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    Did you know that Adlandpro now has a blogging platform?
    You can read about it Welcome to Adlandpro Community Blogs Introducing Blogs.Adlandpro.com
    Review Adlandpro Blogging Community Guidelines and FAQ


    The Adlandpro Blogging community is starting to get some very interesting and varied posts and kudos to the authors as well as to the new Admin/editor of the community Diane Bjorling. This has been a learning curve for Diane as she has to keep up with me and the changes I am making on the system. As you are all aware this is not a WordPress or blogger system and my programmers and I have been working everyday to make the blogging system more sociable and easy to navigate. For example, you now have the chance to add a profile (resource box) that will be seen every time you write a post as well as adding your social profiles. I highly recommend that you update your profile on the blogging community as soon as possible so that people will see you as a person rather than a username or a number.
    I am turning this part of the Friday over to Diane for a moment so that she can let you know how everything is going


    Hi everyone and what a week it has been getting to know my way around the blogging community, reading some very awesome posts and figuring out how best to help everyone.
    First off I have been over the guidelines and yes indeed some of them seem very rigid, but then after checking around similar style sites, I realized that these guidelines are in keeping with any community that have high standards. I am talking to different people about the issue of having an affiliate link on a post, so I hope you will bear with me, while I keep checking into the issue and I hope to come up with a solution that will be workable for everyone. The biggest concern has been is that opening the door to allow these kinds of links will encourage articles that are “sales” or advertising style posts, which is prohibited on the Blogging community.

    There has also been posts created that are “duplicates” of articles done elsewhere ( another blog post or article that a person has written elsewhere). I can certainly understand the allure of wanting to “write” these kinds of posts, but the fact remains they are repurposed content. I would suggest that you curate your article so that it will come across as fresh and original.

    I have created a FAQ to help you with your most common questions about the Adlandpro Blogging Community, which I hope will be of help to you. Just click on Adlandpro blogging community FAQs and if you can think of other questions, please private message me and I will see what I can do to help.

    You may wonder what I am really doing as an admin, which is a fair question. Apart from answering questions and at times I have to ask Bogdan to get me the answers lol, I review all the posts that are being submitted. I check for originality of the posts, I help with such things as correcting spelling or grammar and at times if a person needs extra help making their thoughts clearly, then I do that also.

    As you may have noticed at times there are glitches and then I have to figure out the problems and make them better.

    I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and your messages that help me keep myself grounded and doing the best job I can do to make this blogging community a success. Thanks Bogdan for letting me say something on your Friday news roundup





  • Credit contest winner for month of August is Hafiz again. Please congratulate Hafiz here.
    In addition Hafiz redeemed some of his credits and received Android 4.1 Tablet PC "Diablo" - 9.7 Inch HD, Also Branka redeemed her credits and claimed her Windows 8 Compatible Tablet "Elite".
    Read about it here.

  • For this month the cash prize is  $100 for the first place, $60 will go to second place and $40 to third.

    Read here about the contest

    Next month we will have 3 top prizes. To be announced.

    Do you know about the credit builder? There are attractive tangible items like tablets, camcorders in addition to Traffic Exchange credits, Impression credits and direct contact credits. Check it out here for more details.




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