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What's New at Adlandpro

  • Staying safe on any social network is something that we all need to be thinking about and Diane has given some good tips to read and think about. You can read more here on Are you being safe on Social networks?

  • Are you taking care of your health? When I read about Chia pudding, I took a step back and wondered what it was and when you see how easy it is make this recipe, you will want to make it yourself. What is even better is that is it lactose and gluten free, so check it out and say hi to Luella for sharing her healthy recipes.

  • A good friend David A. Weed has been talking and sharing his thoughts about many topic including Penny Auctions. As he puts it…

    “Since there seems to be a lot of confusion about just what a Penny Auctions is, how it works and whether or not you are really getting a good deal, I thought a forum on this topic might be a good place for me to explain how Penny Auctions function and how you can get the most benefit.”

    when it comes to marketing, people are needing good quality information to make informed decisions, learn about Penny Auctions and get to the truth of what they are about

  • How many of you knew that coffee or tea grounds make the best fertilizers at a very low cost? These and other useful bytes of information are being shared by David Rowland on his Gardening Tips and Tricks forum, so go in, learn something new and join in the conversation

  • Some awesome Status posts on the Wall,
    Mark Dewey
    Attention All Marketers, & Business Owners: What is the first question that you are asking your new customers? Do you know that question can explode your business if you take their answer and make it work for you. What is your first question, if you ask any?

  • Carlos Simao is "Going to my town's medieval fair, i will post some photos tomorrow."
    He is from Portugal and is talking about his culture.

  • David Cottrell connected with Chuck Bartok and posted excellent video by Chuck where he talks about entrepreneur mindset. Check it out here.

  • Carlos Simao has created cool video intros for Adlandpro. Check them out here.

  • David Weed and Mark Devey have crated very colorful splash pages for Adlandpro affiliate program. Click on thumbnails to see full size images.



  • Very important, if you are not tracking you don't know most of what happens with your promotional efforts. Discussion started by David Weed.

  • Just spotted this article couple of days ago. Unexpected money from Adlandpro.
    Unexpected money from adlandpro

  • An article found on the internet posted by one of Adlandpro affiliates
    Adlandpro: another great social platform


  • Are you being stalked because of your internet presence, read the article below to learn how to guard yourself from cyber-bullies, stalkers and online harassment. Cyber criminals wait to take advantage. Check out this article by Diane.

  • Must read forum by David Weed.
    How to promote business.


  • Please congratulate credit contest winner for month of May Luis Miguel Goitizolo. Luis scored 27300 credits and won prize of $100 cash.

    The next month prize is $200
    Read here about the contest

    Do you know about the credit builder? There are attractive tangible items like tablets, camcorders in addition to Traffic Exchange credits, Impression credits and direct contact credits. Check it out here for more details.


This week at Adlandpro community and blogs

»Search Engine Optimization - Site Design Part 2

Since you spent some time building your website using free web builder, let's talk about (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

I have to admit I have never spent any significant amount of time on learning all the details regarding SEO, so please just use this article as an introduction.

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»Rules of Website Design - Site Design Part 3

Content First, you must remember that the content of your site must be interesting and worthwhile.
Your site must be original, sticky, current, and easy to navigate. You can accomplish this by including a message room or chartroom or a web based email service. It must also contain unique content that includes free products, information or a free newsletter.

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» Adlandpro Affiliate Program – Lesson 5

In Lesson 5 we will look at 2 useful tools that can help to make your marketing more efficient, professional and successful.
Online marketers agree that the most important resource that you MUST develop is a mailing list. The more targeted your List is, the better the results it will produce for you.

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» Adlandpro Friday Review for May 24th

This Friday review from Adlandpro shares a Memorial day, member news and happenings and always ends with some inspiration to guide you through the weekend.

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» Affiliate marketing mindset – 15 steps to success

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?When you treat affiliate marketing as if you were a business owner,then you will find that your mindset is a lot different. This is what I have done since I first started being online ( many years ago lol) and built my business. Here are the exact steps that I used ( 15 of them) and still using today. I challenge you to read and implement these strategies, then let me know how it is working for you!

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» My Affiliate Marketing Perspective

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?

Have you a horror story to share when it comes to affiliate marketing? I sure have had my “experiences” and learned to use these 5 criteria when checking out an affiliate program – check them out!


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» Wordless Wednesday – Alexa!

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?

A Wordless Wednesday conversational image

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» But What Do I Sell?

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
You have a great blog, you’ve been spending time every day writing articles on things you’re passionate about, you’ve been posting to the social media sites, visiting forums and giving intelligent replies, all the while including your signature file, and now you have a nice, steady stream of traffic coming to your website.

But how are you going to make money with it? That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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» AdlandPro Friday Review | May 31/03

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
This edition of the Adlandpro Friday Review is filled with information sharing what members are doing, social media marketing and as always inspiration for the week ahead.

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If you want to drill down into some alternative thinking ideas, check my personal blog here, which I've started several months ago. To give you an idea about the topics, here are couple of recent articles.


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