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Becoming Positive Thinkers

Let’s face it, we live in a world that is full of stress where we see and hear things that have many of us wanting to run and hide from everyone. It can can be easy to become negative which can have some very nasty effects on our health ( not to mention our mindsets)



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Best Free Podcasting tools

Here some Popular and dare I say best free podcasting tools you can use to create, host, and grow your podcast





Niche Selection: How to find the best niche for you?
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Determine your competition – Business Success Blueprint – Part 6

Competition Previous lesson…    Determine your competition When I mentioned at the beginning that I would tell you all my




Determine demand for your solution – Business Success Blueprint – Part 5

This post’s purpose is to help you “brainstorm” business ideas, determine if there is a demand for it, find out who your competition is.




Search keywords for your solution – Business Success Blueprint – Part 4

Continuing from my previous article, I assume you have created several ideas about the business you would like to be in. Now is the time to take next step and come up with some keywords which would describe your ideas. Those keywords will be used in next steps of the process of creating your online business. I know that this task can be quite challenging particularly if you had not done it before. You need to get on the higher level of thinking if you want to be independent and enjoy what you are doing. You must become a solution provider. Not a reseller or broker. You are the one who is the driving force and the one who comes up with the ideas. Money will come once you create some value for other people.


Your business ideas – Business Success Blueprint – Part 3

Today we will be starting a process which you were all waiting for. I want to caution you a bit, this might be not exactly the process you were imagining or were familiar with. If you had a chance to read my shocking report preceding release of my e-book “E-Business Success Blueprint”, you saw some statistics and the brutal truth about the

Your passion – Business Success Blueprint Part 2

Next several articles will concern so called “Business Creation” process. Your goal will be to determine what you want to do as your main business and to test if the business you have selected is a viable solution.



Design/Plan Your Entire Year – Business Success Blueprint Part 1

Hello again, If you have followed my previous article titled  Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success? hopefully you had written down all accomplishments and not-so-good accomplishments in your four areas of success during previous year. Spiritual, Relationship, Health and Business.



Can your last year’s failure be this year’s success? – Business Success blueprint

Some years ago I have offered workshop on successful business creation for limited group of members. I’ve been in online business since 1998 and I can easily admit that I have failed as many times as I have succeeded. Probably I failed more times than succeeded but it doesn’t feel that way if you have something you can enjoy.