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 Adland Digest FREE Edition #845
Saturday, March 24, 2012

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Worldwide Holidays or Events for March 2012

1st March
Heroes' Day: Paraguay.

Independence Movement Day: South Korea.

2nd March
Adowa Day: Ethiopia.

Independence Day: Morocco.

Peasants' Day: Burma.

3rd March
Discovery Day: Guam.

Liberation Day: Bulgaria.

Martyr's Day: Malawi.

National Unity Day: Sudan.

4th March
Lantern Festival: Taiwan.

6th March
Independence Day: Ghana.

8th March
Congolese Women's Day: Congo.

Decoration Day: Liberia.

9th March
Baron Bliss Day: Belize.

Commonwealth Day: Gibraltar.

10th March
Labour Day: South Korea.

11th March
National Day: Lithuania.

12th March
Independence Day: Mauritius.

Renovation Day: Gabon.

13th March
National Day: Grenada.
Daylight Savings Begins: Where observed.

14th March
St. Joseph's Day: Colombia.

15th March
Anniversary of Hungarian Revolution (1848/49): Hungary.

J.J. Robert's Birthday: Liberia.

17th March
Nyepi Day: Indonesia.

St. Patrick's Day: Canada, Ireland, United States of America, Argentina, United Kingdom, Japan, Montserrat, New Zealand Australia and South Korea.

18th March
Aruba Day: Aruba.

Marien Ngouabi Day: Congo.

19th March
Youth Day: Zambia.

20th March
Independence Day: Tunisia.

Start of Spring: Europe.

21st March
Benito Juarez's Birthday: Mexico.

Youth Day: Tunisia.

22nd March
Abolition Day: Puerto Rico.

23rd March
Pakistan Day: Pakistan.

24th March
Africa Day: Zambia.

25th March
Annunciation: Liechtenstein.

Independence Day: Cyprus, Greece.

26th March
Independence Day: Bangladesh.

27th March
Armed Forces Day: Burma.

Evacuation Day: Angola.

29th March
Boganda Day: Central African Republic.

31st March
Freedom Day: Malta..

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Editor's Comments 

Barry Scott -Digest Editor

Customer Service and List Building at the same time?

Most home internet businesses are usually run by one person, sometimes two if it's a family affair. One of the biggest assets you have is your time to offer and assist interested viewers or potential buyers.

This is the essence of Customer Service, the ability to help those that have questions and need answers. Build a buffer time, some built in time to give yourself the opportunity to respond to these questions, for example within 24 hours or sooner response time. Do your best to provide answers and solutions to the questions asked, do not sell to them! Let them digest what you say or see if they may have other questions as this will also begin to build the trust that your only interest is just making a sale.    

Now that you have answered all of their questions, give them a day or two and then contact them in Sales mode. By this time they will recognize and respect that you are someone they can trust. It may not generate an immediate sale but it will not leave a negative feeling as they will remember the customer service you offered first.

This is also where the List Building comes in, by offering to answer questions, concerns or any information regarding your product, they have to contact you. So rather than post a bunch of "Sign up for Free" capture pages or boxes, try a viewer friendly "Have Questions" please contact Customer Service at eg; custservice@yourcompany.com. I have even seen foot notes please contact Sales for purchases or sales questions.  

As always and feedback or questions are always welcome, just click on my name below. 

Sincerely, Barry Scott Editor


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Stop Selling the Product - Start Selling the Benefit

By Shane Russell  

One major mistake small business owners make is they think consumers are interested in the product they are purchasing and the person whom they are purchasing from. This is the furthest from the truth. People don't buy because they think something is the best product in the world. They buy because of what it can do for them. If you can figure out how to tie your product or service to emotion, you will learn how to sell anything and your sales will increase exponentially.

I want you to imagine yourself going to a shopping mall for a moment. You want to buy yourself some new shirts. You're making your way through the clothing stores. Every time you turn around, you see mannequins all dressed in the latest styles and fashions. Haven't you ever wondered why they're all dressed this way and haven't you been curious as to why they oftentimes don't even have faces? This is no accident. This is because there's an enormous amount of science and psychology that goes into making you want to buy these clothes.

The retailers are selling you the benefit of the product, not the product itself. They want you to imagine yourself wearing the clothes. They want you to imagine yourself feeling good. And most of all, they want you to buy, buy, buy. They don't want you to imagine someone else wearing them because then you wouldn't be inclined to make an irrational or emotional purchase. They have even given you other suggestions so that you don't just NEED a t-shirt. You also NEED an entire outfit!


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One of the best books I've read to date is called Why We Buy by Paco Underhill. This book goes into great depth regarding the science of buying and what inclines you to make those hasty purchases. If you really want to know how to sale your product, read this book. You will never shop the same. I promise you.

