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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #838
Saturday, February 4, 2012

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for February 2012

1st February
Confederal Agreement Day: Senegal.

2nd February
Groundhog Day.

3rd February
Heroes' Day: Mozambique.
San Blas: Paraguay.

4th February
Independence Day: Sri Lanka.

CCM Day: Tanzania.

5th February
Constitution Day: Mexico.
President's Day: Congo.

6th February
Waitangi Day: New Zealand.

7th February
Independence Day: Grenada.
Tet: Vietnam.

8th February
Culture Day: Slovenia.
Revolution Anniversary: Iraq.
Virgen de la Candelaria: Puno, Peru.
Youth Day: Congo.

9th February
Feast of Saint Maron: Lebanon.

10th February
Feast of St. Paul's Shipwreck: Malta.

11th February
Armed Forces Day: Liberia.
Makha Bucha Day: Thailand.
National Foundation Day: Japan.
Youth Day: Cameroon.

12th February
Lincoln's Birthday: United States of America.
Union Day: Myanmar.

14th February
St. Valentine's Day.

15th February
Chinese Spring Festival: Mauritius.
Folklore Day: South Korea.
Revolution Day: Iran.

18th February
Independence Day: Gambia.

19th February
National Day: Nepal.

20th February
Provincial Holiday: Most Canadian Provinces and Territories.
Presidents' Day and Washington's Birthday:
United States of America.: United States of America.

21st February
Shaheed Day: Bangladesh.

22nd February
Independence Day: Saint Lucia.
Union Day: Egypt.

23rd February
National Day: Brunei.
Republic Day: Guyana.

25th February
National Day: Kuwait.
People Power Day: Philippines.

27th February
Independence Day: Dominican Republic.

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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

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Adlandpro tailored the New Classified system to cater both beginner and advanced advertisers. We have it set up to cover support issues for both you and your clients that purchase ads on your classified site. We are there when either of you need us. We do most of the work and give your customers the support and tools to get started. We are one of the few companies that still offer all three levels of customer support by live chat, email and telephone contact.

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Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Business Success Starts With the Right Marketing Strategy and Tools

By Terry Green

When it comes to a successful business it often boils down to this--sales, sales, sales. Whether you are selling your books or products, or promoting a speaking event or book tour, normally the bottom line in measuring success is how many sales you make or how many people show up at your event. The results themselves can be what determines whether or not you are successful.

Therefore, to get the best results, it's important to focus on exactly how you're driving those sales and where they are coming from. Ask those who contact you how they found you; was it through an ad, social media, or perhaps a referral? Knowing where your potential clients or customers are coming from is crucial. That tells you what you need to be doing more of in your marketing efforts and what areas to focus on. But just as important is making sure you take full advantage of each and every opportunity that comes your way. It's so easy to do when you have your systems set up properly.

Here are key points to remember in marketing your business:

Getting the Most from Your Shopping Cart- Make sure you get your website and shopping cart working for you. This is key to success. You are missing out on major opportunities every time you don't set up an autoresponder for orders, or have your shopping cart set up to reconnect with your buyers in some way. Think how often you have purchased something (say, for the holidays) and then totally forgot about that business until you receive something new from them, like their latest sales event or their company newsletter. That's exactly how it works - out of sight - out of mind. This one simple step will make a huge difference in your business success now and for years to come.

Knowing Your Statistics- Yes, it truly is important to know your stats so you can utilize that information in future marketing. It will also help you customize your marketing efforts to where there is the most interest, making your efforts more effective. Many in social media obsess over how many are following them, their influence, etc. That is important and one key element to explore, but take it farther than that. Constantly monitor your website stats, blog stats, etc. Many of these will even list keywords that are used to get to your site. Can you imagine just how priceless that can be? That is what is leading clients to you. Monitor all of that. Write down your notes and compare your results monthly. You will be amazed at just how much these simple steps can improve your business and you'll clearly be able to see what's working and what is not.


