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J. Booth    <>   Subject:  Free Ads
Valerie e Miller   <>   Subject:  web challenge
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From:             <>
Subject:          Free Ads

Do Free Ads work or am I not doing my ad right?     
Respond to:

Moderators' comment:
Only to say, I'll save my .02 and let a lot of you give your insight
on this one.
One additinal comment: an after thought, since this is a learning
forum, would anyone like to comment on how both of our posters
in this issue could better  promote themselves. After all, isn't this
the bottom line here?

From:              "valerie e miller" <>
Subject:          web challenge

My greatest challenge is not flaming people who spam me !! I have
posted to so many free classified ads and received a ton of spam in
return. I would like to know which sites people have had the greatest
prospect response from , minus the spammers.

Let's here from you......
I've kept it short and sweet, how about you making it longer next

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