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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #817
Thursday, August 11, 201

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for August 2011

1st August
Confederation Day: Switzerland.

Emancipation Day: Trinidad & Tobago.

People's Liberation Army Day: China.

2nd August
Discovery Day: Trinidad.

Freedom Day: Guyana.

3rd August
Independence Day: Niger.

Martyrs' Day: Guinea.

4th August
Independence Day: Burkina Faso, Jamaica.
5th August

Workers' Day: Iceland.

6th August
Accession Day: United Arab Emirates.

Farmer's Day: Zambia.

7th August
Battle of Boyaca: Colombia.

Republic Day: Ivory Coast.
8th August

Peace Day: Iraq.

9th August
Independence Day: Georgia.

National Day: Singapore.

10th August
Independence Day: Ecuador.

11th August
Heroes' Day: Zimbabwe.

Independence Day: Chad.

12th August
Queen's Birthday: Thailand.

Armed Forces Day: Zimbabwe.

13th August
Arequipa Week: Peru.

Independence Day: Central African Republic, Congo.

Women's Day: Tunisia.

14th August
Gohst Month begins: Taiwan.

Independence Day: Pakistan.

15th August
Independence Day: India.

National Day: Liechtenstein.

Republic Day: South Korea.

16th August
Il Palio, Siena:
Continuing in ancient tradition, the contradas compete on horses around the town square of Siena, Italy, every July 2nd and August 16th.

Independence Day: Gabon, Indonesia.

Republic Day: Dominican Republic.

17th August
Death of San Martin: Argentina.

18th August
Jashn: Afghanistan - celebrating liberation from the British, in 1919, and lasts for a week.

20th August
Istvan's Day - Celebrations marking the formation of Hungary.

Lovers' Day: Taiwan.

Independence Day: Senegal.

21st August
Independence Day in The Baltics:
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

24th August
Independence Day: Russia.

National Day: Ukraine.

National Flag Day: Kazakhstan, Liberia.

25th August
Constitution Day: Paraguay.

Independence Day: Uruguay.

Independence Day: Belarus.

27th August
Independence Day: Moldova.
28th August

Chung Yuan Festival: Taiwan.

29th August
Independence Day: Uzbekistan.

30th August
Children's Day: Afghanistan.

St. Rose of Lima Day: Peru.

Victory Day: Turkey.

31st August
Independence Day: Kyrgyzstan, Trinidad & Tobago.

National Day: Malaysia.
Pashtunistan Day: Afghanistan

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The 7 Essential Lists Successful Businesses Must Have

By Loretta Love Huff

Running a successful business requires more than a good idea. It requires structure and processes to keep things and money flowing.

1. Long-term goals list

If you've been following me for any time, you'll undoubtedly heard me talk about the importance of goals. Goals that stretch beyond today or this week, will help you prioritize your time in the most productive manner possible. They will motivate you and your staff. They will keep on focused on what's truly important.

2. Daily to-do action items list

Just as important as knowing where you're going long term, is knowing (and doing) what's most important RIGHT NOW. Sometimes unforeseen emergencies have to be dealt with. But more importantly, you need to decide each day what the most productive use of your time will be.

I always have a to-do list and never get through everything on the list on any given day. I do always decide what the priorities are for the day and then get to work on them. Last week, I lost my list and I was lost without it! Thank God I found it a couple of days later. I remembered some of the critical items, but had forgotten one that needed to be addressed.

3. Prospect list

This is one of the biggest mistakes business owners make. If you don't have a list of potential prospects, you're definitely leaving money on the table. If you're a retail establishment, people make a purchase the very first time they discover you. However, if you don't and you haven't captured their contact info, you may never hear from them again.

You'll increase your chances of doing business with them if you're able to proactively reach out and remind them that you exist. So if you aren't already capturing either a physical address or email address from your store or website visitors, start that now! You'll probably need to give them some sort of incentive (not just an offer for your newsletter) in order for them to part with their contact info. But capturing that valuable data must be your goal.

4. Customer list

Just as important as a prospect list is a list of your customers. These are people who have demonstrated interest in your product or service by making a purchase. It takes more time and energy to make a sale to a stranger or prospect than to someone who has already bought from you and been satisfied. Treat these people well, but don't neglect offering them the next thing you offer that can help solve their problems.

5. Process list

Every business needs a set of processes that help the business run efficiently. You probably have them even if they aren't documented. You need to document them.

