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                          Vol 1, Issue#10, July 07, 1998

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Administrative Details: Clarification
Moderators' comments
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Administrative Clarification:

Welcome again to a large number of new members. We're glad you came
aboard. When you post the first time, would you introduce yourself
briefly and tell us a little about what you are doing on the web.

This is a reminder for everyone. Make sure you have read the policy,
and rules for this list. They are at
I have recieved several clear ads the last few days. These will not
be posted. Post your ads on the Adlands Classifieds.
Also, we are experiencing the same typical problems other list
managers have in dealing with subscriptions and unsubcribing.
If you are able to read this, obviously it does not apply to you, but
might help you in the future with other lists. Make sure you have a
standard email address for yourself that you can use for all of your
Why do I say that?
Many who are not familiar with web technology as yet, will subscribe
with an autoresponder address. We are going to unsubscribe you
because we cannot use that address, you will not get a confirmation
because we activated your autoresponder. If we sent a Digest to this
address, we would activate your autoresponder again. You would never
get a digest.
This also helps you remember what address you used so
that when and if you want to unsubscribe you can do it with the
correct address. Why? All of our subscriptions and unsubscribes are
done by filters and not manually. We never see your subscription
until it is done. We get irate people trying to unsubscibe and we
have no record of the address they are using to unsubscribe.
Ok, word to the wise.
Moderators' Comments:

We have had almost 500 of you join since we ran the poll about a
month ago. To stimulate some discussion on a few topics I going to
bring up some follow through ideas. One is question Marty Foley used
on his new forum ( ) and
seemed to work in drawing some comments.
What is your greatest marketing challenge on the web?
What has been your most successful marketing  strategy on the web?

I know several of you downloaded the article on sharing a website
that I had mentioned in the last issue. Others can download and read
it from  What are your comments, good, bad, not
possible, not worth the trouble...

Does anyone have any new innovative joint partnerships that they
would like to propose?
I have one: looking for takers to share a Web
Solutions Marketing Board. I am in the process of changing it from an
offsite to an onsite discussion board and would like to try a joint
partnership with another site owner in promoting and using the board.
Also open to any suggestions as to how this might be done effectively
and fairly for both sites.
Let's here from you......
We need your input to benefit all. Don't be bashful, step right up.

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