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What's New at Adlandpro

  • Happy Easter to all my dear friends at Adlandpro :)
    Click picture to view video.


  • On Facebook our page is becoming popular and the likes to the page has been showing a steady increase. let's keep it going. Click on the image below to visit our page and like it.


  • This week we have noticed several new and older interesting forums.

    Myrna Ferguson‘s Forum – Birds and Animals
    Patricia Bartch‘s Forum on Humor, friendship, nature, gardens and animals
    Roger MacDivitt‘s new forum Art from the Philippines


  • Can you guess who this is?  Click on the image to find out. You might know this person very well. This is part of quiz created by Sami Plus.



This week at Adlandpro community and blogs


» E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 5- Determine demand for your solution

This workshop's purpose is to help you "brainstorm" business ideas, determine if there is a demand for it, find out who your competition is and how strong they are. Then you'll test if your findings are correct. Then find free and cheap advertising sources for your idea. The next step as you would expect is to sell your idea, but this is not what happens in life.

» AdlandPro Website Success Course – 5 – Website promotion Part 1

Social Networking the Kris Kringle Way

Review previous lesson here..

Before spending time and money on promotion, it’s worth going through a short checklist to make sure you’re ready to promote the products and services you have selected  or developed:

Is Your Website Ready for Visitors?



» A Primer on Landing Pages

Who is Your Target Audience?A landing page is any page of your website that is specifically designed to communicate to a specific audience regarding a specific product or service, typically targeting a specific keyword phrase that you want to rank well on. One of the first misconceptions about websites that trip up a lot of business owners is that not everyone who visits your website goes through the Home page.



» (Social Media) List Building

(Social Media) List building is not just for making money, but can also be used within the social media realm to help filter the noise that can bombard you. Creating your lists are a great way to keep us organized when we are on the different social networks and what a great way to create and share good content from those people who have interesting stories to tell us.



» Good Friday Adlandpro Friday Review

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?This AdlandPro Friday review is being done on Good Friday and with that in mind, I want to keep the news in keeping with the theme.






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