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Free Ads.               Jeanne <>
                               Bogdan Fiedur  "Adland" <>

Web Challenge      Jeanne <>
                      (Gary r Glawson)
                              Barbara   Bavington <>

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From:             Jeanne <>
Subject:          Free Ads..

Responding to    <>
> Subject:             Free Ads
> Do Free Ads work or am I not doing my ad right?
> Respond to:

Sure they work!  But it's hard to know to make any comment on why your
ad isn't working if you don't provide a sample!  Just develop *one*
good ad and then post it anywhere you can.  Place links to your site
everywhere you can.  The key is not to give up - be persistent!  Keep
your ad out there.  Folks can't respond if they don't see your ad.
And if they see it everywhere they go, you just might be on your way
to convincing them that you're serious about working your program and
just might be a good sponsor to go into business with!
Jeanne <>
Responding to:"valerie e miller"  <>
> Subject:          web challenge
> My greatest challenge is not flaming people who spam me !! I have
> posted to so many free classified ads and received a ton of spam in
> return. I would like to know which sites people have had the
> greatest prospect response from , minus the spammers.

Why would you want to flame people who've harvested your address from
lists or ads?  There's a hot prospect *who's not afraid to do a little
extra work* just waiting for you to send your offers to - teaser
offers, of course, so they have to respond to you once again before
you send them actual info.  I *love* spammers!  After all, they can't
flame me when I respond to their offer with mine.  (Save all their
offers somewhere, tho, so if you need to prove you weren't spamming
them, you'll be all set - I save their offers to zipdisk so I'm always
covered.)  One caveat:  don't counter offer with programs that are
dead set against spamming - could get you into trouble somewhere down
the line if they continue their spamming to promote your program.

From:    (Gary r Glawson)
Subject:          re: to web challenge

this is the first time i have ever posted to an e-zine, please let 
me know if this is the right format for your letter.
(Moderator comment - your doing fine)

Responding to:
Subject:          re:  Valerie E Miller - Web Challenge

Like yourself I have placesed hundreds of free ads on the net and only
one gives me a good response. It is EPage, with each response to your
ad you also get a ad number so you can track which ads work. below is
a reply I just received.
| This is a response to ad number 93098.
| Please remove the ad if it is no longer available.
| EPage    (
| AuctionPage (
| Top3  (
Please send info about becoming a rep. Thanks.

The top block is from EPage the line below is what the person replied.
don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get
completely free e-mail from Juno at Or call Juno
at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]

From:             Bavington <>
Subject:          web challenge
Responding to Valerie

Hi Valerie and Everyone:

It is fairly easy not to flame.....collect the "obviously" good
addresses of those who spam you.  Then send them a message thanking
them for their email and that you are considering it....and that in
return you would like them to consider your message!.......

Barbara Bavington
From:   Bogdan Fiedur  "Adland" <>
Subject:          Re: Free Ads
J. Booth    writes

>Do Free Ads work or am I not doing my ad right?

My name is Bogdan Fiedur and I run Adland classifieds.
Here the question could be asked how ads work in general.
According to many advertising experts  click-through ratio for banner
ads is going down from last year 2% to 1% this year. If you place your
text ad, and this is being displayed on one page with hundreds of
other similar ads, what could be  the click-through ratios for it (
assuming that banner  is usually on the top of the page and has
chances  to be noticed and your ad could be hidden somewhere on the
page). It's hard to say but it won't  probably be even 0.1%. Also it
is important how you communicate your ad. The more accurate
information you provide in your ad the more relevant visitors will
click on it. Also make sure that your email address and URL of the
site are  valid. At Adland classifieds I find that  about 10% email
addresses are not valid or for some reason not reachable. URL's  are
very often misspelled or even not provided. So how this person can be
contacted? Some people add their classifieds  in different categories
not even related to their business. This is considered as spam and
never will generate any response. In fact it will decrease reliability
of classified  site.  I try to  verify category of the ad and make
sure that the same ad doesn't repeat throughout every possible
geographical location. If your ad applies to all states,  then post it
in the country level so only one appearance of it is sufficient. If it
applies for all countries  don't add  it to every country,  add it to
<All Countries> level.

At Adland   there is lots of ads  (70%) related to Business
Opportunities, Work from Home , Employment. Many of them are promising
large amount of money to be made and if you go to provided URL you see
poorly designed site with lots of banner ads on it and no content.
After seeing many like this,  people start ignoring  ads which promise
such opportunities. So if you want your ads to work, make sure that
once you get the visitor to your site, you actually can keep him/her
interested and can offer him more than just promise. I hope that I
answered  some issues regarding this question,  but certainly there is
more than just that, and I'll be interested to here some other
observations. Of course in my response  I didn't refer to person
asking this question. This was my general opinion to this issue and
experience gathered from running Free classified site.

Bogdan Fiedur
The only solutions for free classifieds
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