the right path stay on it. Family and friends have the propensity to err on the side of caution or sometimes criticism when it comes to something they are not familiar with. Accept it is from a place of love, or jealousy or wherever and do not let it deter you.

6) Find the like minded...Find those who think like you and are on the path or down the path you want to go. There is tremendous value in tapping into the experience of someone who is ahead of you. Trust me, they will be flattered you asked.

7) Take action...Proceed with action rather than just chatter. It is up to you to act. Act on your own behalf as it will be you who experiences the outcome. Do not expect others to carry you. This is your deal and your experience. That is not to say don't ask for help (see #6). Just don't overextend your stay when tapping into others.

There are a ton of great ideas out there. Most of them never pass 'Go' and never collect their $200 though. So, above all else, remember all the planning and talking, consulting and confabbing in the world will not get you where you want to go. Plan, and then act.

About the Author:

Denise Dahl, MPA is the owner of Epiphany Planning & Development. She has over two decades of working with entities ranging from individuals to company's like Campbell's. Denise is a Coach, Consultant and Adjunct Professor. She focuses on consulting and coaching within the realm of action oriented growth and leadership. More information is available at http://www.epiphanyplanning.com. Or visit her blog http://the-happy-path.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Denise_Dahl 

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