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What's New at Adlandpro

Actually today I wanted to go down memory lane and review some history.
My passion during my younger years used to be white water kayaking.
I have traveled with my kayak and later raft to places like Himalaya, Pakistan,
Atlas, Morocco, Alps, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Tatra mountains Poland,
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria. You can check some of my
pictures by clicking here.

Bogdan Fiedur with 5 other participants of expedition to Himalaya 96.
River Indus, Pakistan.


This week at Adlandpro community

Social Marketing Tools for Business| Email signature Tool

Just like a forum signature, the email signature is that information on the bottom of your email that can be used in more ways than just signing your John Henry/Jane Henry.

Before you consider MLM.... (sharing Information|not selling)

There is a lot of talk about MLMs, some of it is hype, some of it is so complicated that you feel that you need to learn a new language and some of it is so derogatory as to make you want to run away!

Internet Marketing is NOT a passion!

I hope that this title grabbed your attention, because the reality is that passion can be very tiring and the reality is that passion is something that ebbs and flows.


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