I have recently started working with a clothing company called 4HUMANITEEs. This is a small company based out of Hayward, California. When I began working with them, I could tell they really wanted to make a difference in other people's lives. In fact, their primary goal is to bring awareness to injustice from child trafficking to human inequality through clothing. I knew immediately I was going to help in every way possible to ensure their success since I am also a huge philanthropist and human rights supporter.

Since the company wants to ensure they are focused on their mission, I suggested they share this mission with their followers and the rest of the world through their t-shirts. I suggested they change their focus away from the product itself and begin focusing on the fuel behind their fire - Humanity For All. Instead of the Call To Action reading "Select by Product", have it read "Support Your Favorite Cause."

Focusing on this method of selling will also illustrate to other people you are an outward focused company. People don't like doing business with selfish people nor do they trust them. Focusing outward proves you are neither. Plus, as I've stated before, "People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy." - Jeffrey Gitomer. Selling the benefit will always attract people rather than scare them away. This is a known fact.

About the Author:
I am the owner and Chief Marketing Officer of Suited Marketing. I will inspire you to be a better person and to live a fulfilled life and I will also teach you how to build a successful business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shane_Russell


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Choosing a Niche - A Practical Guide For Beginners in Internet Marketing

By Nathalie Fiset M.D.

How important is a niche for a beginner in internet marketing? That depends on the type of approach you want to use and how you foresee your ability to meet a demand or fill a need. It's extremely easy to go into a business, particularly internet marketing. What's difficult is staying afloat. Having a niche might just be your ticket to Web-based business success, provided you choose the right one. Let's take a look at the benefits of choosing a niche for beginners in internet marketing and how you can, with careful considerations, find a place where you can truly shine.

What, exactly, is a niche?

A niche is simply an area of the market that has a specialized need or want. It can vary in size, depending on the type of product and service being offered and on the preferences of the group itself. Niche marketing is simply the method of targeting the specific group of people or businesses that have a particular interest in the product or service you have to offer.

If you'll be offering a product, for example, you could design it in such a way that it meets a specific target. If the other businesses in your industry produce products for children and teens, you could, for example, offer products for 'tweens - that segment of the market that is halfway from being a child to being a teenager. Usually, this segment often gets left behind when it comes to planning and designing products, giving way to the more popular market of children and teenagers. By targeting this segment of the market, you fill a gap that generally gets ignored by other businesses.

Choosing a niche

As a beginner in internet marketing, it can be tempting to try covering more than one niche. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, many internet marketers try their hands at several niches to identify which one is most feasible. This is also a way to zero in on the niche that is best for them.

You can, for example, cater to two different niche markets in the same industry or choose a niche market in two or more industries, depending on how well you can handle it. But how exactly do you choose which niche to focus on? We take a look at the ways:

Your interests, skills and passions combined.

Nothing beats working in a business you know something about and absolutely love. Probably a common denominator among all the men and women in the world who consider themselves successful is that they are not only good at what they do, they are also absolutely enamored with it, regardless about the type of industry they are in.
As a beginner in internet marketing, you can choose a niche by simply considering what you love best. Consider what you've always loved doing, what you did best, the kind of skill you can offer that has earned you recognition in the past, or just something you see yourself doing for years to come.

Your resources

Some niche markets will cost you money to start. You'll have to spend for equipment, materials, labor and sometimes, research. Determine the kind of resources you have at hand and how much of it you're willing, or at least can afford, to spend. If you don't have enough, determine how and where you'll get additional capital.

A need nobody noticed

A niche market, more than anything, caters to a unique need or requirement. When you choose your niche, consider the kind of needs that are out there that haven't been exactly met. Try to study the niche market you're considering and see what it needs that other business owners have not exactly offered products or services for.
Although choosing a niche market limits your target, it however creates a real possibility for you. The area may be small but it's real, capable of sustaining and even growing your business.

Managing the niche

As a beginner in internet marketing, prepare to multi-task. Choose a niche you can truly focus on, regardless of whether you decide to work in only one or five niches. Consider if marketing to this niche is feasible and determine what type of growth you can expect later. A niche may seem like the obvious choice to you but if there's no real market behind it or if the market is temporary at best, you might want to make some changes in your business plan.

A niche market that only has a seasonal demand, for example, means that you'll either have to make enough in order to cover for the lean months or at least have something else to fall back on. As an internet marketing beginner, it's important that you choose a niche you will enjoy working in and that allows you to build a business you can rely on in the future.

About the Author: Nathalie Fiset M.D. is a family doctor, a certified hypnotherapist and an internet marketer. She is also a mother of four. Her passions are medicine, hypnosis, internet marketing, her family and helping others, among others!
For more information on internet marketing for beginners please visit:http://www.thebiginternetmarketinggame.com/findingyourniche.html
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nathalie_Fiset  

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