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                     " web marketing and promotion"
                      Bogdan Fiedur,  Publisher
                     David Bredeweg, Moderator
                      Vol 1, Issue 1, May 26,1998
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Greetings to all Adlands' List Members

Many changes have been made to further utilize this list for all of
your benefit. Many of you may not even realize that you have
subscribed to this list. Sometime in the past you posted an ad at the
Adlands Classified site. There was an option to join an email list.
Some of you may have noticed periodically an ad with the adlands
address. Bogdan Fiedur is the owner of the site. Myself and most of
you have joined our sites' classified listings to form one larger
database. Bogdan has completely redone the site and you will notice a
big change in the appearance when you visit again.
One of the changes involves the effectiveness and use of this list
which includes having a moderator.
David Bredeweg of NetMark Communications,  
has agreed to act as moderator of this list which for now will go with
the name of Adlands' Digest. Dave has 10 years of direct marketing
experince, a former desktop publisher. Moved to the Internet in early
1996 and set up shop as a web designer and reseller of other web
business services. A brief definition of what is a email discussion
list. What is a discussion list? A Discussion List is an E-Mail
forum where people interact with each other through the list and
discuss a prescribed topic. To participate, subscribers send an
E-Mail message to a list address. It is then reviewed by the list
moderator and if pertinent is sent out to all list members by E-Mail.
It is an interactive discussion by E-Mail.   It is our sincere hope
that all of you remain as subscribers. Others will be joining as they
subscribe from their visiting the Adlands' Classified database. To be
an  effective discussion list we need to operate by some standard
guidelines which are the following: Purpose: To discuss and focus on
ways to implement advertising and promotion of our businesses on the
web. I have been a participating member of several digests over the
last couple of years. Most,  if not all of them,  generally deal with
companies, budgets, that are much larger than one-owner type of
businesse with no budgets.. I think I would be correct in assuming
that most of you are working from the premise that if it is not free
or at least very low cost, it does not apply to me. So, therefore,
this digest will deal with your problems and solutions in marketing in
this new medium as one-person businesses with very low to non-existant
budgets. We need to work together if we are to succeed. This is the
place to start. We will operate from digest format. That is to say, I
will take all incoming postings and group them under threads, possibly
some editing., hopefully very little. I'm sure at first this will not
be necessary. Later, with larger numbers not all postings will make
the digest. It just would not be feasible. At present we will not
operate from a set time frame but will go  with the flow of posts.
Depending on the number received we may eventually get to a daily,
which would certainly tax me We will cross bridges when we approach

*No overt advertising will be allowed. That's for the classified
* Must be relevant to web marketing.
*Must not be an obvious self-promotion of your site or service
*Should have a signature line not longer than five lines
*Should not be merely an invitation for listmembers to visit your Web
With that we invite all of you to participate, to contribute by
helping and but also posting your problems, opinions, questions,
concerns. Don't be afraid to post. don't be just a lurker. There are
benefits to making yourself visible. This is your forum, make good
use of it, we all will be stronger because of your participation. To
get the ball rolling I'll start with a couple of comments  and invite
you to respond.

What particular promotion method is working best for
you? Why?
What has been your most ineffective method?
In what ways can we better utilize the Adlands' database?

I might also suggest since we are all new and unfamiliar with each
other, that you would introduce yourself with your first post. Tell a
little about yourself, and your site. It helps the rest of us to put
you in persective.
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Waiting to hear from you.
Your Moderator,
David Bredeweg

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