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Having a Team to Support You- Do you have a marketing team or a virtual team behind you dedicated to your business? One that knows what it takes to get better results? A team that can connect all the dots together and make sure that each video you create, and each sales page you write will bring you the results you are looking to achieve. Is that team familiar with your products and services and able to take your thoughts and dreams and make them a reality (with very little supervision)? Behind most successful businesses, you will find a team of dedicated professionals who handle the different aspects of a business. If you don't have a team now, get one. And if you do have a team, make sure you utilize their services fully. Ask them... what else can you do for me? You will be amazed at just how much they come back with.

Running a successful business is mostly about doing the right things over and over again and avoiding the things that aren't working for you. These simple tips should help you do just that. Need help? Hire a virtual team to maximize all your efforts. With the right team in place, you can focus even more on getting the results you're looking for.

About the Author: Terry L. Green, is the President of BizEase Support Solutions and with a team of qualified online support specialists, provides seamless online marketing implementation, technology and administrative support solutions to speakers and business coaches worldwide. Visit http://www.bizeasesupport.com to find out how partnering with BizEase can help you grow your business, have more time, and make more money. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Terry_Green 


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Using Hit and Miss Strategies in Your Business?

By Mandie Craford

Marketing is not a hit and miss strategy - it is 24/7/365. Surprised? Don't be! Too many businesses don't have good marketing strategies to begin with - so how can they market 24/7?

I have seen it over and over, small business owners buy marketing on a hit and miss basis. They see a sale on newspaper ads, or the local radio station calls and offers them a deal that they cannot refuse.

So for 2 weeks, or 2 months, a business advertises - likely with a poorly written ad that looks pretty and then cancel the advertising because it was not effective.

Who gets blamed in all of this? The marketing expert. People say - marketing does not work - but have no substantial statistics to prove it.

When your advertising efforts are 'hit and miss' there is no way to truly measure the efforts - or to tweak it to become more effective.

So what do you need to do to make sure that your marketing is effective?

Know your market:

WHO really buys your product? (Not who ooo's and aaaah's over it - who buys it?)
Where do they live?
What do they drive?
Where do they go?
Do they have time to read the paper?
Do they surf the internet?
Do they read community news?

These are only some of the questions that need to be asked before you spend a dime on any kind of marketing.

Determine a budget

If you expect to sell something - you will need to let the right people know why they need to buy it. Good 'copy' is essential. Otherwise you are simply putting a pretty picture in front of people and fail to give them a reason to read it or to DO something after they read it. What will you spend your money on?

Research to identify where to advertise
Make sure you have good copy
Find effective ad space
Create an ongoing program
Be Patient, Measure and Tweak

Measure everything.

Find out what is working and build on that. Get rid of advertising that has a poor ROI. In other words if you busy an ad that costs $400 and no one calls - consider how you can better get some inquiries for the same amount.

A newsletter that gets sent to a current data base might cost the same amount for full design and mailing for a full year. This means you have 12 - 24 opportunities to get in front of your audience instead of once.

If you are featured on the internet for less than $20 a month or can buy an ad linked to your website for less than $400 a year - you are way ahead of the game compared to one or two ads in a magazine of newspaper costing you the same or more.

Finally though, the real trick to running great marketing campaigns is to recognize - nothing happens over night. Marketing efforts must be consistent and target your market correctly. Remember, Marketing is a 24 hour 7 day a week task. Finding better marketing strategies is a great idea. But getting rid of marketing all together is not a wise decision.

If you don't know where to start - invest in good advice.. There is no better time than now. You have the time - and need the help.

Marketing requires a strategy, a budget and commitment. Even if you start with $50 a month, you will be farther ahead than if you use a hit and miss strategy.

Look for 24/7/365 opportunities that cost you less than a cup of coffee a day. This will give your business a bigger boost than that java fix - that lasts only 30 minutes!

About the Author: Even as a Police Officer, I was a marketer and sales person! A 'serial entrepreneur' , I have spent a lifetime developing unique and effective marketing strategies and training. As a coach and 'Certified Behavior Consultant' , I specialize in understanding what makes people tick - and why they do what they do. I am also a student in the metaphysical science realm - in understanding energy and brain function and how the Universe really works. I am a powerful and entertaining speaker, speaking on topics in business and specializing in women entrepreneurs.

Begin expanding your network and build quality relationships by attending a meeting or a webinar! See all our events here

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mandie_Craford

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