Start by making a list of all of the "Here's how we do things around here" topics in a variety of areas such as answering the phone, identifying prospects, converting prospects to clients, taking on a new client, invoicing clients, processing payments, asking for a referral, publishing our newsletter, paying the bills, making minor changes to your website, etc. Then write out the steps involved in each process.

This compilation will be an invaluable tool in defining roles and responsibilities, delegating tasks and training new employees.

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6. Resource list

This list includes the tools and systems you use to run your business and make your life easier. It's slightly different than the Process List which may reference certain resources: things like your accounting system, your website host, tools on your blog, new tools you plan to invest in, an employment agency or temp service, online portals for which you have memberships or accounts.

Having a list in a binder along with a brief description and access (login) or contact info will save you countless hours of trying find the information when you desperately need it.

7. Diversions list

After all of this work, you must take time to relax and enjoy life. It's challenging for some business owners to 'work in' time for play, but this list is essential as well.

Your list should include things you enjoy doing, that bring you peace of mind, that obliterate your stress. Possible candidates are listening to a certain kind of music, playing music, painting, playing with your pets, children, spouse and friends.

Make sure you know which kind of 'play' you thirst for. Is it board games, exercise, meditation, video games, outdoor sports, movies, ballet, opera, cards, TV, dancing, vacations, weekend getaways?

Whatever 'floats you boat', schedule it. That may sound weird but if these activities aren't on your calendar or at least on a list you review regularly, they will get trumped by those emergencies and daily tasks.

Creating and using these lists will improve your productivity, keep your business soaring and maintain your sanity.

About the Author:

Loretta Love Huff, the Dream Leader for Business?, is an award-winning business and executive coach. She helps entrepreneurs leverage their ideas and dreams into profitable & fulfilling businesses.

Visit http://www.IWantMoreClientsNow.com to grab your two free audio series titled "The 5 Biggest Mistakes Service Professionals Make in their Marketing" and "The 7 Secrets for Sales Success".

(c) 2010 Emerald Fiji Management

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6449894


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Internet Marketing For Small Business Does Work

By Angelene O'Reilly

While large corporations are using the internet for marketing the ROI for small businesses is much higher.

Most small businesses are known because of their great customer care, products and services by getting your business name and reputation on the internet you get to interact with your customers once they have already left your store. Hence building a good reputation that your current clients can share with their friends online.

There is so much information about this topic all over the internet and the information overload sure can be scary. Making a choice on what will work for your business is easier then you realize.

Don't let that hold you back, find a few ideas and apply them. One best piece of advice I can give you is communicating online is no different to offline. Your customers come back to you because of your customer service. Harness the communication skills you have as a business owner and apply them online.

Internet marketing for small business is incorporating different areas of the internet into your marketing funnel. Unlike most advertising the internet is more for sharing your expertise and building trust with your clients. The businesses that do the best on the internet are the ones solving problems for others.

I have a website is that internet marketing for small business?

Having a website is a part of internet marketing, a website alone is not enough to get you seen. To use internet marketing for small business effectively you need to harness the social media sites as well. The main 4 I think all small businesses should focus on are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Your website is like the backbone of your business when it comes to internet marketing, by creating a funnel so that everything leads back to your website is a good way to get the most out of the internet for small businesses.

Consistency is the key to succeed at internet marketing for small business.

Keeping your online profiles up to date and sharing content regularly is what will give you the best results. The more consistent you are the more your customers will see you as the reliable source to ask questions and get answers. Make it easy for people to share your content by having links to social media sites on your website.

If you wanting some help with your internet marketing feel free to contact me as I would happy to assist you by giving you a free consultant.

Wishing you much success embracing internet for your business.

Angelene O'Reilly
Skype: angelene.o.reilly


About the Author: I am a mother of three who loves life and enjoys nothing more then helping others to develop a great mindset so they can succeed. I am a happy go lucky Australian woman that enjoys the outdoors and staying healthy. Throughout my journey there has been one consistent feeling I have had and that is to be true to myself and those around me. I am really passionate about the ability we all possess to live the life we truly desire.Through my writing I share with others some of the areas I am most passionate about and that I see we get misguided or distracted from. To read more
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6476801

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So your Ad/Banner may be set up to run in the next few minutes and because we are dealing with 1000s of displays per hour the database cannot account for the credits that will be displayed in queue and will run regardless of the credit balance. Therefore the TE and Impressions will always run into the negative which works to the member's advantage as the member is not accountable for overdrawn credits.

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