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What's New at Adlandpro

  • We have revamped our Adlandpro sevices page, which you will notice has a clean look to it and the feedback so far has been very positive. Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think?
    Advertising on Adlandpro

  • Some new members that I would like to give a warm welcome
    Marla Chaney
    Norma Padro
    Brenda Kelly
    Jeng Cua

  • If you are looking for some great topics and people who sharing some very interesting social conversations, then look no further!
    Mind blowing facts via Hafiz

    Everything is Open for Discussion – Let’s Talk in the Kitchen via Jim Allen

    Samiplus Express via Sam Sunday

    Great Art of the World via Luis Miguel Goitizolo

    AdlandPro Learning Center via Mark Dewey

    Papa’s Kitchen via Phil Black

    Quote of the Day via Bogdan Fiedur

    Gardening Tips and Tricks via David Rowland


  • Sam Sunday loves to create mysteries with his SAMIPLUS FUN QUIZ 17 (Image Identity)…do you know who these Adlanders are?


  • Bill Vanderbilt  mentioned this in his recent wall thread. If you can offer him any support, check his forum here.

    Our friend Sharon has been fighting the good fight for several years.. Now it has come down to the wire where we will succeed or fail as an advocacy.. Here is something that we really need eveyones help with .

    For those of you who haven't seen our request for support regarding the toxic mold issue,, here is a link that will explain exactly what is going on... We need a lot of people getting involved here and sending their emails if we are going t...See More

    Call for Senate HELP & Congress Oversight To Investigate ~ Conflicts of Interest in the Mold...
    Dear John and Jane Voter, If you would like the US Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension (HELP) Committee and the Congressional Oversight & Government Reform (OGR) Committee ...

  • Check our latest slide about Advertising on Adlandpro.  It is an interactive and fun way to see what Adlandpro has to offer.


  • Credit contest winner for month of July is about to be announced. You can check here who will be winning it.

    The cash prize is  $100 for the first place, $60 will go to second place and $40 to third.

    Read here about the contest

    Next month we will have 3 top prizes. To be announced.

    Do you know about the credit builder? There are attractive tangible items like tablets, camcorders in addition to Traffic Exchange credits, Impression credits and direct contact credits. Check it out here for more details.




This week at Adlandpro community and blogs

» Building Traffic Part 1 - Submit your site to search engines.

Now that you have a great product, a marvelous sales letter and are set up to receive credit card payments you need visitors.  After all, if no one knows about your product then they can’t buy it, right?  

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Adlandpro Gold Membership – Why use autoresponders?

Wouldn’t you love to increase your sales 400%?
Better yet, wouldn’t you love to quadruple your sales for free?
I hope you answered YES!!
Your Adland Gold autoresponders are the key to skyrocketing your sales.
Here’s how to use them to maximum advantage.

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»Adlandpro Gold Membership – How To Set Up Your Adlandpro Gold Autoresponder

As a part of your Adlandpro Gold membership you have five feature rich, follow up autoresponders.

Used properly these autoresponders are powerful weapons  in your marketing arsenal.

Our goal is your success.


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»Is working from home right for you?

When I think about whether working from home is right for any person, I remember a story that Richard Kiosaki told in his book “Poor Dad- Rich Dad”. He talks about his two dads who had two very different mentalities about money. One had the mentality of an employee and the other of a business owner. Both dads believed they were giving correct advice although they were advising exactly the opposite.

His “poor” dad told him to choose employment because it offered job security and corporate ladder, where he could become somebody after years of being promoted. The “rich” dad asked him to choose the path of an independent business owner because that way he could work for something that he owns.

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» McAfee – Internet Safety and the Case of Natural News!

How can we trust Internet Safety with McAfee ( anti-virus and security company) who have been caught in defaming innocent websites

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» Downline Building: Please Don’t Join My Team!

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?[It's] very important for the pros to be picky about who they accept into their downlines. In other words, those who want to really be a part of their downlines need to qualify, just like they would have to if they applied for a position in the offline world.


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» Joining in the #LFS Movement

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
I am joining a new movement called #LFS where people can learn to talk and not sell or link everyone on Twitter!


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» Traffic Exchange Success

When you follow the steps of a good system like this one carefully and in order, and consistently work it every day, you won’t be able to stop the traffic.

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» Why Business Blogs are important

I am still hearing affiliate marketers wonder why they should have to have a business blog and then ask what to put on them. Here are my top 3 reasons for having a business blog and 20 ways to spice them up.

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» Blogging Tool| Zemanta

One of the best blogging tools that I use is Zemanta, which helps you find related content for your blog posts.

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 » Can you really make money with Affiliate marketing?

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?I bet you are expecting another one of those hype style posts about affiliate marketing…you might be very wrong! Read more to find out what I am really talking about….for!


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» Does free online classified advertising work?

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
4 tips on creating a winning ad to use on a free online classified site such as Adlandpro


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 » Due Diligence in the 21st Century

Tweeting after death – A New Digital Legacy?
Any so-called business can make any outrageous claim they want on a website. While some are blatantly obvious thrown together sites filled with typos, bad copy and erroneous statements, there are thousands of very slick, well-written, professional-looking sites. The crooks and con artists know how to fool people!

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