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What's New at Adlandpro

Branka Babic
29220 credits

Congratulations Branka. Go here to congratulate Branka.

I want to personally thank all the members of our social community for everything that they do, the images they add, the fantastic videos shared and the great discussions that are held every day on Adlandpro, as a result of people being active and sharing our community, you are all winners. ~Bogdan

and a message from Branka

Doing what I usually do on AdlandPro, it happens that this month I won. It feels great to be among such a fantastic people, like people who share this honor here with me: Miguel, Lydia, Diane, Dave and Don.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement.
Long live AdlandPro!
Branka Babic

There are attractive tangible items like tablets, camcorders in addition to Traffic Exchange credits, Impression credits and direct contact credits. Check it out here for more details.






This week at Adlandpro community and blogs


» E-Business Success Blueprint Workshop - Part 10 - Your USP

I realize that the previous assignment was a very practical and time consuming one.I hope that you had the chance to dive into the real world and see some results first hand. I know that it is not easy, but if things were easy everyone would be doing it.

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Adlandpro Affiliate Program Introduction – Lesson 1

Today I’m starting new serious of lessons. This time it is about Adlandpro affiliate program.
This is 5 part tutorial sequences which will show you how you can benefit from being Adlandpro affiliate.

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» Awesome Words We Need to Use More Often

Who is Your Target Audience?

For anyone who does not know Adlandpro, we are without a doubt one of the best known group of people from all over the globe. Some of our members are from Russia, Bulgaria, Australia, USA, Canada and other countries and one of the most wonderful things about this social community ( apart from laughing at frogs with false teeth) and other such goings on is our ability to communicate with each other and at times the Google Translate box is used frequently.

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» Top 3 Ways to Create Traffic to your Affiliate Program

1. Be helpful – if someone is asking a question online ( and you know the answer) then provide good information to them and no you dont have to promote your link, just help them! The result is that people will see you as being credible and this will earn you traffic to your primary business.

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AdlandPro Friday Review – May 3rd

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
When people think of the month of May, many people look to flowers and different celebrations and that is to be exected as this particular month is named for the Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility,Bona Dea ( the good goddess)

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» Approaching Affiliate Marketing

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
When it comes to affiliate marketing it would seem that everyone has their own ideas on how to approach it, and at times (at least to me) it can get very complex!

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» How do I Make Money? (Hint: You can, too)

What do you do to make money online? A lot of people would really like to know, because they'd like to make money, too.

The problem is, a whole lot of the so-called opportunities out there are really nothing more than someone trying to sell you the latest GRQ (get rich quick) scheme that only makes them rich.

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If you want to drill down into some alternative thinking ideas, check my personal blog here, which I've started several months ago. To give you an idea about the topics, here are couple of recent articles.


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